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Sapphire Software Solutions is an award-winning one-stop software solution provider and IT consulting company. We have deep client relationships spanning over 17 years with diversified 1470+ satisfied customers ranging from start-ups to large corporates. We operate globally with our wide sales and marketing network by offering flexible offshore software development services from our state-of-the-art development center.

VueJS Development Services. ReactJS Development Services. Cloud Application Development Services. We blend mobile-first design methods with server-side programming and rich database functionality to produce high-performance enterprise cloud application development .

Cloud Application Development Services

As a cloud application development company, our cloud-native application development includes ERPs, CRMs, and much more. We can deploy cloud applications in public, private, or hybrid environments thanks to our integration services. Software Product Development Company. E-Commerce App Development Services. E-Learning App Development Services. Dating App Development Services. Fitness App Development Services. Taxi Booking App Development Services. Food Delivery App Development Services. New Measure of Employee Efficiency and their health - PRESENTEEISM. Poor employee productivity means the employee is physically at work but not working and this is called PRESENTEEISM.

New Measure of Employee Efficiency and their health - PRESENTEEISM

Some studies have highlighted the cost of presenteeism due to poor employee health is at least 2 to 3 times greater than direct health care expenses. However, the employers mostly focus on direct cost, and the cost of presenteeism doesn’t receive enough attention as they are working to reduce the direct health care cost for an employee with poor health. The main reason is that it is not measured expense or it doesn’t show up on the balance sheets/ profit lost statement of the company. Only a few companies have started to take a look at the effect of presenteeism, and now there is evidence to show that employee wellness programs are one of the strategies to reduce the cost of Presenteeism. And the data shows that the companies have gained significant gain in the productivity of employees at the worksites where the wellness programs are conducted. How Occupational Health is Closely Linked to Public Health? The area of public health that examines patterns in illnesses and accidents in the working population and proposes and implements policies and regulations to avoid them is occupational health and safety.

How Occupational Health is Closely Linked to Public Health?

Its breadth is broad, covering a broad range of disciplines, from toxicology and epidemiology to ergonomics and prevention of abuse. Most of us spend a large part of our lives at work. In 2011, 65% of the workforce worked year-round and full-time. In environmental health and occupational health and safety, public health research, policy and law categorizations have long been established. Ecological and occupational health, even much more than fields such as the prevention of communicable diseases or hygiene, warn us that a world’s health is profoundly affected by its environmental economy and economic development. In the general population and workplaces, factory employees are at dual risk of exposure. Lifestyle Disease Tracking Feature of OccuCare Software. It would be really easy for an organization to track the employees who are suffering from Lifestyle diseases with the help of Health management software which is used in Occupational health centers, In this Corona pandemic lot of organization are tracking details of their employees who are suffering from lifestyle disease to monitor their health frequently so proper treatment can be given to them in order to save them from the deadly virus.

Lifestyle Disease Tracking Feature of OccuCare Software

OccuCare health management software enables organizations to filter the employees who are suffering from lifestyle diseases with respect to their OPD and Examination records present in the system. Lifestyle Disease Changing lifestyle, Urbanization, Age structure, have placed our country at a position where it is facing a huge burden of non-communicable disease. Most of the disease from this group never cures and result in severe complications leading to death. Here are the most common lifestyle diseases in India, Occupational Hazards and How to control them? There are many Occupational Hazards in the work areas and these Hazards have been affecting the health and safety of the person.

Occupational Hazards and How to control them?

It can either lead to some of the chronic disease which sometimes may be irreversible or sometimes it may lead to a major injury which may make a person disabled for life. And in both cases the life of the person, his/her family or nearby of the person are affected no just physically, but mentally, emotionally and economically as well. What is Occupational Hazard? In layman’s terms, Occupational Hazard is something which has a potential to harm at work or during the job. According to OHSAS, 18001:1999, Occupational hazard is a source or situation at workplace with a potential for harm in terms of human injury or illness, damage to property, damage to the environment, or a combination of these. Occupational health bracing itself for challenges of imminent Covid-19 vaccine rollout. The UK is gearing up for perhaps the largest mass vaccination programme in its history with the introduction of viable Covid-19 vaccines.

Occupational health bracing itself for challenges of imminent Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Occupational health practitioners will have a key role to play, particularly those employed within the NHS, but there are also challenging questions that have yet to be addressed. The first findings of the pivotal Phase III studies of COVID-19 vaccine candidates are approaching, and expectations are growing that the end of the worst pandemic in a century could be approaching. The complexities of destroying this virus must temper these understandable expectations. Countries are only just months into a very long war. To What Extent Occupational Health Software Saves Time of Medical Officers? Medical officers in Occupational Health Centers have a lot of responsibility on them, especially keeping close observation of employees’ health as it’s an important factor in overall productivity for any organization.

To What Extent Occupational Health Software Saves Time of Medical Officers?

