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MEGA. Diez buscadores para estudiantes e investigadores. Es una comunidad virtual de investigadores en donde los usuarios pueden publicar sus ensayos e investigaciones y seguir las de otros usuarios que comparten temas de interés común.

Diez buscadores para estudiantes e investigadores

Tiene una herramienta para analizar el comportamiento de cada perfil, el número de visitas que recibe, seguidores y comentarios acerca de los trabajos que se comparten en el sitio. Artists cultures. The 10 Greatest Books Ever, According to 125 Top Authors (Download Them for Free) Earlier this month, we highlighted The 10 Greatest Films of All Time According to 846 Film Critics.

The 10 Greatest Books Ever, According to 125 Top Authors (Download Them for Free)

Featuring films by Hitchcock, Kubrick, Welles and Fellini, this master list came together in 2012 when Sight & Sound (the cinema journal of the British Film Institute) asked contemporary critics and directors to name their 12 favorite movies. Nearly 900 cinephiles responded, and, from those submissions, a meta list of 10 was culled. So how about something similar for books, you ask? The Guggenheim Puts 109 Free Modern Art Books Online. Back in January, 2012, we mentioned that the Guggenheim (the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed modern art museum in NYC) had put 65 art catalogues on the web, all free of charge.

The Guggenheim Puts 109 Free Modern Art Books Online

We’re happy to report that, between then and now, the number of free texts has grown to 109. Published between 1937 and 1999, the art books/catalogues offer an intellectual and visual introduction to the work of Alexander Calder, Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, Fernand Léger, and Kandinsky. Plus there are other texts (e.g., Masterpieces of Modern Art and Abstract Expressionists Imagists) that tackle meta movements and themes. Xplore Digital Library. Home - Springer. CSDL - Home. El viaje del héroe: el argumento eterno. Books worth reading, recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more. From the Archives. Free Computer Books : IT, Programming and Computer Science. Brian Eno’s Reading List: 20 Essential Books for Sustaining Civilization.

By Maria Popova Deconstructing a magnificent mind through his reading diet for intellectual survival.

Brian Eno’s Reading List: 20 Essential Books for Sustaining Civilization

UPDATE: The folks from the Long Now have kindly asked me to contribute to the Manual for Civilization library — here is my own reading list. There is something inescapably alluring about the reading lists of cultural icons, perhaps because in recognizing that creativity is combinatorial and fueled by networked knowledge, we intuitively long to emulate the greatness of an admired mind by replicating the bits and pieces, in this case the ideas found in beloved books, that went into constructing it. When MIT Publishes Science Fiction, You Should Pay Attention. Every year, the MIT Technology Review publishes Twelve Tomorrows, a special issue of the magazine devoted to science fiction.

When MIT Publishes Science Fiction, You Should Pay Attention

Facebook. Art Reference books for Illustrators and Animators (92 books) Internet Archive Search: illustration. Alan Turing’s Reading List: What the Computing Pioneer Borrowed From His School Library. By Maria Popova What Alice in Wonderland has to do with electromagnetic theory, relativity, and Pluto.

Alan Turing’s Reading List: What the Computing Pioneer Borrowed From His School Library

“You are a mashup of what you let into your life,” it’s been said. Since creativity is combinatorial, the architecture of mind and character is deeply influenced by the intellectual stimulation we choose to engage with — including the books we read. There is hardly anything more fascinating than the private intellectual diet of genius — like this recently uncovered list of books computing pioneer and early codehacker Alan Turing borrowed from his school library.

Though heavy on the sciences, the selection features some wonderful wildcards that bespeak the cross-disciplinary curiosity fundamental to true innovation. Sidelights on Relativity, published in 1922, is a two-part book based on a series of lectures Albert Einstein gave between 1920 and 1922. The book is available as a free download from Project Gutenberg. La parodia literaria. Libros para entender el conflicto en Colombia, Agenda - Maria Emma Wills Obregon.

Libros para entender el conflicto en Colombia, Agenda -

Teoria de Diseño Gráfico / Composición, Color, Tipografía... Siempre he hecho mucho hincapié sobre la teoria del diseño gráfico.

Teoria de Diseño Gráfico / Composición, Color, Tipografía...

Aleister Crowley Collection. (ebook - occult) Aleister Crowley - Ambergris.pdf.

Aleister Crowley Collection

Arte y Cultura Digital. En el Perú, más de 156.000 menores de 15 años (INEI 2010) requieren ser hospitalizados durante periodos variables de tiempo dejando de ejercer su derecho a la educación.

Arte y Cultura Digital

Revista Observaciones Filosóficas - Inicio. Information at the speed of thought. Colección de libros [Géneros diferentes] Esta es una gran recopilación de libros que encontré en la red y cuenta con una gran variedad de géneros que les serán de mucha utilidad, esperamos que lo disfruten. Mi 4shared por comint L. Files Photo Music Books Video Games Sign Up Log In. Hayao Miyazaki’s Top 50 Children’s Books - Skunk & Burning Tires. Mapa virtual de las mejores librerías del mundo entero - Noticias educ. An open-access academic journal on all things trash. GHDI - Document. Vietnam – Analysis of an Example All economy is political economy in the broadest sense, and the system of advanced industrial society is global, also in the sense that it delivers all dimensions of human existence, private and public, to the ruling societal powers.

The system is also global in the sense that there are no longer any external factors for this system, that the forces furthest removed, geographically and otherwise, become forces within the system. German History in Documents and Images. “Tip-of-the-Tongue Syndrome,” Transactive Memory, and How the Internet Is Making Us Smarter.

