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NIEHS Kids Page -- Optical Illusions - StumbleUpon

NIEHS Kids Page -- Optical Illusions - StumbleUpon

Gotcha! But the rest of these optical illusions are on the level. What are illusions? Illusions trick us into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what we see does not correspond to physical reality. Hence, the word illusion comes from the Latin verb illudere meaning, "to mock."
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Knoword is a quick thinking game that helps boost vocabulary, spelling, speed of thought, as well as increasing analytical, observational and typing skills. When you begin, you will be greeted with a single letter. Underneath will be a dictionary definition to a word, which will begin with the letter in the box. Expand your vocabulary! - StumbleUpon

Expand your vocabulary! - StumbleUpon

Puzzle - People cry...