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Sanjay Sethi

Dr. Sanjay Sethi is an award-winning numerologist, gemologist, rudraksh consultant and the best astrologer in Delhi/NCR. Visit-

What is gemology. What is gemology. Sanjay's Share. A Complete Guide And Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology. Ketu is one of the most influential planets in Vedic astrology known as Karaka of Moksha.

A Complete Guide And Importance of Ketu in Vedic Astrology

It’s a headless, half planet which is considered as the shadow planet. However, it has another identity of descending node of the Moon. In a good position this cause of spiritualism, enlightenment, and frees native from the worldly desires. But it would be wrong to judge that it only works in positive mode, sometimes produces the negative effects also. A Brief Case Study: How We Have Saved The Life Of A Renowned Business Owner Who Was Facing Some Excise Related Issue. In this brief story, I will tell you about one of my clients who was trapped in the excise problem.

A Brief Case Study: How We Have Saved The Life Of A Renowned Business Owner Who Was Facing Some Excise Related Issue.

He is one of the well-known businessmen in Bangalore. Who was imposed with allegation from the state as his excise records has some sort of shortcomings. The excise department had imposed a penalty of 1.5 crore and punishment up-to 2 years. I took him under my guidance and suggested a few vedic remedies to overcome these problems. I suggested, him to wear the gemstones energised by me and provided him with an excellent range of remedies to get relief from the court proceedings.

It was a quite serious allegation and could lead to severe bad effects on business, person and family. I appreciate his effort and dedication, that he showed while performing all the remedies with extreme faith. So, if you are also facing some sort of challenges like this then book an appointment with us and we’ll help you to transform your life. Sanjaysethi. Did you know that the secret to a perfect career lies in one single number?


How Numerology can help you find the perfect job for you. YouTube. Love Life Deep Secrets - How Numerology Can Help - A Complete Guide. We all are familiar with numerology, which is considered as the ancient divinatory art that opens the secrets of cosmic meaning, purpose, and guidance by the use of numbers and their combinations.

Love Life Deep Secrets - How Numerology Can Help - A Complete Guide

We are surrounded by numbers whether it’s the date of birth, home address, telephone number or vehicle number. Numerology tells us that every number has its own significance and closely linked with astrology, tarot and other forms of predictory art. With the help of numerology, a numerologist can reveal the secret of your love life and can do love compatibility test. Today we’ll discuss how to love numerology can help to explore the love secret of yours. Is it always good to know about the compatibility with your partner or lover? Get solution for your Zodiac Sign with Famous Numerologist. We have come up with a complete zodiac profile for 2020, where we’ll tell you everything from beginning to year-end.

Get solution for your Zodiac Sign with Famous Numerologist

The importance of zodiac signs does not limit to a certain degree and has the power to explore more about personality, history, traits, and characters. Now let’s go to see the future. Aries (March 21 – April 20) Ruling Planet: Mars. Why 2020 will be An Awesome Year For Everyone? 2020 begins with much excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in the New Year.

Why 2020 will be An Awesome Year For Everyone?

As the midnight hour strikes heralding in the New and releasing the old the Moon will be in dreamy Pisces next to Neptune, a signature of imbibing in or connecting with spirits. This will be a wild year of many ups and downs. Major cycles are a Venus retrograde May through June and a Mars retrograde September to November, solar and lunar eclipses, and Saturn and Jupiter moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. Evil Eye Protection- Are you feeling trouble because of Evil eye. Then Now don't you worry because We have a remedies for evil…

What are the remedies for the evil eye in 2020? Small beautiful and active children are centre of attraction in the family and are often victims of evil eye.

What are the remedies for the evil eye in 2020?

Many a time, even men, women and middle-aged are affected due to evil eye. Even home, shop and business are seen facing turbulences due to the effects of evil eye. Besides this, some people seclude themselves and stop taking their meals and fluids required for body, due to the negative influences of the evil eye. Here are given some Remedies to cast off evil effects of all these things. Remedies for Evil Eye- 1. 2. 3. 4. YouTube. Numerology predictions for 2020. Explore the Basics of Numerology- Numerologist in Delhi. Let’s explore the basics fundamentals of Numerology.

