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Les 8 week 4

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DmiProtocols < Dmi. What are the ethical guidelines for blog and buzz mining? One of the topics I have been working on today for the book is the area of blog and buzz mining.

What are the ethical guidelines for blog and buzz mining?

One element that needs consideration is the ethical framework for this sort of research. I have had a go at pulling some notes together, from different sources, but I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have and any suggestions you have. Here is the current text The Ethics of Blog and Buzz Mining Guidance and views about ethics in blog and buzz mining are changing and evolving as researchers and their reprepsentative organisations try to come to grips with what is a dynamic field. When market researchers find themselves without any firm guidance as to what is appropriate, a good guiding principle is to consider what the general public would say if their project were to be made public.

For further reading on this topic the reader is referred to an excellent paper by Neil Hair and Moira Clark in Issue 6 of the 2007 IJMR (Hair & Clark 2007). News: Blog Mining Gets Real. Like unstructured content captured on Web forms that never really gets used, blogs' explosive growth is generating raw data sets that your company really can't afford to ignore.

News: Blog Mining Gets Real

At the beginning of the year blogs were considered by many industry watchers one of the top ten trends. It's becoming very clear that blog mining is certainly part of that mix. Webinar: The New PCI 3.0 Standard Learn the steps to take to get your company ready for PCI DSS 3.0 changes coming January 2015. We cover all of the details you need to know as we head to the deadline to complete and pass your PCI DSS 3.0 audit. View the PCI Webinar Series Now. The torrent of facts, data, figures and insights that blogs deliver daily are random and chaotic, yet immensely valuable in the right context. Business Intelligence's Perfect Storm While SPSS doesn't offer a test drive of theirs, called Clementine, SAS does offer a download of SAS Enterprise Miner, which requires Base SAS or SAS/STAT be installed beforehand.

Analysing the web: Blog mining. Social Media Manager vs. Community Manager. As social media continues to develop, so do the roles within it.

Social Media Manager vs. Community Manager

Among these are the roles of social media manager and community manager. I’ve teamed up with Tim McDonald, a well-known community manager in Chicago, to help in defining both. Today, we reveal our individual responses! What’s your definition of a social media manager? Rachel: A social media manager takes the lead in managing the overall efforts of a company social media platform. Tim: A social media manager is responsible for creating content specific to a product or brand strategy across social networks. Do you believe they vary for a small business vs. an enterprise? Absolutely! Yes. What’s your definition of a community manager? A community manager is tasked with managing a specific community and/or platform for business. A Community Manager uses online networks to be the voice of the company to the community and the voice of the community to the company.

And finally… A Community Manager is like a Shepherd.