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Instant Future. Ethereum: el adversario mortal del Bitcoin - Grandes Medios. La firma Ethereum, se encuentra en alza, y en estos últimos meses ha logrado atraer a gigantes tecnológicos y financieros.

Ethereum: el adversario mortal del Bitcoin - Grandes Medios

El valor en la cotización de dicha firma, ha aumentado abruptamente en este último trimestre, llegando a más de un 1000%. Este factor ha sido potenciado por una lenta pero constante caída del Bitcoin, quién está siendo golpeado en sus divisiones internas, según afirma el famoso diario “The New York Times” Esta increíble alza de Ethereum ha despertado un inusitado interés de grandes corporaciones como Chase, IBM, JP Morgan y Microsoft, quienes lo han descripto como el nuevo Bitcoin 2.0 El sorprendente éxito de esta novedosa moneda virtual, ha sido beneficiado por la existente pelea que ocurre en el seno de la compañía Bitcoin sobre cómo debe ser desarrollado el software primario de la cripto divisa mundial. El ether, capta además, muchos seguidores, con la promesa de generar mucho más que su principal rival: Bitcoin.

Bloom. Maybe you've been riding that bull for eight years and feel like it might be getting tired.


Maybe you're getting a little jumpy yourself, with all that money in stocks and now the Trump-rally turbulence. You could use this slightly queasy moment to improve your finances without getting anywhere near the big, (currently) booming equity market. We asked certified financial planners for practical ways people could use any excess cash to get in better financial shape. Connecting Crude Oil and the best opportunities for Stocks - Markets Analysis.

Crude Oil had been ambling in a sideways motion for much of this year before breaking down from that pattern earlier this month.

Connecting Crude Oil and the best opportunities for Stocks - Markets Analysis

This break created our Slammdunk sell signal and was further qualified by the day of the fall breaching our weekly Peak Energy support point. The chart highlights this move lower. The professional client platform (CQG) also has a variety of hieroglyphics appearing above and below bars that clients use to indicate up and down phases. These have extra power and calls to action when they appear at any of the horizontal lines that mark trues measurements of support and resistance. ¿Te preocupa que las compañías espíen lo que buscas en internet? Haz esto. 5 business books you should read this year. Confessions of the Pricing ManHow Price Affects EverythingBy Hermann Simon Pricing is one of the most critical decisions a company can make, but the vast majority of executives give it an educated guess at best—leaving 25% to 100% of their potential revenue on the table.

5 business books you should read this year

Turn what you charge into a strategic weapon with this crash course on the psychology of pricing, written by the founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners, the premier global consultancy in this field. (Make sure you check out the case study on the London Olympics, which generated more revenue than the three previous Olympics combined.) Jobs in Film: Average Salary & Career Paths. Entertainment and filmmaking are famously cutthroat industries, and the amount of competition for comparatively few jobs can be daunting for those looking for a break.

Jobs in Film: Average Salary & Career Paths

Hopefully, this will help you gain the competitive edge and help you zero in on one of the various jobs in film that are out there. We’ve listed each of the main professions within filmmaking below, along with the average pay check you can expect and how difficult it is to break into it at a professional level (not necessarily the difficulties of actually conducting the job). Así se mueven el dólar y el bolívar en Cúcuta. Examples of Resume Summary Statements About Professional Style. What's your professional style?

Examples of Resume Summary Statements About Professional Style

An employer wants someone who fits into the company culture. By saying something about your work style or management approach, you can sometimes set yourself ahead of your competition for the job. You might also like: On this page, you'll see 16 Summary statements written by real job seekers. Each one gives a sense of that person's professional style on the job. This is how the evolution of the desk works. This is how the Mercator Projection distorts the poles. This is how the Pythagorean Theorem works. This is how radians work. Cómo detectar las páginas web falsas que simulan ser sitios oficiales para estafar a los internautas - 15.12.2016 - LA NACION. Arantxa es española y hace apenas unas semanas viajó a Estados Unidos.

Cómo detectar las páginas web falsas que simulan ser sitios oficiales para estafar a los internautas - 15.12.2016 - LA NACION

Necesitaba pedir un visado ESTA por internet. El formulario cuesta US$ 14, pero acabó pagando unos US$ 84. "Pensé que era la página oficial", le cuenta a BBC Mundo. A Sara, que vive en Londres, le sucedió algo parecido cuando solicitó su tarjeta sanitaria europea por internet. 15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Dropbox. Just when you thought Dropbox couldn’t get any better, it has.

15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Dropbox

Many interesting cloud storage services have come and gone, but Dropbox is probably the one that’s been here the longest. Ruina de Pdvsa. Speculation Ends: Date and Venue Set for World Chess Championship in New York. Paraíso empeñado: La deuda pública ahoga a Playa del Carmen. PRO Services - ITT PRO Services. Global Real Estate Transparency. Transparency under intense scrutiny The revelations of the Panama Papers in early 2016 have led to mounting pressures for greater real estate transparency and put the fight against corruption decisively on the international political agenda.

