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Strategies on Google Fred Update Recovery from Techmagnate. Google’s Fred update target SERP rankings by penalizing websites with low value content or websites with high volume of Ads.

Strategies on Google Fred Update Recovery from Techmagnate

Here’s how you can identify and recover from Google’s Fred ranking update. Have you noticed anything unusual since 8th March, 2017? Some changes such as drop in rankings along with sudden disappearance of pages or reappearance of pages which are deactivated or hidden have been noticed by website owners, SEO experts and marketers. These changes are nothing, but, an adverse effect of Google Fred Update. Whenever a new Google algorithm update hits the ground, the whole SEO industry feels sudden jolt and things have not changed with the new update. Top Tips on Local SEO for Multiple Locations by Techmagnate. Local SEO for multiple locations is the most effective form of SEO where one optimizes a website so that products or services, that it sells or provides, can be easily found on multi-locations in a systematic manner.

Top Tips on Local SEO for Multiple Locations by Techmagnate

Local SEO for multiple locations is done with taking care of Google Places, NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and Company and Domain Name. What is Local SEO for Multiple Locations Search visibility is the key factor of local SEO. More search visibility leads to higher number of impressions and more impression/ traffic denotes potential customers that may finally direct towards sales. There are various factors that affect the search ranking signals, but the most significant among them is the local factors. Link building strategy aims for organic search results, paid ads target to generate clicks, but local SEO helps to increase search visibility. Best Enterprise SEO Services in India by Techmagnate. Through our enterprise SEO services, we at Techmagnate focus on building a comprehensive SEO strategy for your enterprise-level website.

Best Enterprise SEO Services in India by Techmagnate

No matter whether you’re a multinational ecommerce website with thousands of products, a web hub for hundreds of corporate services, or a blog network looking to grow and expand into the global market, we know that even large businesses can be hard to find. We change that: through thorough analysis, complete website audits, keyword research and selection, and a focus on a specialized content-based enterprise search engine optimization campaign. Techmagnate- Premier Pay Per Click (PPC) Services Company in India. PPC campaign management is a detailed process which requires a lot of research and analysis.

Techmagnate- Premier Pay Per Click (PPC) Services Company in India

It's imperative that you choose an Internet Marketing Company that offers professional PPC management services and will get you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI). Our PPC Services: Search AdvertisingSearch advertising is one of your most crucial ad channels. We use different terms such as Paid Search, SEM, and PPC, etc. Display AdvertisingDisplay advertising gives digital marketers immense power in the form of phenomenal reach. Techmagnate- Best SEO Service Provider in India. What are Bing Ads Social Extensions- Tips to Use it by Techmagnate.

Bing Ads has come up with a new idea that would help you promote your social channels in search ads.

What are Bing Ads Social Extensions- Tips to Use it by Techmagnate

These social extensions, presently being tested by Bing, would appear under the ad copy of text ads and can be used to link right to advertisers’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr accounts. Users will be able to click on any of the links and go to the advertiser’s profile on the respective network. This is how the new Social Extension feature would appear in the search Engine Results. Google Images “Businesses today spend a lot of time and resources to engage customers on social media and use paid search to drive traffic. Many advertisers have in the past realized the importance of social channels not only in engaging customers with brands but also in getting the right kind of feedback. Latest SEO Trends to Stay Ahead in 2017 by Techmagnate. Millions of web searches are conducted daily.

Latest SEO Trends to Stay Ahead in 2017 by Techmagnate

So what makes your business stand out online? Google Structured Data Testing Tool Updated - Techmagnate. 10 Most Effective SEO Tools for 2017 by Techmagnate. A well-optimized website is a hard nut to crack as Google has been updating its algorithm way too frequently, thus making it all the more difficult to get your company or your client’s listed in the top SERP’s.

10 Most Effective SEO Tools for 2017 by Techmagnate

The following factors play a key role in effective optimization of any website: Current status of the websiteTechnical issuesQuality of the contentSocial signalsRemoval of algorithmic or manual penaltiesEffective reporting Hence, it is vital to get hold of the right SEO tools in order to perform advanced SEO analysis for higher ranking and better visibility. But, with so many tools and even greater number of reviews on each of the SEO tool, it can get a little confusing and time-consuming to choose the best ones. Here’s a comprehensive list of the top paid SEO tools available to manage day-to-day tasks related to website optimization. . Content Marketing is the New SEO- Tips by Techmagnate.

