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San Group Inc.

San Group is producer of lumber since 1979 in Canada. We are a well established Canadian Timber Manufacturing Company. We focus on harvesting the highest quality Canadian timber.

Essence of Wood: Western Red Cedar. San Group hires 4 new managers for expanding operations - San Group Global Forestry Products. Types of Lumber Drying. San Group’s reman plant in Port Alberni weeks away from completion - San Group Global Forestry Products. Port Alberni mayor Sharie Minions listens as San Group owner Kamal Sanghera explains the chop line inside one of the buildings at San’s remanufacturing plant on Stamp Avenue in Port Alberni.

San Group’s reman plant in Port Alberni weeks away from completion - San Group Global Forestry Products

(SUSAN QUINN/ Alberni Valley News) Federal travel restrictions hold up final inspections by visiting technicians The mood at the site of San Group’s remanufacturing plant was light last week, as owners Suki and Kamal Sanghera toured the plant with Port Alberni Mayor Sharie Minions. The Sangheras wanted to give Minions an inside view of what is happening behind the dirt berms along Stamp Avenue. New roofs from some of the buildings are now visible from the roads, raising the public’s curiosity. The Sangheras hope to have most of the plant up and running sometime in April. Construction is almost a year behind, Kamal Sanghera added. “Our three main components, we’re waiting for technicians. “I think we will get it done by the end of the month sometime,” Sanghera said. “We keep pushing,” he said. Characteristics of Canadian Lumber. Are you planning to build a country house or cottage, but still face a dilemma, what material to build it from?

Characteristics of Canadian Lumber

An excellent solution would be lumber beams, since there are plenty of offers now, mainly lumber beams are sold in assortment. Lumber laminated timber, in fact, owes its advantages to the production technology, which proceeds in stages. To create lumber, they often take spruce, pine, and cedar and pine are less commonly used varieties. The first step involves unfurling the logs into boards of the desired size parameter and drying them perfectly. It is noteworthy that the boards contain a lower percentage of moisture than solid timber, therefore, they dry more easily. Following the stages of drying, processing with fire retardant and antiseptic agents, the boards are planed, receiving lamellas, which are then used for the subsequent gluing of the timber using special presses.

Excellent strength characteristics. San Group says union deal with Mosaic will kill fibre supply chain - San Group Global Forestry Products. Increasing raw log exports will take away badly needed fibre from Canadian market, says San owner SUSIE QUINN May. 19, 2020 12:00 p.m.

San Group says union deal with Mosaic will kill fibre supply chain - San Group Global Forestry Products

Alberni Valley News A landmark agreement between the United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 and Mosaic Forest Management is going to further hurt the fibre supply chain on Vancouver Island, says a mill owner who is about to launch a brand new mill in Port Alberni. Kamal Sanghera and his brother Suki own San Group, which has increased its holdings in Port Alberni over the past three years. They are facing a dearth of fibre just like other coastal forestry mills, and say the agreement—which in part calls for a temporary relaxing of federal policy on raw log exports—will create more damage than benefit.

“We are suffering for supply,” Sanghera said Friday, May 15. READ: Steelworkers, Mosaic strike deal they hope can kickstart idled Vancouver Island logging operations Sanghera said he doesn’t understand why the union would support the deal with Mosaic. San Group featured in Canadian Forest Magazine - San Group Global Forestry Products. San Group buys specialty sawmill in Port Alberni - San Group Global Forestry Products. Visit our new sawmill SUSIE QUINN Apr. 28, 2020 6:00 a.m.

San Group buys specialty sawmill in Port Alberni - San Group Global Forestry Products

LOCAL NEWSNEWS Forestry company continues work on Island expansion plans San Group has purchased another mill in Port Alberni. The Surrey-based forestry group bought the former Chalwood Forest Products mill on Hector Road a month ago, and is already operating while they clean up the site. Chalwood used to cut yellow cedar exclusively for the Japanese temple market, and was able to cut 20–40-foot long timbers.

There are 15 workers operating the mill right now, and when it is up to full capacity Sanghera says another 15 will be hired for a total staff of 30. San Group Inc. — Why is Lumber Best for Big and Small Building... San Group bets on 'high-value' future with new Port Alberni sawmill. “In the Alberni Valley, certainly it has been a while since we’ve seen this type of investment in our sector,” said Minions, who was at the mill Friday to watch that first log run through.

San Group bets on 'high-value' future with new Port Alberni sawmill

“It is a very positive thing for our community.” Sanghera estimates San Group will have spent between $120 million and $150 million on its Port Alberni operations by the end of this year, which will eventually support some 250 jobs between two sawmills, a remanufacturing mill and shipping facilities. And while markets for commodity lumber continue to be soft, Sanghera is confident the San Group operations will be turning out specialty wood products for sale in 29 countries. San Group arrived in Port Alberni in 2018 when it bought an existing sawmill, geared primarily to handle old-growth timber, and a 10-hectare plot of land next to the Paper Excellence pulp and paper mill.