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Florent's Guide To The Tropical Reefs - Fish, Creatures and Corals. World Underwater Federation - Quality in diving. Emnekurs Dypdykkerkurs «Deep Diver» » Jæren Dykkersenter - Stavanger. Krav til deltakelse Sertifisering »AOWD» (Utvidet kurs)Fylt 15 år Kursstart Påmelding her!

Emnekurs Dypdykkerkurs «Deep Diver» » Jæren Dykkersenter - Stavanger

Pris kr 1000,- (+kr 690,- sertifisering PADI)Har du ikke utstyr selv kan det leies på kurset. (1500,-) Total Kurstid Ca 24 timer, vanligvis over en helgAntall dykk 3 Kurs Mål Utvikle dine teoretiske kunnskaper om dypere dykking.Øke dine dykkerferdigheter.Gjøre deg i stand til å planlegge trygge ikke-dekompresjonsdykking mellom 18 og 40 m.Øke din interesse for å lære mer innenfor andre spesielle emner. Kurs Oversikt TeoriAktiviteter og mål.Definisjon av dyp dykking og dybdegrenser.Prosedyrer ved dypere dykking.Nitrogennarkose.Trykkfallsyke.Flyging etter dykking, kjøring i fjellet, dykking i høyde.Dykkertabeller.

Generelt Et dypdykkerkurs er veldig innholdsrikt og lærerikt. Dypdykkerkurset er et kurs som anbefales på det sterkeste alle som vil dykke dypere, de som ønsker spenning, de som vil bli tryggere, de som vil lære osv…… STAVANGER DYKKERKLUBB. The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau - Collection One. Between the years of 1966-1976, millions of viewers were held spellbound as audiences around the world would regularly tune in to see what new aquatic wonders had been captured on film by Jacques Cousteau and the crew of his ship, Calypso, on their decade-long adventure around the world.

The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau - Collection One

It was a truly pioneering programme that brought the hidden wonders of the world's oceans into their living rooms for the first time. A pioneer of marine biology as well as the technology involved in underwater exploration, Jacques Cousteau's work is a colourful, revealing window onto a world that few of us will ever see first-hand. This comprehensive 36-episode series follows the crew as they study life in every corner of the globe: from sharks in the Red Sea to penguins in Antarctica, from coral reefs to hippos, octopus to sea otters. About Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Navigation: Home > Shark Experts > Jacques Yves Cousteau When I was growing up in the 1970s, the name Cousteau was as much a part of every day pop culture as Muhammad Ali or Wonder Woman.

About Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Maybe none of those names are familiar to today's generation, but to compare, he was the equivalent then of modern conservation icons like Steve Irwin or David Attenborough. Bigger! He was and remains a visionary legend of ocean exploration. Sailing the seas on his 130-foot ship, the Calypso, he pursued his mission to educate people about the world's ocean environments. The recent celebration of what would have been Cousteau's 100th birthday shed a new light on his conservation legacy, and will perhaps give our kids the chance to be aware of and appreciate his contributions. Jacques Cousteau Centennial: What He Did, Why He Matters. The late Jacques Cousteau's hundredth birthday is inspiring headlines and, Friday morning, a Google doodle—perhaps the ultimate Internet accolade. French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau (file photo) would have celebrated his hundredth birthday Friday.

Photograph by Bates Littlehales, National Geographi.c Why is the ocean explorer such a legend? Here are five good reasons. 1. With his iconic red beanie and famed ship Calypso, the French marine explorer, inventor, filmmaker, and conservationist sailed the world for much of the late 20th century, educating millions about the Earth's oceans and its inhabitants—and inspiring their protection. Little of it would have been possible without scuba gear, which Cousteau pioneered when in World War II he, along with engineer Emile Gagnan, co-created the Aqua-Lung, a twin-hose underwater breathing apparatus. With the Aqua-Lung, Cousteau and his crew were able to explore and film parts of the ocean depths that had never been seen before. 2. 3. 4. History of Calypso. After 46 years sailing all seas and oceans of the world, Calypso has become the symbol of Cousteau's adventures.

History of Calypso

With Calypso in 1951, Captain Cousteau found a ship that would let him realize his vision: to use his inventions as a pioneer in unveiling the continental shelf. Calypso was transformed by Cousteau from top to bottom into an oceanographic vessel. So it is only right that, in her retirement, she should tell the story of her magnificent history, inseparable from that of Captain Cousteau.

From one legend to another. Jacques Cousteau. Category:Marine reserves. Into the deep: World's 50 best dive sites. This image of what all the world's water would amount to if collected up into a sphere shows that actually, there really isn't that much out there -- compared to the size of the planet anyway.

Into the deep: World's 50 best dive sites

Which makes it all the more amazing to think of the bizarre things that lurk in it. So here are the best places to discover the magic of these thin puddles on the surface of our huge, spinning rock. UWA Underwater Club. Diver and ROV Training, Sea Trials, The Underwater Centre, Fort William, Tasmania. CMAS - World Underwater Federation. Scuba Diving Gear, Dive Travel & Scuba Diving News.