Explore the Basics of Numerology- Numerologist in Delhi

Before knowing the basics of numerology, there are some questions for every one of you. Have you ever felt that most of the time when you see the watch you always found the same number as – 11:11 or 12:12 or something with a similar pattern. What is the Vedic Astrology Chart- Sanjay sethi. Best Astrologers always take advantage of the Vedic astrology chart for the detailed analysis of the horoscope.

What is the Vedic Astrology Chart- Sanjay sethi

Where It gives an accurate reading of native’s characteristics with perfect precision, however, it’s pretty much helpful to determine about many important things in relation to natives such as career, relationships, and others. How does The Moon Affect Humans. It has been and is the greatest belief in the minds of mankind that the changing phases of the moon have a vital significance in all walks of our lives.

How does The Moon Affect Humans

And it is the truth that in the universe everything is correlated and the nature surrounding us has an inevitable connection with human beings. It is also true how nature behaves creates an indomitable effect on our physical being. Contact us- Find Best Numerologist in Delhi NCR. Numerology Calculator-Calculate Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers. Have you ever heard of Numerology? Do you always notice that few numbers impact your life to a great extent?

Have you ever thought about these numbers, how these are playing with your life ? If not, don’t worry today we’ll explain about numerology terms in brief that will be really helpful to vanish all your dilemma. In fact, Numerology deals with number games – which influence your habits, nature, life and its goals, and everything. Numerology can explore and uncover the hidden facts of your life by using different ways, methods or approaches. World Famous Numerologist Delhi, Best Name Number Numerology Analysis. Wearing Rudraksha! Can transform your life - A Complete Guide. Rudraksha has its own significance in spirituality and science, furthermore, it’s sacredly used in Hinduism for prayer. In Shaivism, this represents Lord Shiva and considered to bring prosperity, luck, and fortune. However, we must know in detail – what is the benefit of wearing rudraksha? Since ancient times, Hindus are using Rudraksha malas for meditation, prayer and to balance the mind, body, and soul.

List of Top Astrologers in India - sanjay sethi - Medium. Here are List of top 10 astrologers of India.1. Bejan Daruwalla- Bejan Daruwalla is a Named of the top astrologers of India. He is the astrologer to the rich and popular. His articles are published in many newspaper agencies. 2. List of Top Astrologers in India. A Complete Guide To Astrological Signs. We’re living in a modern era where science and technology have established itself to the next level. But still from newspaper to news channel everywhere we see horoscope, just to check out How will our day be? Horoscopes and astrological signs are not new concepts, since ancient times or in ancient science they tell us about our strength, weakness, and give a complete insight of life. Today, We’ll discuss the astrological signs that will be of like beginners guide to zodiac signs. Generally, we know that there are 12 different types of astrological and zodiac sign and every sign has its own importance or can say hold its own traits that are enough to open the facts about the personality of native.

YouTube. Best numerologist in the world. Online Gemology- Online Gemology Services Expert. Diamond A symbol of purity, the Diamond’s pure white light helps to bring our lives into a cohesive whole. Lead a Successful Life with the Help of our Top Astrologer in Delhi Dr. Sanjay Sethi. Dr.Sanjay Sethi a distinguished personality within the field of numerology and best Indian astrologer in the world is well known to resolve the various life-related issues of the people approaching him. You can find various best things concerning Numerology services of Dr.Sanjay sethi, most useful indian astrologer owing to that people offer a high level of respect to Dr.Sanjay Sethi. This really is only because all the different life-related issues of these persons Like economic difficulty, a health condition, psychic-readings, Manglik Dosham, Dating complications, and many more are resolved from Dr.Sanjay sethi, the best jyotish in Delhi.

Lead a Successful Life with the Help of our Top Astrologer in Delhi Dr. Sanjay Sethi. Best Numerologist in the World. Embed Code For hosted site: Sanjay's Share. World Famous Numerologist Delhi, Best Name Number Numerology Analysis. World Famous Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Best Astrologer in West Delhi.