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Facebook Twitter Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization. This chart is cross-posted on our new site at Personalize Learning.

Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization

After writing the post “Personalization is NOT Differentiating Instruction,” I received some very interesting feedback and more hits than any other of my posts. I think I hit a nerve. So Kathleen McClaskey and I did some research on what personalization is and the differences between differentiation and individualization. We found very little information on the differences. Personalized Learning is NOT Differentiating Instruction. The term “Personalized Learning” is a buzz word educators use to be an alternative to “one size fits all” teaching.

Personalized Learning is NOT Differentiating Instruction

Unfortunately, the message is confusing.’s archive as part of the National Technology Plan lays out the definition of Individualized, Personalized, and Differentiated Instruction: Differentiated Instruction In Mathematics - Using Targeted Interventions. Search. Differentiated Instruction Resources. Differentiated Instruction for Math. Reflection Improves Instruction. Alternate Forms of Assessment. Tips on Supporting All Students: Equity and Diversity. "Equity" and "Diversity" are very deep topics, and as such, there are dangers in boiling them down to a list of tips.

Tips on Supporting All Students: Equity and Diversity

The following is not a list of activities one does to be equitable or to celebrate diversity, and should not be looked at as such. Rather, the goal is to provide a starting point for considering equity and supporting diversity within our classrooms. Differentiated Learning.