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Plum Jam - Fluent Foodie. Few things are as satisfying as making something delicious off of your own fruit tree.

Plum Jam - Fluent Foodie

Here in California, plum trees are plentiful and grow with wild abandon. Often, there are so many fresh plums that come off the tree at once, there is no way we can eat so many! Make Cheese at Home - Fluent Foodie. Making homemade ricotta cheese is much simpler than you might think.

Make Cheese at Home - Fluent Foodie

As long as you have half a gallon of whole milk, an acid of some sort and half an hour of time, you will be able to make homemade ricotta cheese! Making homemade ricotta is a great introduction to making cheese at home. It shows you the basics of curdling dairy into curds and whey. After your ricotta is finished, you can stick it in the fridge for up to two weeks, but it will be eaten soon before then. Spread it over toast and cover it in lemon curd or plum jam, or bake it in lasagna or ziti. Only four ingredients! - Fluent Foodie. This standard coleslaw recipe is a fan favorite that is easy to make ahead of time and stick in the fridge until it’s time to eat.

Only four ingredients! - Fluent Foodie

It’s quick and easy to make and everyone always seems to enjoy having at least two helpings. It is best served cold, so let it sit in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. The apple cider vinegar is a bit sweet but paired with the sugar and the mayo, this coleslaw really packs a punch. Low-carb meal prep - Fluent Foodie. This healthy turkey meatloaf recipe is an easy weeknight meal, and as a bonus, it saves well!

Low-carb meal prep - Fluent Foodie

Traditionally, meatloaf is made with ground beef or a mixture of ground beef and ground pork. This version is made with ground turkey for a leaner meal. There are lots of great ways to eat this meatloaf. If you want a heartier meal, make a side of mashed potatoes to go with it. Looking for something lighter? Healthy, Raw, Delicious - Fluent Foodie. Avocado mousse is a new way to eat avocado for dessert.

Healthy, Raw, Delicious - Fluent Foodie

This is super easy to whip up and full of good-for-you fats from the avocados. While this recipe is much easier in a blender or food processor, you can mash the avocado first with a fork if you don’t have either tool. I roughly chopped my avocado and then threw it into a Magic Bullet and blended it until smooth. It made a nice and creamy whipped consistency. If you’re looking for a way to include more decadence into this dessert, you can add some dark cocoa powder. How to make a bartender's favorite - Fluent Foodie. The Long Island Iced Tea is similar to the Long Beach Iced Tea.

How to make a bartender's favorite - Fluent Foodie

What both these drinks have in common is they pack a hard punch with a smooth taste. Both drinks are known for their high alcohol content that are easy to drink. The Long Island Iced tea has a tendency to sneak up on you, since it contains a lot of alcohol- three and a half ounces to be exact! A little bit of everything - Fluent Foodie. This is the BEST chicken salad recipe I’ve ever tried.

A little bit of everything - Fluent Foodie

It has sweetness from grapes, tanginess from the mayonnaise, zest from the onion and crunch from the almonds. Not only are there lot of different options for ingredients, but there’s also many ways to substitute ingredients as well. This chicken salad goes well on sandwiches, scoops easy on top of lettuce to make a salad or you can eat it with saltine crackers. As a versatile dish, it’s easy to store and great to make for a large family or bring to a potluck. A classic recipe - Fluent Foodie. The Long Beach Iced Tea is not for the faint of heart.

A classic recipe - Fluent Foodie

It’s a close cousin to the Long Island Iced Tea that packs a punch. While the ingredient list for this tea may seem long and complicated, it’s nothing more than five partial shots of liquor, a healthy splash of sour mix, and then topped off with cranberry juice. Refreshing snack for summer - Fluent Foodie. This easy cucumber salad is a total classic!

Refreshing snack for summer - Fluent Foodie

I’ve been eating it at restaurants and making it at home all my life. It’s refreshing and light, perfect for the heat of summer. Low-calorie, low-carb, and by adding in greek yogurt you’re sneaking in protein and calcium. You have your choice of peeling the cucumber first or chopping the fruit up (yes, cucumbers are fruits!) With the skins on. Chile or Chili: What's the Difference? - Fluent Foodie.