By Maria Popova “A public library keeps no intentional secrets about its mechanisms; a search engine keeps many.” “The dangerous time when mechanical voices, radios, telephones, take the place of human intimacies, and the concept of being in touch with millions brings a greater and greater poverty in intimacy and human vision,” Anaïs Nin wrote in her diary in 1946, decades before the internet as we know it even existed. Her fear has since been echoed again and again with every incremental advance in technology, often with simplistic arguments about the attrition of attention in the age of digital distraction. But in Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better (public library), Clive Thompson — one of the finest technology writers I know, with regular bylines for Wired and The New York Times — makes a powerful and rigorously thought out counterpoint. He writes in the introduction: Why Science-Fiction Writers Are So Good at Predicting the Future.

La secreta universidad abierta en Internet. RedIRIS - Bienvenidos a RedIRIS. Virtual Library (Publications Getty) From The Trenches To The Web: British WWI Diaries Digitized : Parallels. Hide captionThe British National Archives has digitized and posted online about 1.5 million pages of diaries from soldiers and units that fought in World War I. Here, a photo of the 12th (Prince of Wales') Lancers Group. From a private collection, provided courtesy of the National Archives On the outskirts of London, in a basement room of the British National Archives, a historian delicately turns pages that have the brittle feel of dead leaves. Each is covered in text — some typewritten, some in spidery handwriting from a pen that scratched across the page 100 years ago. Biblioteca online completa sobre permacultura, bioconstrucción, agricultura ecológica y más.

Inicio Biblioteca Digital Mundial. Codex Seraphinianus by Dylan Kinnett. Libro Primer Grado Cuba: un álbum de Flickr. The First Book of Space Travel: How a Female Author & Illustrator Got Kids Into Science in 1953. By Maria Popova “If I were a fairy godmother, my gift to every child would be curiosity.” Vintage science illustrations hold a special charm, and illustrated children’s science books by women are a (heartening) rarity even today, so a woman who got kids excited about science half a century ago is nothing short of a cultural hero.

Such is the case of Jeanne Bendick, who authored and illustrated more than one hundred mid-century children’s books about science and technology. An advocate of questions over answers as the key to the scientific mind and a champion of combinatorial creativity who recognized that all ideas build on those that came before, she articulated her ethos with inspiring eloquence: One part of the job I set for myself is to make those young readers see that everything is connected to everything — that science isn’t something apart. Three Books: 'Camp Concentration,' 'The Female Man' And 'Dhalgren' Hide captionThe original paperback cover for Joanna Russ' 1975 novel The Female Man (detail above) called the book "startling. " The original paperback cover for Joanna Russ' 1975 novel The Female Man (detail above) called the book "startling. " A fan named Peter Graham once said that the golden age of science fiction is 12.

That's true for me, although like many other fans I'd insist that my first exposure to SF happened during the real golden age. The decade from 1965 to 1975 was science fiction's so-called New Wave, when the genre took on both the turmoil of the '60s and the literary techniques of high modernism. The mix of the two created spectacular results, as dozens of energized writers penned scores of wonderful books. Here are three of the New Wave's best. Free Philip K. Dick: Download 13 Great Science Fiction Stories. Aerogramme Writers' StudioStephen King's Reading List for Writers. “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” ― Stephen King In the afterword to his acclaimed guide On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Stephen King shares the following reading list of 96 books, covering a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction titles.

Accompanying the list is this explanation: These are the best books I’ve read over the last three or four years, the period during which I wrote The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Hearts in Atlantis, On Writing, and the as-yet-unpublished From a Buick Eight. In some way or other, I suspect each book in the list had an influence on the books I wrote.As you scan this list, please remember that I’m not Oprah and this isn’t my book club. Titles with full-text online. "The 1688 Paradise Lost and Dr. Aldrich": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 6 (1972) Boorsch, Suzanne (1972) 20th-Century Art: A Resource for Educators Paul, Stella (1999) 82nd & Fifth The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2013)

LIBROS DE ARTE. Compartiendo lecturas. Biblioteca General. Contenidos - Prod. Audiovisual. Departamento de Matematica - Libros de divulgación publicados por Adrián Paenza. Electronic library. Download books free. Finding boooks. Bookcamping. Enlace de bibliotecas digitales.

Biblioteca Pijama Surf: algunos libros de Slavoj Zizek digitalizados y descargables (PDFs) Innovacion, libertad y poder en la era de la informacion. Porto Alegre, 29 enero 2005 1.La era de la informacion es nuestra era. Es un periodo historico caracterizado por una revolucion tecnologica centrada en las tecnologias digitales de informacion y comunicación, concomitante, pero no causante, con la emergencia de una estructura social en red, en todos los ambitos de la actividad humana, y con la interdependencia global de dicha actividad. Es un proceso de transformacion multidimensional que es a la vez incluyente y excluyente en funcion de los valores e intereses dominantes en cada proceso, en cada pais y en cada organización social. 2.Como todo proceso de transformacion hist/orica, la era de la informacion no determina un curso unico de la historia humana. Sus consecuencias, sus caracteristicas dependen del poder de quienes se benefician en cada una de las multiples opciones que se presentan a la vountad humana.

Antón Chéjov: El discreto encanto de la vida cotidiana. El genio Tolstoi, que apreciaba sinceramente a Chéjov (“¡qué persona más adorable, como una señorita!”) Open access ebooks.