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Malwarebytes hardens its stand against Potentially Unwanted Programs. Malwarebytes stand towards PUPs or Potentially Unwanted Programs is well known.

Malwarebytes hardens its stand against Potentially Unwanted Programs

It aggressively detects programs that it considers as unwanted and quarantines them and asks its users if they want to remove it. In the bargain, it has started identifying several programs, some even from large vendors as PUPs. The latest program to be identified by Malwarebytes as a PUP is Advanced SystemCare 10. Malwarebytes is a popular antimalware software that protects computers against malware, ransomware, and other online threats. Quick Heal BOT Removal Tool removes Botnet infections from Windows computer. Quick Heal BOT Removal Tool detects & removes Botnet infections from Windows computer.

Quick Heal BOT Removal Tool removes Botnet infections from Windows computer

It has been developed in collaboration with Cyber Swachhta Kendra under Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India. Bots, also known as Botnets, are robotic malware that can perform repetitively. We have already seen what are Botnets and how they help remote attackers compromise and control computers, in order to perform such illicit tasks as sending spam or attacking other computers. Fake Online Employment And Job Scams are on the rise. Technology is growing rapidly, and with every passing day we are more and more consumed and increasingly depended on it.

Fake Online Employment And Job Scams are on the rise

But technology is more vulnerable than protected. Most of the technology is poorly secured giving rise to the biggest concern i.e. cyber security. How to create a Guest Account in Windows 10. There are times when we have to share our Windows PC with someone.

How to create a Guest Account in Windows 10

Having a Guest Account on Windows comes handy in such situations. Windows 10 however, removed the Guest account functionality. But you can still add Family members and other people as users to your computer, whether they have a Microsoft Account or not, and give them limited access to your PC. Use Action Note to create Notes with Windows 10 Action Center integration. Windows 10 features several applications that help you take down notes in an instant.

Use Action Note to create Notes with Windows 10 Action Center integration

By far the widely-used app for this purpose is Windows’ default app – Microsoft OneNote. Although a great app, OneNote for Windows 10 has certain shortfalls. For instance, the app is tailor made for touch-first mobile devices like Tablets. Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU & Disk Usage in Windows 10. A frequently encountered issue with Windows 10/8/7 is the unexplained High Disk usage which at times freezes all other processes of the system.

Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU & Disk Usage in Windows 10

In a lot of cases, upon checking the Task Manager, it is found that the Windows Modules Installer Worker CPU and Disk Usage is very high – at times even more than 50%! The Windows Modules Installer Worker or WMIW or TiWorker.exe checks for new updates from the Windows server and installs them on your computer system. This process might cause load on the system and in some cases, push the disk usage to 100%, thus hanging or freezing all other processes.

Restarting the system won’t work, and the issue does not resolve by itself. Application not found message in Windows 10/8/7. The operation failed, An object cannot be found - Microsoft Outlook error. If you receive a The operation failed.

The operation failed, An object cannot be found - Microsoft Outlook error

No internet, secured - Fix Windows 10 WiFi error. An issue generally noticed with the Windows operating system these days is that new updates to the OS bring with them, their own share of problems.

No internet, secured - Fix Windows 10 WiFi error

For instance, you might fail to connect to the Internet, soon after the update and see an error message – No Internet, Secured flashing on your screen. Luckily, methods to correct this problem do exist. In this post, we see ways on how we can troubleshoot the issue. We generally use a secure Wi-Fi connection at our home/office. So, if we get a “No internet, Secured” error, this could be because of an invalid IP configuration. 1] Update your Network Adapter driver software and see if that helps. 2] Run Network Adapter Troubleshooter and check if it helps. 3] If this fails, try changing Adapter settings.

Fix: This app can't run on your PC error on Windows 10. How to fix This app can’t run on your PC error message on Windows 10?

Fix: This app can't run on your PC error on Windows 10

You may have probably received this message pop up on your computer screen when you tried to run a just-installed software, run an app after a long time or tried to run a program after you installed some updates. Well if you have this question then this post suggests some setting you need to look at and shows you how to resolve the issue. Several users have received this message when trying to install iTunes, Lotus SmartSuite, Simple Assembly Explorer, AutoDesk, Daemon Tools, etc. What are Whaling scams & how to protect your Enterprise. If you work in or own an enterprise, then you need to know that there is always a high risk of cyber-attacks & scams taking place.

What are Whaling scams & how to protect your Enterprise

Email Scams are the most common among them. Phishing comes in many flavors like Tabnabbing, Spear Phishing as well as Vishing and Smishing. Download the ultimate guide to Windows Server 2016 from Microsoft. If you are looking for an ultimate guide to Windows Server 2016, then you don’t need to search on the internet or buy any book. Microsoft has recently published two highly useful guides to Windows Server 2016, which will help you understand even the smallest nuances of Windows Server 2016. These are the two free e-book guides published by Microsoft Press: Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor: Decrypt locked & encrypted files. Today’s malware authors are getting smarter with advancement in the technology. Gone are the days when cyber criminals like these, were working as lone wolfs. Now, cyber crimes are becoming an organized effort and hence Ransomware is becoming powerful than ever before.

How Social Engineering attackers use PDF Attachments for Phishing. Efforts like raising awareness about Phishing have yielded desired results, but the cybercriminals continue to find new ways of devising attacks. The latest attacks through PDF attachments are geared towards pushing users to enter their email account credential into well-crafted phishing pages, reveals a finding from Microsoft.

Before you proceed, you might want to take a look at What is Phishing and how to identify Phishing Attacks. A new variant of the Phishing attack makes the PDF file look like a protected Excel file that can only be displayed with Microsoft Excel after entering email credentials. The attachment is mainly carried by an email message that pretends to be official communication, faking authenticity.

It urges the potential victim to open the file by following the link offered in the PDF file. When a user tries to open the attachment, an error message is displayed that instructs the user to “Open document” with Microsoft Excel”. What is Pharming and how can you prevent this Online Fraud? When we look around we are amazed at the speed with which the world is changing. Online fraud techniques such as Pharming and other cyber crime attacks are at all time high.

To overcome such challenges, we need to at least have some basic understanding of these terms. The intention of this informational document is to approach the problem with a solution. Pharming redirects Internet users from legitimate websites to malicious ones using a strategy called DNS Cache Poisoning – where corrupt data is inserted into the cache database of a DNS. The attacker uses several ways to carry out pharming attacks, one of the most popular way is to modify the Host file. The Hosts fi­le allows storing IP & domain names to speed up sur­fing and avoid consulting a DNS server. To carry out a pharming attack, the attacker typically makes use of the following: You need to fix your Microsoft Account for apps error in Windows 10. Microsoft has changed the way of using an operating system. Using a Microsoft Account now makes things a lot easier as it can help sync your apps, settings as well as the user experience across devices.

Some users have reported receiving the following error message in the form of a Toast notification popping up from the Notifications area: Windows Spotlight is not working & stuck on the same picture. What is Tor Network and what is it used for? The Internet is definitely not a secure place for exchanging information. Monitor VPN disconnects & protect yourself using these Kill Switches. Privacy and security are the prime concerns of a modern internet user. A VPN aka Virtual Private Network is the extension of your normal network system that can provide more security and privacy to an individual internet user. The most common problem faced by VPN users is the connection automatically getting interrupted and frequent disconnections.

Troubleshoot issues after reconnecting Outlook client to Login. Battasha Innovative Solutions, Innovative business applications.