<div style="clear:both"><a href=" ><img src=" title="Content Marketing the New SEO" alt="Content Marketing the New SEO" border="0" /></a></div><div>Produced by : <a href=" SEO Company India</a></div> One of the most prolific and raging questions being asked in the web world today is this -are the old techniques of SEO services like manual link building and on-page keyword optimization a thing of the past and has content marketing taken their place?

Content Marketing is the New SEO- Tips by Techmagnate

And also, where does search engine optimization stand in the face of content marketing? Before we try and explore the answer to these questions it is worthwhile to explain what content marketing actually is. Content Marketing essentially relates to inbound marketing techniques where high value and very good quality content is distributed in order to attract visitors and create an online brand / site presence. Well written,Meaty, andProvide relevant information that is attractive enough for sharing. 2017 Local SEO Checklist by Techmagnate. Local SEO has never been as important as it is in the current times.

2017 Local SEO Checklist by Techmagnate

While location based SEO was always something that was a part of the optimization exercise, the kind of special focus and attention that it has generated in recent times has led to special efforts being directed towards leveraging it for maximum gains. In this article we discuss, how in the context of local SEO, better visibility and online presence can be achieved by businesses. Some tips and guidelines are being offered on how to implement processes and strategies to get the most out of location based results.

Thanks to the attention it has been getting form Google in the last year, local SEO has seen come to the forefront in a big way . In the past it was more of a domain that was restrictively being explored by smaller and medium sized businesses. Tips to Recover from Unnatural Outbound Links Penalty by Techmagnate. What is Unnatural Link Building Penalty?

Tips to Recover from Unnatural Outbound Links Penalty by Techmagnate

According to the Google Quality Guidelines an actual Unnatural Links definition is “creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines.” What are Paid Links in Google’s point of view? Paid Links are links which have been put in a blog post or an article, because cash or kind had been exchanged for it, according to Matt Cutts are unethical and liable to Penalty. What Happens if Your Website Gets Penalized for Unnatural Outgoing Links? If you do not take necessary steps put up in Google Guidelines, as mentioned by Matt Cutts. Page Rank will disappear.In a case that we had received, their penalty hadn’t affected Google SERP Ranking. Tips to Recover Google Phantom 2 Quality Update by Techmagnate.

Few months back, webmasters and SEO professionals noticed sudden fluctuations in the Google rankings of their websites. This ranking volatility was unexpected and not announced by Google officially, so it was obvious that many SEO professionals and website owners were taken by surprise. Therefore, we decided to conduct an interview with Mr Satyendra Mishra, manager SEO operations, Techmagnate, who is an experienced SEO and digital marketing professional.

SEO Best Practices for Mobile Sites- Tips by Techmagnate. I’ve recently upgraded my phone to an iPhone 7S. Sure, it’s behind the times a little but only if you consider Apple’s fiendish addiction to updates where none are required. The point is, it’s a great phone. And it’s one I use increasingly to keep my life managed for me. Movie nights? There’s an app for that. If I don’t have an app for anything I need, I’ve definitely got my browser. Raven Tools SEO Review by Techmagnate. SEO is no more a cakewalk these days and you need hi-end tools to conduct advanced analytics and to stay ahead of the competition. We have been using Raven Tools for more than a year now at Techmagnate and here is our honest Raven Tools review. There are many recommended SEO tools available in the market ranging from free to download software to the expensive paid tools, where you might have to pay up to $1000 per month (for enterprise version).

Let’s first define our objectives. Different tools have different features and functionalities and we choose one according to our current needs. For example, to check a website’s health and keyword rankings, we use SEMrush, to search ideas for content we use BuzzSumo, to track historical rankings we use AuthorityLabs and for competitive research we use SpyFu. Majestic offers citation flow and trust flow metrics and Google Analytics is better overall.

Site Auditor function of Raven Tools I love the Site Auditor function of Raven Tools. How to Remove 'This Site May Harm Your Computer' Warning- Tips by Techmagnate. Between maintaining ethical operations and constant realigning with Google’€™s algorithm updates, offering SEO services is no cake walk. And there are, often, many layers to consider, because our work doesn’€™t end or begin with optimization services. Quite the opposite, in fact. To be great at our jobs, we need a thorough and even intuitive understanding of web development and security, especially since the latter is more vulnerable to being breached. Over the last few months we’€™ve been struggling with a client website that has constantly been hacked. When we’€™d search for their brand on Google, it would say ‘€œthis site may harm your computer.’€ From an SEO perspective, you know that if you don’€™t fix this problem quickly, Google will drop the rankings for the keywords targeted on the infected pages.