Global Real Estate Transparency

There is widening recognition of the crucial role of market transparency, not only as a facilitator of new investment and business activity but also, significantly, in community well-being and inclusiveness. As capital allocations to real estate grow, investors are demanding further improvements in transparency, even among the world’s most transparent real estate markets. Technology is allowing a more granular assessment of real estate market patterns. Databases tracking buildings, investment transactions, tenants, leases and values continue to expand, providing more frequently updated and real-time information than ever before.

¿Qué es el neuromarketing? Search - Tu academia on-line. Neuquén logró un reconocimiento histórico en el precio del gas - Vaca Muerta News. 401k: Learn How You Should Invest - MONEY. You have to choose among the investment choices – typically mutual funds – that the plan offers.

401k: Learn How You Should Invest - MONEY

While your company may give you information about the funds, you’ll need to figure out which ones are best for you. Since you’re bearing all the risk, it’s important that you choose wisely. When investing for a long-term goal like retirement, you typically want to invest mostly in stocks, which have the best chance to generate returns that outpace inflation. Adding some bonds or cash to your mix can help reduce the volatility of your overall portfolio. See the Investing section for more on investment strategies. Sitios web para descargar y leer libros online. Parte 1 - Buenos Libros. Leer libros online. RDT successfully transfers drill pipe manufacturing technology.

HOUSTON -- RDT has successfully transferred drill pipe manufacturing technology in producing a new OCTG product line. RDT has developed a first of its kind “Integral Upset Casing”, using an API buttress thread form that eliminates the need for a coupling. Beginning with acquiring robust chemistry, seamless tubular, green tube products. RDT’s state-of-the-art heat treating facility, combined with their world class 7-5/8-in. double-toggle, hot-forge tubular upsetter, enables RDT to manufacture a superior product that offers numerous measurable benefits, compared thread and coupled (T&C) casing products.

A cutaway of the premium buttress connection, with torque shoulder. Photo: RDT. The upset buttress, integral connection (BTX) thread form, with a short torque shoulder, is interchangeable with API buttress T&C casing and accessories. RDT’s BTX connection offers various benefits, compared to buttress T&C casing, including: Top 7 Credit Cards For Those With Excellent Credit. Updated: September 2, 2016 Do you have excellent credit? If so, banks are actively looking to win you as a new credit card customer by offering some unprecedented deals. Although banks have been more careful about acquiring customers with questionable credit since the 2008 Financial Crisis, they are now fighting harder than ever to win coveted customers with great credit.

What’s at Stake in an Economy with Low Oil Prices. In the past, low oil prices have been seen as a boon, particularly at the gas pump. They’ve been credited with boosting economies and stirring growth. But recently oil prices have dropped so low that warning bells rippled through global markets, and they remain volatile. What does all this mean for countries and companies? How big is the risk? Aprende a eliminar los rollitos de tu espalda.

Analysis - US Upstream Outlook 2016: More concessions yet to come? Each year we ask analysts around our regional offices how they think the year will play out. We recently reviewed our predictions from 2015, so check out our North American Upstream: 2015 in review to see how we did. What will 2016 bring? We focus on the US upstream industry, including thoughts on equity markets, oilfield services, North American LNG, M&A activity and more. Cómo pasar a una llamada de FaceTime desde una llamada teléfonica. Los artículos más editados de Wikipedia en sus 15 años - Grupo Milenio. Un día como hoy pero de 2001, Wikipedia salió a la luz y desde ese entonces ha ayudado a millones de personas a conocer más sobre personajes, religiones, países y cualquier tema que te puedas imaginar. 20 secretos de LinkedIn para tener un perfil profesional único.

Oilandgasiq. EdWebet59 - 50 Apps. Un profesor con 26 millones de alumnos. eBook EVA. Dubai Flow Motion - Awesome Dubai Video. Dubai Flow Motion – Awesome Dubai Video Posted on 21 February 2015. Tags: FLow Motion, Video Dubai Flow Motion in 4K – A Rob Whitworth Film My first impressions of Dubai were consumed with the spectacle of super tall buildings jutting out of the desert sands, however the lasting impression was the wonder of the desert, and its importance to the Emirati people.

Pearltrees tips. Shale Markets, LLC / At the Wellhead: The legal battle over a possibly big Ec... Trucos para Whatsapp que te serán de gran utilidad. CNNMoney - Business, financial and personal finance news. World Stats Interactive Maps - Index. 40 Maps That Explain The Middle East. Pornography as a Secret Weapon. Ypfpozos080914.pdf. Doc Wikileaks - The Most Corrupt Company On Earth... Ocean Sounds, 4 Hour Film with Nature Sounds, Relaxing Waves. Twitch. Documentary: Troll A natural gas platform- Placed in the North Sea 1995. Stocks Basics: Introduction. 12 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about Bitcoin.

Lets take a walk around Grand Xcaret,... - Occidental Vacation Club. Corporate Support. Automatiza tus tareas con las mejores alternativas a IFTTT. ¿Qué hacer si se bloquea Twitter? Make a Basic Keynote Animation.