going to @benwerd's Introduction to the IndieWeb talk late had another event before.Took a proper holiday yesterday. No phone calls. No email (nor reading of). Lots of walks, sun, and time with friends.Two weeks til my first half marathon race (Kaiser). Going for a practice run along the course: out for a quick #run in honor of Meg Cross Menzies. #megsmiles #runnermy first #NovemberProjectSF #hillsforbreakfast: up+down Church st. from 18th-21st: Finished 4 up/down laps in 25ish minutes, just barely last of those doing so.
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Une check-list sur les standards du Web - La liste complète Ranked the world's most livable city, along with Vancouver, Melbourne is a paradise for tourists from around the world, who flock here every year to experience everything this city has to offer chameleon.As capital of the southeastern state of Victoria, Australia, Melbourne is often referred to sports and cultural center of the country. However, this riverside city has much more to offer, including the latest fashion, with a variety of multicultural cuisine and a mix of modern and Victorian.Melbourne trams, with their ornate Victorian designs are symbolic of the rich culture and art that is alive in all the streets and alleys. The city celebrates a wide variety of annual cultural events, performing arts and architecture. The Art Center as a ballerina tutu and lit mostly at night with thousands of lights of different colors, is home to the performing arts, which houses everything from Ballet Company of Australia, of several operas and plays.

Une check-list sur les standards du Web - La liste complète

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