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Realidad y Ficción en Internet

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Código captcha. Búsqueda Google por imagen. 3D Face Generator. 3D face modelling software for Windows. Create faces from one or more photographs, or at random. Edit faces in over 150 ways, including race, age and gender. Choose between different mesh structures and UV layouts. Export to most 3D file formats, complete with animation morphs. Overview Features Resources Evaluation Purchasing Licensing Legal.

The Gone Fishing Project_ Thomas Mailaender. The Gone Fishing project tells the modern epic of a young man fleeing his new responsibilities as a father by going on holidays with buddies.

The Gone Fishing Project_ Thomas Mailaender

Through a false compilation of letters from the young dad to the young mom, Thomas Mailaender invents a character: a sort of immature Ulysses, more inspired by the beer, big-game fishing or ping-pong tournaments that by his new-born child. Book coming soon. Download preview Gonefishing in English or in French. Gente que mira a la cámara en Google Maps.

Google Earth 3D Barcelona. 3D Castellón. Random Worlds Generator. World Heritage Centre. List of World Heritage in Danger. Fantasy World Generator. List of amusement parks in Europe. List of Eiffel Tower replicas. List of fictional island nations. List of tautological place names. World's 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions. Top 10 Ghost Towns. With their silent streets, derelict buildings, and remnants of homes and workplaces, abandoned towns offer a haunting view into the lives of once thriving communities.

Top 10 Ghost Towns

Here’s a look at our top ten from around the world: 1. St. Elmo, Colorado Once a booming mining town and trading post along railroad routes running through central Colorado, St. Planning: St. 2. The Chaco civilization thrived from roughly a.d. 800 to 1100. Planning: A 9-mile (14 km) paved loop road runs through the canyon. 3. In 1879, Bodie was a bustling gold-mining town and home to 8,500 residents known for gunfighting and brawling. Planning: Bodie is a California Historic State Park, 7 miles (11 km) south of the town of Bridgeport. 4. Home to saltpeter mines, these two company towns in northern Chile were abandoned in 1958.

Planning: Humberstone and Santa Laura are close to the town of Pozo Almonte, 30 miles (48 km) east of Iquique, which is the nearest city with places to stay and an airport. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. How news shape the world. US Navy veteran in iconic WW2 kissing photo dies. 14 March 2014Last updated at 18:09 ET Another angle of the events of 14 August 1945 near Times Square was taken by a US Navy photographer A Texas man thought to be the US Navy sailor kissing a nurse in an iconic end of World War Two photo has died.

US Navy veteran in iconic WW2 kissing photo dies

Glenn McDuffie died aged 86 at a nursing home in Dallas on Sunday, his daughter said. Bliss_ Mishka Henner. Spin_ Brian Springer. ¿Es falsa la nieve en EE.UU.? Visualización de conversaciones en Twitter. First Viewer Television.

Boeing 777 desaparece del radar

House Beautiful_ Martha Rosler. Paparazzi! Photographers, stars and artists_ Centre Pompidou. Covering fifty years of celebrities caught in the lens, Paparazzi!

Paparazzi! Photographers, stars and artists_ Centre Pompidou

Photographers, stars and artists considers the paparazzo at work by examining the complex and fascinating ties that form between photographer and photographed, going on to reveal the paparazzi influence on fashion photography. By associating some of the genre's leading names, including Ron Galella, Pascal Rostain and Bruno Mouron, Tazio Secchiaroli, with reflections on this modern-day myth by Richard Avedon, Raymond Depardon, William Klein, Gerhard Richter, Cindy Sherman and Andy Warhol, Paparazzi! Stars_ Pavel Maria Smejkal. Entrevista surrealista a Miley Cyrus. Miley, ¿cómo fue su infancia?

Entrevista surrealista a Miley Cyrus

De alguna forma vivo en una eterna infancia (ríe fuerte), porque nunca he perdido la ilusión por lo que hago. Twerking, Selfie, and Food Baby Added to Oxford English Dictionary. Los 'selfies' triunfan hasta en el Vaticano. Selfiecity. Twerking. La RAE añade "tuit", "tuitear", "tuiteo" y "tuitero" a su diccionario. 12 definiciones machistas que desaparecerán del diccionario. Laurence Aëgerter - A meeting on paper. Conoce las nuevas palabras que ingresarán al Diccionario de la RAE. RAE, modificaciones para la nueva edición. Recent updates to Oxford Dictionaries - Oxford Dictionaries (Español) ¿Feminista, yo? No, gracias. Cómo ser mujer y sobrevivir al Banco de Imágenes. Getty Images: limpiar, una persona. 'familia' en getty. Mrs. Happylife. Honeymoon Suites_ Penelope Umbrico. Justin Bieber de cera. Lo dejo, reniego de la fama. Mi día con Leo DiCaprio. An unusual glimpse at celebrity_ Alison Jackson.

List of actor–politicians. This is a list of politicians who also worked as actors: Argentina[edit] Eva Perón, (Justicialist Party and Female Peronist Party), (President of the Female Peronist Party) Bahamas[edit] Sidney Poitier (Ambassador to Japan) Canada[edit] Germany[edit] India[edit]

List of actor–politicians

Spin_ Brian Springer. 'War Drags You Out'_ Saint Hoax. Artist Saint Hoax made waves across the Internet this week with a project as unique as it is culturally relevant.

'War Drags You Out'_ Saint Hoax

Called "War Drags You Out," the project consists of a series of digital illustrations that depict prominent world leaders in drag. However, these aren't just easy targets like George W. Bush. Saint Hoax, whose identity is unknown, has taken on figures in the vein of the King of Saudi Arabia and Vladimir Putin -- and subsequently received death threats. HuffPost Gay Voices chatted with Saint Hoax today in order to better understand the "War Drags You Out" series and the politics of this work. Unfortunate lighting casts shadow across Angela Merkel's face.

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Conan el Bárbaro. George W. Bush presenta su primera exposición de pintura. Pues sí.

George W. Bush presenta su primera exposición de pintura

George W. Bush pinta. Al igual que lo hiciera Winston Churchill. Hollande ficha a un experto en rap para que escriba sus discursos. El diario francés Le Monde informa este lunes que "la nueva pluma de Hollande", es decir, la persona encargada de escribir sus discursos (o al menos, de trazar sus líneas maestras), es un experto en el gangsta rap que utiliza el pseudónimo literario Pierre Evil.

Hollande ficha a un experto en rap para que escriba sus discursos

Y Pierre-Yves Bocquet (su nombre real) lo es ciertamente, como autor del libro Gangsta-rap (Flammarion, 2005) y de las reseñas discográficas realizadas para publicaciones especializadas. Pero no es un experto cualquiera: para el periodista musical Fred Hanak, que trató a Bocquet en la revista Chronic'art y al que cita el vespertino, Pierre Evil es "uno de los tres mejores críticos franceses de rap". Hasta ahora, Bocquet se desempeñaba como chargé de mission (responsable de área) encargado de la política de protección social. Trabaja en el Elíseo desde 2012, y antes fue asesor de la exministra de Justicia, Élisabeth Guigou, durante el mandato del primer ministro socialista Lionel Jospin. Alison Jackson. Where is Obama? ¿Usted dónde se ve?

Laurence Aëgerter - LA LA LA LA.