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WW2 - Engelska

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A podcast about life as a teenager in Sweden. We will work with podcasts the last weeks.

A podcast about life as a teenager in Sweden

We are going to follow a Syrian family in this podcast. I will give you questions to discuss. You are also going to produce your own podcasts and reflect on your own lives in Sweden. The ability we are going to focus on is this: reflect over living conditions, social and cultural phenomena in different contexts and parts of the world where English is used. reflektera över livsvillkor, samhällsfrågor och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där engelska används This is the assessment: Pupils can understand the main content and basic details in English spoken at a moderate pace and in basic texts in various genres. Eleven kan förstå det huvudsakliga innehållet och uppfatta tydliga detaljer i talad engelska i måttligt tempo samt i lättillgängliga texter i olika genrer.

In oral and written production, pupils can express themselves simply, understandably and relatively coherently. Here are some suggested topics to your podcasts: Your Rubric. Once Learning Matrix. Once by Morris Gleitzman: Chapter Discussion Questions. Once (Morris Gleitzman novel) Once is a 2005 children's novel by Australian author Morris Gleitzman.

Once (Morris Gleitzman novel)

It is about a Jewish boy named Felix, who lived in Poland, and is on a quest to find his book-keeper parents after he sees Nazis burning the books from a Catholic orphanage library in which he stays. He finds a girl called Zelda in a house with her dead parents - he takes her with him and protects her from confronting her parents' death by telling her stories. Although Once is a work of fiction, Gleitzman was inspired by the story of Janusz Korczak, the events of World War II, and Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe. The sequel to the book is called Then. Once was translated into German (Einmal) and was nominated for the 2010 Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis; it won the 2011 Katholischer Kinder- und Jugendbuchpreis (de).

Search Teaching Resources - TES. Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. 9 BOK Novel - Once - 9 BOK Novel - Once - REL - HISTORY. Responding to text Themes, voice and 'once' Table the themes in the novel, such as 'bullying' and 'stories', and write examples of each.


Read some of Felix's dialogue and thoughts aloud. How does the author make him sound young? Last Revised Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

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If these Conditions of Use contradict such Terms, the Terms will control. Vouchers. Morris Gleitzman. Once, morris gleitzman 9780143301950. Once, morris gleitzman 9780143301950. The Holocaust: Process. The Holocaust: Process. The main task/assignment for the Holocaust WebQuest is to write a letter to a relative as if you were a participant(a soldier or a victim) in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust: Process

In order to complete this task/assignment, our class will complete the following steps: 1) As a class, the first thing you will do together for this assignment will be to gain a foundation of background information on the Holocaust. This will be done by: 1) watching a video called, "One Survivor Remembers" detailing one Polish family's situation during the Holocaust. A notesheet will be filled out based on the video, 2) A SmartBoard lesson will also be presented detailing critical points and key points of view of the various parties involved, 3) A timeline may also be presented and discussions will take place. 3) After background information is presented, you will be randomly assigned a role of German soldier, American soldier, or concentration camp victim.

The Holocaust: Process. Raul Hilberg said in The Destruction of the European Jews: - Religious: You may not live among us as Jews.

The Holocaust: Process

-Secular: You may not live among us. -Racial: You may not live. Seven Challenges: Some of the most commonly asked questions by students when studying the Holocaust are listed below. Challenge 1: How could Hitler make the Holocaust happen by himself? Many people think since Hitler was the ruler of Germany, he coerced everyone into following his plan to eradicate the Jews. Hitler Youth Assessing and Defining Responsibility. The Holocaust: How Do The Choices Made During The Holocaust Affect The Choices We Make Today?: Process. Your first task in this WebQuest is to visit the United States Holocaust Museum's website.

The Holocaust: How Do The Choices Made During The Holocaust Affect The Choices We Make Today?: Process

Please be advised that while some of the stories are disturbing, this is a historical event that impacts us today. If you feel as if you are not adequately prepared for this, please contact the teacher. I encourage you to visit the entire site, see what activities are available, and visit all of the resources that are available via their website. Your activitiy for this class will be focused on the section "Remember: Survivors and Victims. " Once by Morris Gleitzman: Chapter Discussion Questions.