The client is a well recognized international brand who had recently set up shop in India. Why Drupal Commerce is the Best Solution for eCommerce Stores. If you work in the field of online commerce – a field that is rapidly expanding and constantly growing, as per Statista – then you must have doubtlessly heard of Drupal, and the growing list of Drupal tips for eCommerce. As per the company itself, Drupal is a content management software much like WordPress, but with a focus on creating an evolving, growing, open-source content product which the community can rapidly improve. One of its primary perks outside of its philosophical goals and examples of splendid digital cooperation, is its eCommerce venture: Drupal Commerce. Designed to work perfectly on Drupal websites specifically for small-to-medium sized online businesses and entrepreneurships, Drupal is doubtlessly one of, if not the best choice out there from store owners looking to take their little shot online, especially in the hyper competitive market of the eCommerce world.

Premier White Label SEO Reseller Program from Techmagnate. Techmagnate has formed strategic partnerships with several Digital Agencies in Canada, U.S.A., Ireland, and U.K. How Content Marketing will affect e-Commerce in 2017 by Techmagnate. Essential Questions to Ask Before You Hire an SEO Agency. Hiring an SEO company is critical to the survival of your business. It can be scary at times, especially when you don’t know the rules of the game. Top-Tier ORM Services from Techmagnate. Online Reputation Management or ORM, as the name suggests, is the process of managing the perceptions prevalent about a corporate entity or even an individual on the Internet, on web based networking sites and social media, and on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

How to Succeed in Blogging- Interview Questionnaire at Techmagnate. Kulwant Nagi, 30, is a Haryana-based blogger. He is an Internet Entrepreneur, a professional blogger, and a professional in affiliate marketing. Online Brand Reputation Management Services by Techmagnate. In a world powered by lightning-fast responses, social media trending and the vast number of review opportunities online, Techmagnate acknowledges the vital importance of Brand Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management Services for Hospital from Techmagnate. As a doctor, medical practitioner or hospital in general, it is becoming increasingly difficult to help patients through injury, sickness and disease without becoming targets for lawsuits or online defamation. This is a serious problem, because medical practitioners are some of our society’s highest qualified and highest paid professionals, and without them the typical citizen would be in big trouble if they got sick or injured. Monitor & Remove Negative Hospital Reviews. Hospital Reputation Management Services. Online Reputation Management Services for Hotels by Techmagnate. As you already know customer reviews can make or break the online reputation of your hotel or restaurant business. Regardless of how good your service is, there will always be those few people who bring down your name by posting negative reviews on sites like Google+, Trip Advisor, Yelp and other local business directories.

Corporate Reputation Management Services by Techmagnate. Online Reputation Management, Reputation Management Services, Online Brand Reputation Management. Affordable SEO Services for Small Business by Techmagnate. Foremost SEO Reseller Services in India by Techmagnate. SEO Services by Techmagnate for Fashion eCommerce Websites. Interactive Social Media Marketing by Techmagnate. 1Connect2Interact3Share4Engage Consider the impact of a billion users on one platform. One website where people gather, speak, interact, share and connect with each other. One space, where with concerted efforts towards Social Media activity, your community can build your brand and the potential to sustain it.Consider the possibilities of Social Media. For customer service, 1 in 3Social Media Users prefer social platforms over phone calls. 29%of all Social Media Users are most likely to engage with organizations on Facebook.

Remarketing Services Company India, Google Remarketing Agency. Social Media Advertising Services Company India, Paid Social Ads Marketing. Display Advertising Services Company India, Online Banner Ads Marketing. Paid Search Advertising Services, Search Advertising Company India. Tips for Running a Successful Blogger Outreach Program. 5 Best Practices to Follow for your Mobile SEO. Top 5 PPC Mistakes that May be Costing You Money. 4 Steps to a Successful SEO Content Strategy. 8 Proven Tips to Recover from Google’s Phantom Update. SEO Tips for Beginners. Did You Notice another Quality Update from Google On November 19, 2015. Has Myntra missed the point or are we failing to acknowledge one?