It’s not an easy task for a medical officer to manage and track the medical examination data of all employees in an organization without using health management software. Health management software can speed up the medical surveillance process in an organization as data can be uploaded into the system in very less time. There is no need to maintain medical data on papers when the whole process can be recorded in the software, which saves precious time of our respected doctors. It is very difficult to manage all the functions of an Occupational Health Center. But fortunately, the work has been made easier with the use of OccuCare health management software. The main goal of the software is to make the whole operation in the OHC digitized. How to promote Mental Health and Well-Being at Work? The value of mental wellbeing is understood more than ever today, with research showing that welfare interventions can increase efficiency, strengthen the atmosphere of the workplace and even have a positive effect on physical health.

How to promote Mental Health and Well-Being at Work?

However, this need not be a daunting job, since not all projects need to be time-consuming and resource-consuming. According to worksite health research by the CDC, forty percent of workers say that their careers are extremely stressful, while a fifth of employees describe their career as the highest stressor in their lives. Since work stress is a greater indicator of health concerns than personal, financial, or family problems, these figures are cause for concern: stressful employment can cause high healthcare costs, lost productivity, and unwanted staff turnover in addition to affecting the well-being of workers. All facets of our lives are influenced by mental health, including our work life. 1. A. Occupational Health & Safety in SMEs of India. The Indian SME division provides 45% of industrial production and 40 % of the nation’s total exportation.

Occupational Health & Safety in SMEs of India

It consequently plays an essential part in the progression of the economy by presenting Indian entrepreneurship to the world. In another word, SMEs plays an important role in economic extension for India. There are approx 30 million SMEs in India who hire more than 60 million people by producing a large number of jobs per annum. After the agriculture industry, small companies are the second largest employer of human resources. The biggest challenge across this sector is to manage the employee’s health as the health of employees for any company is important in many matters. How does Vidyalaya Online School Management Software help in Managing School from Home? - 2020 sure has brought some tough times for all of us.

How does Vidyalaya Online School Management Software help in Managing School from Home? -

Worldwide Pandemic, Floods, Earthquakes, Forest fire, Global Recession, Locusts attack, and whatnot. In just 5 months, everything is upside down. People are locked in their own houses for the safety of themselves and the people around them. And of course, that is what suggested and should be done. Diverted Minds?? Learn how to keep them engaged in Online Classroom (Part-2). - I hope you enjoyed reading our previous blog & it helped you in keeping your students more engaged.

Here are few more tips to keep your children engaged more in Online Virtual Classroom Engage your student with conducting shorter sessions : The online virtual classroom might be an hour per lecture but one can break it onto Minutes, teachers can summarize it with important points, can take minutes of Q/A sessions, allowing students to concentrate on the studied topics and the allow them to take small breaks Always be a storyteller : This might sound bit boring but it is very helpful in terms of imagination, every topic till it is not related with examples, or storytelling can’t keep students fully interested, yes more often than not students like to think practically, real-life imagination also helps students clear their concept’s effortless, interact with students the case study, assign students the stories and don’t afraid to use the videos.

Encourage students with rewards : Quick tips to track attendance using Online Classroom Software - Everybody is aware of the current situation. We all know that the world is going through an ongoing pandemic called COVID- 19. Due to this what is even worse is that various sectors are being subjected to many problems and Education Sector is no exception. Today these circumstances are causing a hurdle in the conventional methods of teaching. This ongoing pandemic has confined the multiple ways our Education System used to work. It has affected everything be it learning process, teaching process and conducting examinations for students. Reasons Schools Should go for cloud-based school management system - Looking towards the situation of COVID-19, many educational institutes are facing a major problem for accessing the data and even sharing the data with parents.

Moving to a cloudbased school management system, schools can overcome this major issue and many more. Vidyalaya effectively computerizes your daily school operations like Student Admissions, Student details, Attendance, Exam, Fees collections, Certificate, Timetable, Income Tax, Library, Hostel, Transportation, Accounts, Loan, Employee & Leave management, Payroll, Appraisal, etc and frees you from time-consuming tedious manual work. Below are some most important points for an organization to select a cloud-based school management system in their School. Cloud-Based User-Friendly Software : Talking about Vidyalaya, a cloud-based school management solution, the teachers, parents, and the students can use the software in a very flexible way.

Grow Your School With Vidyalaya School Management Software - Managing multiple institutions at the same time is not easy for everybody. It requires your complete attention as it becomes hectic, tiring, chaotic, and is also very time-consuming. Being an owner of schools and dealing with everything is already a big task to achieve and it becomes even more difficult if you are using the conventional or legacy management systems to keep things moving.

You need expertise in handling different or various areas in school management. As the school management works on many areas on a regular basis such as administration, academics, marketing, accounting, student attendance, admissions, and many others. India’s New Education Policy 2020: Here's All You Need to Know - The New Education Policy has come out on 29th July, 2020. Government of India announced the HRD minister who will soon be called education minister because that’s 1 of the headline features of the new education policy, that the change that Rajiv Gandhi had brought about in 1986 with his education policy that was India’s last national education policy which had been renamed education ministry as HRD ministry is now going to be restored back to education ministry. So, our education minister Mr Pokhriyal did release a video comprehensive document which is the new education policy.