Chili powder or chile powder, is there really that much of a difference?

Chile or Chili: What's the Difference? - Fluent Foodie

It turns out that that one little letter does matter, so be careful when reading your recipe and then choosing your spice from the spice rack in the grocery store. Chili Powder Let’s talk about chili powder first. Elote in a Cup - Fluent Foodie. Elote in a cup, also known as Esquites, is Mexican Street Corn in a cup. Elote is a traditional way to serve corn on the cob topped with mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chile powder and lime. This recipe, however, is known as Esquites, which has all the same ingredients as Elote, but it’s served in a cup! This makes it much easier to eat and serve, and even prepare ahead of time. 5-Ingredient Mango Salsa - Fluent Foodie. This 5-ingredient mango salsa is always delicious and easy to make.

There’s nothing that screams summer more than fresh mango salsa, and it goes great with almost any summer dish you can think of. Eat it on top of grilled chicken, fish tacos or steak fajitas. Intimidated by the mango but love how it tastes? Check out my demo on how to cut a mango. French Madeleine Cookies - Fluent Foodie.

These French madeleine cookies are some of the cutest cookies to bring to a party or to make for your family at home. While there is some technique involved while making these cookies, and a special pan involved, this classy cookie just requires basic ingredients that are staples in any pantry. This recipe details the precision that you will need to produce the airy cakey texture that is so memorable about the madeleine. How to Cut a Mango - Fluent Foodie. Learning how to cut a mango is easy, even if it seems like a daunting task! Everyone enjoys eating fresh fruit at peak ripeness.

Follow the steps below to cut up fresh sweet mangoes. It’s just about peak mango season and it’s time to go pick some ripe mangos out at your local farmers market. With the steps below, you will easily be able to cut a mango with a substantial yield. Strawberry Shortcake Recipe - Fluent Foodie. This strawberry shortcake recipe is a classic summer strawberry dessert that is a crowd-pleaser. Since it’s officially the strawberry season, I wanted to post my go-to Strawberry Shortcake recipe. I love eating the huge ripe strawberries that you can pick up from the farmer’s market for such an affordable price.

With an abundance of strawberries, there are so many delicious strawberry recipes to make! One of my favorite late spring desserts that will bring you into summer is a strawberry shortcake. There are three main pieces to Strawberry Shortcake: whipped cream, the cake, and of course, the strawberries. Classic French Dishes - Fluent Foodie. Easy Condiments - Fluent Foodie. Refreshing Summer Dishes - Fluent Foodie. Dressing for Anything - Fluent Foodie. Easy Break Making - Fluent Foodie. Earl Grey Frozen Custard - Fluent Foodie. Easy Queso (Mexican Cheese Dip) - Fluent Foodie. Make Takeout at Home - Fluent Foodie. How to Prepare and Cook Artichokes - Fluent Foodie.

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Make biscuits and gravy - Fluent Foodie. Pork Chops with Caramelized Onions - Fluent Foodie. The perfect blank canvas - Fluent Foodie. Make it yourself! - Fluent Foodie. Baked and Crispy - Fluent Foodie. Homemade Lasagna with Fresh Ricotta Cheese Recipe- Fluent Foodie. Sauce that goes with everything - Fluent Foodie. Make ahead and serve day of - Fluent Foodie. Make from scratch - Fluent Foodie. Log In ‹ Fluent Foodie — WordPress. Only 4 Ingredients! - Fluent Foodie. The parks at home - Fluent Foodie. Simple Bread Pudding Recipe for the Holidays - Fluent Foodie. How to Make Challah Bread - Fluent Foodie. Make these for snacking - Fluent Foodie.

A southern staple at home - Fluent Foodie. Make salsa at home - Fluent Foodie. Satisfying Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe - Fluent Foodie. Halloween Popcorn Balls - Fluent Foodie.