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PERFECT Qigong | The only guide to Qigong you. Free Qigong Exercises – Push Mountain Lift Sky. Big thank you to Duncan for the idea for this my 100th blog post. Here is a completely free qigong exercise for you to learn and then practice. This exercise is brilliant for overcoming health problems and belongs to the category known as medicinal qigong. I’ve covered everything you need to be able to practice ‘Push Mountain Lift Sky‘ – but not in any way as much detail as I do in the Qigong Secrets Home Study course. My hope is that Push Mountain Lift Sky will whet your appetite for more qigong goodness. There are 4 Video’s and a 7 page pdf for you to download that has all the written instructions. Here’s how I recommend you ‘consume’ this information: Step 1 – Watch the videos through without trying anything out. Step 2 – Download the written material and read through it. Step 3 – Re-watch Video 1 and practice the form of Push Mountain Lift Sky until you’re super confident that you can do it without having to stop and think ‘What comes next?’

Bye for now Marcus James Santer. Pushing mountains. Shaolin Qigong Exercises - Lifting the Sky.

The Eight Brocades

The Shaolin Wahnam Chi Kung Syllabus. The Chi Kung syllabus in Shaolin Wahnam consists of three stages ElementaryIntermediateAdvanced The Elementary Stage introduces the student to the basics in Chi Kung training and helps build the best foundation for good benefits and further development. The main emphasis is in achieving and maintaining radiant health and abundant vitality. The Intermediate Stage includes many new techniques and skills and those previously learned are methodically deepened and refined. The Advanced Stage moves the emphasis to spiritual cultivation. Every stage includes four courses and each course is taught over 12 weeks. Progress with our Chi Kung training does not end with completing the 3rd stage - the vast scope and depth of the Shaolin Arts would easily allow composing dozens of different syllabuses. Elementary Stage 1) Eighteen Lohan Hands, Part 1 aka Generating Energy Flow Form: The first eight patterns from the Eighteen Lohan Hands Skills: Co-ordinate form and breathing to generate an energy flow.

How Chi Kung Overcomes So Called Incurable Illness - how-chi-kung-works.pdf. Answers to Readers' Questions and Answers — Novemeber 2001 (Part 2) Novemeber 2001 (Part 2) Students enjoying self-manifested chi flow in an Intensive Chi Kung Course in Malaysia Question 1 This is Alex from the Intensive Chi-kung course this July. My practice is going well. . — Alex, USA Answer This was correct. Question 2 After about 5 minutes of constant spinning my arm stopped moving and I just swayed gently. Wonderful. Question 3 I practice “Pushing Mountains”, “Carrying the Moon”, “Lifting the Sky”, and “Self Manifested Chi Movement” in that order.

You are practising correctly. You don't have to do the exercise where you stand still and let the chi flow, if you don't like it. Question 4 Is this an important exercise to practice? This is the most simple and the most profound exercise if you are ready for it. At this stage, this exercise helps you to relax, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. When you listen to your physcial body, you may, for example, hear your heart beat and your breathing. There is an easier and better approach. Self manifested Chi | The Dragon's List. Products | Modern Qigong. ChiKung QiGong channel. Between Heaven and Earth - Full Qigong Practice Session.