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New Research on Training Working Memory Skills. Building the cornerstone of your mind with new technologies If you find yourself forgetting why you are standing in front of the refrigerator, or where you left your cell phone when you came home from work, we’ve got good news!

New Research on Training Working Memory Skills

If your daughter can’t seem to remember simple directions such as to brush her teeth (even though you’ve told her a thousand times), or your son regularly forgets that baseball requires a glove and a hat, we’ve got good news! Neuroscientists have conclusively demonstrated that intensive training can significantly improve Working Memory, the skill you need for all of the aforementioned activities. Until recently, psychologists and neuroscientists believed that Working Memory was a fixed ability, that there was very little that could be done to improve it.

What a List!! 136 Interactive Educational Games By Subject Area. What kid doesn't like a game?

What a List!! 136 Interactive Educational Games By Subject Area

Here's a great way to support your lesson plans without losing your audience. Interactive games allow students to play, learn and interact with the game while having fun. Can't beat that, right? GeoGame- interactive geography game. 15 Schools Using Flipped Classrooms Right Now. Classroom time is then used for answering student questions, helping with homework, and other activities that help students apply what they’ve learned.

15 Schools Using Flipped Classrooms Right Now

While there are some obvious drawbacks to this method, more and more teachers are trying it out. Many have found it to be quite successful in improving student grades and comprehension, though many caution it’s not right for every teacher or every classroom. Whether you love the idea or think it’s crazy, it’s definitely worth learning more about. Check out these stories of schools, from elementary to college , who have given flipped classrooms a go, often with amazing results. It may motivate you to try it yourself or might open your mind to the new possibilities tech offers educators. Gooru#!/home. 12 Brain Rules. SMARTeacher - Math Software for Kids. Emotion Based Teaching Meets Artificial Intelligence. Have you ever been frustrated while trying to learn something new?

Emotion Based Teaching Meets Artificial Intelligence

If you are like the rest of us, the process became infinitely harder after getting upset. It’s natural, we are human after all and as humans, emotions play a critical role in the learning process. Emotions have an impact on education, arguably, more than any other component. They can determine how driven a student is towards school, or how removed from the learning experience they could become. The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology. Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources inspiration and innovation when it comes to cooking, design, and education.

The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology

That’s right, education is a prominent fixture on Pinterest now and that, of course, means that education technology plays a starring role. In an effort to help curate the massive amount of Pinterest boards about education technology, you can use the following list as a jumping off point to start your Pinterest journey. The following boards are curated by teachers, admins, and other education enthusiasts. Teacher Book Wizard: Find Children's Books by Reading Level, Topic, Genre. Level Books. Free Technology for Teachers. Foldables. School Newspaper Advisers: 17 Websites For Student Photographers.

A New Year and Decade: A Stronger Teacher. Beautiful Word Clouds. iHomeEducator®, Inc. Blog.


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