In the afternoon the Union cabinet approved the policy that aims at changing the country’s education system. Union Ministers for Information and Broadcasting Prakash Javadekar and Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, made the announcement on the NEP- 2020. There are complaints that people have with the education system. One for example that your education doesn’t get you jobs. Top Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Educational Institution - There are multiple changes seen in the marketing field over the years on how one can promote their school. School Budget Plan with Vidyalaya Smart School Management System - The schools have doubled their budget in the four years according to research by the education policy institute. According to reports, it is said that average secondary school have debts of 500000 Rs. despite getting a grant from the government.

Divyabhaskar nominated our client, I. N. Tekrawala School as one of the best schools. Key Features of College Management Software. Digitization has evolved in each and every sector of the economy; some sectors are adopting the technology for their better functionality. Along with other sectors, the education sector has adopted this technology at a rapid pace. Automated technology has made things much easier for schools, colleges, and universities. It has streamlined and shaped the whole administrative, academic, and financial day-to-day operations of educational institutions. Online Classes Made Easy with Google Meet and Zoom - Education should never be stopped, it has to be continued. As we all know, due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19 the schools are not working as regular, teachers and other staff members are not allowed to go to school.

Important Features of The Student Fee Management System in School ERP - “Fees” is that part of the school which fulfills all the needs of the school as well as the people working in the school. How Student Information System Can Enhance The Student Learning Experience? How COVID-19 has Changed the Education System? It’s being a pretty harsh time for each human being to survive this COVID-19 situation. How does School Management System Help to Secure Student’s Data? With digitalization coming into the market, the education sector is rapidly adopting the new methods of online learning. 11 Proven Tips for Multilingual Website Design in 2020 and Beyond.

It will be a nightmare for web developers to develop a multilingual website. Today’s advanced technology offers developers various tools and frameworks to build a multilingual website. However, developers across the world, face numerous challenges while developing a prolific multilingual website. Business owners who look to cover audiences from different languages preferring multilingual websites or choosing multilingual website redesign could be the best option.

Here in this blog, we have elaborated expert’s tips for developing better UX design and UI design for a prolific multilingual website. Pros and Cons of In-House Software Development vs. Outsourcing!! How to Choose Right Technology for Web Application Development? Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Mobile App Developer. Top Tips for Great User Interface Design. Top 3 PHP Frameworks for Web Development. 8 Tips for best iPhone App Development. How to Hire an ASP.NET Developer? Latest Trends in modern Mobile App Development. Top 10 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021. 11 Key Benefits of School Timetable Management System. 5 Advantages of Online School Fee Management Software? 10 Benefits of Online Examination System for Your School. Why Virtual Classroom is the Ultimate Learning Solution During the Time of COVID-19. What is the scope of ERP based school management software in India?

Importance of Biometrics In Student Attendance Management System. How to Manage Online Exam System for Your School? What are the Advantages of Using College ERP? Why Live Vehicle Tracking is Important for School Bus? Vidyalaya Gets Recognized at GoodFirms as One of the Best School Management Software. Best School Management Software for schools in Gandhinagar. Which is the most preferable school ERP software in Vadodara? Top Reasons Why You Need to Choose ASP.NET Core MVC for Creating Modern Web Applications. Top 5 School Management Software Provider in Delhi. Best School Management Software in Chennai. Best School of Surat and Their Preferred Choice of School Management Software. Top JavaScript Frontend Frameworks that You Must Know About in 2021. How to Maintain SEO of a Website while Redesigning it? - Sapphire Software Solutions - Blog. Drupal Development Company. Magento Development Compony. Wordpress Development Compony. Logo Design Company. UX and UI Design Company. Responsive Web Design.

How Software Can Aid Production of Occupational Health Solutions for Seasonal Dangers. The Hazards of New Technology and The Need for Occupational Health Software. Software-QA-Testing-Compony. Android App Development - Sapphire Software Solutions. iPad App Development - Sapphire Software Solutions. iPhone App Development - Sapphire Software Solutions. PHP web development Services. Vidyalaya - A School Software with Payment Gateway Integration.

Student Parent Portal India - Vidyalaya. Fingerprint Attendance System Software. Vidyalaya SMS Alert System for Schools, Parents & Students. Fully Integrated School Management Software. AngularJS Development Company. ASP.NET MVC Development. ASP.NET Core Development Company. .Net Development Company. Occupational Health and Safety Modules - OccuCare. Occupational Health and Safety Management Software - OccuCare. Occupational Health System - OccuCare. Vidyalaya School Software Features. Dynamic School Website Designing Services. Online Classroom Integration for The Ease of Learning. School Mobile App For Students And Parents. School Management Software Services. College Management Software. Vidyalaya - School Management Software. Best School Management System.