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Boards of Canada - Buckie High. Robin Catbird Mockingbird and Finch Love Brazilian Pepper Tree. Come coltivare il gynerium. Brave Elephant" by Marsel van Oosten. On all our tours and workshops I encourage our guests to also shoot verticals, not only horizontals.

Brave Elephant" by Marsel van Oosten

Magazines for instance, are all based on verticals, so if you ever want your picture to grace the cover or to be published on a full page, you'll need to shoot verticals as well. A little while back I got an email from British Airways, asking whether I had a vertical version of my famous picture The Edge, of an elephant at Victoria Falls. And as a matter of fact I did, I just never processed it. When I started processing the image, I wondered why I hadn't done it earlier - the vertical version seems to make more sense because you can actually see the height of the falls and you can see all the water falling down. Anyway, British Airways published the shot and I was happy they had given me a good reason to dive into my image library again.

Here's the background story that I wrote for the horizontal version: On the third day I left very early with a small boat to reach my location. Marsel van Oosten's Fascinating Photos of Bears. Dutch-born photographer Marsel van Oosten has won numerous awards for his nature photos including Nature Photographer of the Year in the International Photography Awards, First Prize in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and Third Prize in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

Marsel van Oosten's Fascinating Photos of Bears

Look through his 500px page and you won't be able to decide which photo is your favorite, the way he effortlessly shoots everything from hippos to penguins makes him a master in his field. If you're short on time, you must check out Brave Elephant, which is one of those once-in-a-lifetime photos. It features a lone elephant walking towards the edge of Victoria Falls. Out of all the animals he shoots, van Oosten states that bears are one of his favorite subjects. "They're pretty, they're very photogenic, and their behavior is fascinating," he explains. I love that with each shot, van Oosten gives us the story behind it. Foto I vincitori del concorso fotografico Nat Geo Usa - 8 di 14. Foto L'incredibile storia della medusa immortale - 2 di 6. Foto Alla ricerca delle creature del paradiso - 13 di 13. Τα Νέα της Ελληνικής Φιλοζωικής Εταιρείας. Cats 101: Aegean. LREC Weblog: Species Sightings Archives. Main July 30, 2012 Midsummer Berries Posted by Danelle Haake at 2:13 PM January 9, 2012 January Bluebirds I just had my first bluebird sighting of the year and was fortunate enough to have a camera with me.

LREC Weblog: Species Sightings Archives

Male Bluebird (Sialia sialis) Female Bluebird (Sialia sialis) - note her muted colors compared to the male. Posted by Danelle Haake at 2:05 PM November 28, 2011 Belted Kingfisher Sighting These two belted kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon) were spotted along Deer Creek this morning. Posted by Danelle Haake at 11:51 AM August 22, 2011 Prairie Royalty -- Monarchs visit LREC Monarch butterfly eggs have been found on three types of milkweed at LREC in the past couple of weeks. Posted by Danelle Haake at 9:26 AM June 23, 2010 ID of mystery amphibian unveiled (sort of) No reader of the May issue of our newsletter was able to id the mystery amphibian on page 7. On further research however, the little guy seems to be yet another species of grey treefrog, though exactly which we still are not sure. February 22, 2010. Free HD Wallpapers For Your Desktop #4477.

Ονόματα για τη φωνή των ζώων. Καλαμπάκα. Καταφύγιο Βάλια Κάλντα. Ο Εθνικός Δρυμός Πίνδου, είναι ο Δρυμός της ορεινής «Ζεστής Κοιλάδας», της «Βάλια Κάλντα», κατάφυτης με πεύκα και οξυές.

Καταφύγιο Βάλια Κάλντα

Ο Δρυμός ιδρύθηκε το 1966, η συνολική έκτασή του φτάνει τα 7.000 εκτάρια από τα οποία τα 3.300 αποτελούν τον πυρήνα και τα υπόλοιπα την περιφερειακή ζώνη του Δρυμού. Περιφερειακά του Δρυμού βρίσκονται τα χωριά: Βωβούσα, Περιβόλι, Κρανιά, Μηλιά, Φλαμπουράρι, Γρεβενήτι και η κωμόπολη του Μετσόβου ενώ μέσα στο Δρυμό δεν βρίσκεται κανένας οικισμός. Ο επισκέπτης μπορεί να προσεγγίσει την άγρια ομορφιά του Δρυμού από τον νομό Ιωαννίνων μέσω της επαρχιακής οδού Μετσόβου-Μηλιάς-Γρεβενών, της επαρχιακής οδού προς τα χωριά Γρεβενήτι, Φλαμπουράρι και Βωβούσα, καθώς επίσης και από το νομό Γρεβενών μέσω της επαρχιακής οδού Γρεβενών - Μαυραναίων - Περιβολίου και μέσω της επαρχιακής οδού Γρεβενών - Κρανιάς - Μηλιάς - Μετσόβου.

Κρυστάλλινα τα νερά των ποταμών του Δρυμού του Αώου και του ορμητικού παραποτάμου του, του Αρκουδορέματος. Κείμενο - Φωτογραφίες: Χ.