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DIY Rustic Wall Storage Bins. The Once ‘Toxic’ Coffee Table. You may remember this jewel that entered my house about a month ago via the free section of CraigsList.

The Once ‘Toxic’ Coffee Table

In fact, I’m positive that if you saw my post back then and my letter to the table’s original “creator”, then you most definitely remember it. Breathing New Life into an Old Chair. Sometimes when you hit the thrift stores, you really have to check out every inch of the place to score a great find.

Breathing New Life into an Old Chair

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I found this chair tucked underneath an old dining table. It was hidden out of sight, yet it was the treasure of the store. I immediately carried it to the checkout and paid for it just so no one else had the opportunity to touch it. Surprisingly enough, it was only $19.99. Transforming a Jurassic Thrift Store Find. When shopping at thrift and discount stores, it’s helpful if you can learn to think outside of the color and intended of a particular item and see what it can become.

Transforming a Jurassic Thrift Store Find

Cheese plates can become dioramas. Homemade student desks can become beautiful pieces of furniture. Discarded cake plates can become pedestals for displaying everyday necessities. How to Paint Laminate Furniture. Mastering the Master Bedroom {the Reveal!} Nearly one year after I began the process of transforming our master bedroom into a unique and inspired space, I’m happy to {finally} report that the transition is now complete.

Mastering the Master Bedroom {the Reveal!}

If you will remember, my master bedroom used to look like this – plates, toile and all. It was a nice space, but it was safe, unfinished and certainly didn’t scream Lindsay. The new room is a 180-degree turn from the previous. Mastering the Master Bedroom {Layered Frame Gallery Wall} The very last project I had to complete in the master bedroom was to come up with something to fill a blank corner wall between two sets of windows.

Mastering the Master Bedroom {Layered Frame Gallery Wall}

The wall is one that you see when you walk into the room, so I wanted it to make a big visual impact. Because I felt that little space was so important in setting the tone of the room, I also wanted it to be something unique. DIY Towel Hooks. Hey there! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families! We had to move our annual Easter egg hunt indoors because we were hit with flash floods all day but that didn’t put a damper on our hunt! We even got a very forced picture of the youngest generation in the family! An easy how to on arranging photos on ledge shelf — beingBrook. How to paint your dining room furniture — beingBrook. Painting laminate furniture — beingBrook. Inspired by Pottery Barn DIY Mantel via DIY: rope and light bulbs. Just had to post about this inspiration for a very DIY-able light fixture awesomeness… all it would take is: - some kind of wood or metal element (a dilapidated flea market or wrought iron chandelier could be really cool too!)

DIY: rope and light bulbs

Which you attach to the ceiling and then wind thick rope and filament bulbs around. i would suggest aging the rope by getting it wet, staining it with coffee and fraying some sections so it looks fresh off the ship! - the good thing is you would be able to hide a power strip on top of the wood or metal structure so you could have multiple bulbs. the lighting kits could be simple ones like these that you use for paper lantern lights, etc (available with black or white cords online), which come with plugs so there would be no need for wiring or an electrician! DIYable: corner frames. I love this set-up!

DIYable: corner frames

Why not use the architecture of a corner to inspire a group of framed art and photos! Check out more frame-friendly posts here! Gather up all your photos and art to hangstart at the corner and hang your two largest pieces on either side of the corner like in the out from your two center frames by adding more frames above, below and extending horizontally down the wall. photo via outcamethesun. DIY: spruce up a pair of chairs. Joey found these two high-backed chairs on the side of the road. score!

DIY: spruce up a pair of chairs

We wanted to work them into our Spring Redecoration Project (which has now turned into the Early Summer Redecoration Project), but they were pretty meh in their ‘before’ state. so with a little black spray paint and a burlap upholstery job, the ‘after’ is now a happy reality. Pair of Chairs Re-Vamp – The Tools and Steps: DIY of the day: easy printmaking. Printmaking is a fine art – but it’s also DIYable!

DIY of the day: easy printmaking

I love these three ways to make your own prints! To create that ‘printed’ look, you need a shape in repetition, that’s why anything in stamp-form will do the trick. all of the above methods are done on paper using acrylic paint but you can do this on fabric as well by swapping out for fabric paint! Block of Wood and Yarn: these photos and technique i found on Modern Parents Messy Kids and is simply done by wrapping a wood block with a piece of yarn, painting the yarn with the paint color of your choice and stamping the paper, alternating the direction each time. DIY thread wall. How cool is this?!

DIY thread wall

An architect by the name of Chau Truong (works at commune with my friends Philippa and Erin) has designed his hollywood apartment out of amazing DIY’s and handmade furniture. in his bedroom, he painted one wall black, leaving the other 3 white. he installed a few small ledges at different heights along the wall and then uses different colored spools of thread and pulls them down at various lengths to create awesome colored strings against the black wall. this DIY is great because you can choose your color scheme to match (or not match!) Your room. DIYable: wood head to ceiling board. DIYable: thread and nail art. Designer and artist Dominique Falla’s work falls under many different categories… she uses typography as well as tactile mediums such as nails and thread to get her message across. this stunning piece “We Are All A Part Of The Same Thing” was made using just that – nails and thread. the concept of this piece starts with the interlocking network of string and thread. on her blog she writes, “I spent 6 hours nailing little tiny nails into an MDF board (I had a little help from passersby in the workshop) and another 4 hours winding coloured cotton and hey presto.” each nail is supposed to represent an individual. when she started the piece, each nail had no connection to one another. when the string was added in, we see that no one is separate from each other. the piece is meant to show our interconnection in a positive light – demonstrating that together we can make something beautiful.

DIY of the day: drawer pulls jewelry holder. I’ve posted about different jewelry organizers before – check them all out here! - and here’s another one! I love this idea for a jewelry organizer from Liz Marie Blog! She used a wooden board and different styles of drawer/cabinet pulls and knobs for the organizing pegs. of course, i’m also a sucker for anything burlap covered! There are so many gorgeous hardware knobs and pulls options. you can find them at flea market, antique hardware stores, or at a regular hardware store – maybe spray paint some a fun color!

Prep It: a piece of wooddrill and drill bitsvarious hardware pulls and knobs with screws that fit their bracket holesscrewdriverfabric or paint to cover your wooden boardhot glue or staple gunsharp instrument (if using fabric)scissorspencil. Painted lamp shade + rewired lamp + DIY finial. You probably remember this lamp. Its first makeover was four years ago. Frankly, the fabric-covered lamp shade was a disappointment, and brass just isn’t my thing. When I found an eBay store that sells nickel-plated lamp parts at unbeatable prices, I almost cried tears of joy. Then all I needed was a new lamp shade to paint. Pants hangers + drawer pulls = picture frames. Pumpkins carved with a drill. Starburst mirror. So sorry for the suspense regarding my toolbox dresser project . Craft/tool station with wall organizer. Camp craft No. 3: Fleece alphabet pillows. I anticipated that this these pillows might not be as well-liked as the other camp crafts because hand stitching is rather time consuming.

Surprisingly, these fleece alphabet pillows were very popular at girls camp. I got the idea from a book titled 101 Crafts Under $10 from the editors at Butterick. Their craft is called “Felt name pillows.” The Butterick editors ironed the rest of the name in smaller letters onto the pillow, which I loved but decided was too difficult for camp purposes. We used fleece instead of felt because it’s softer and cheaper. The hardest part (for me) was drawing and cutting out each letter of the alphabet in cardboard for the girls to trace onto the fleece, but you won’t have to make the whole alphabet. How to Weave Basket. Mismatched Chair Bench.

Felt camera and iphone cases. DIY: framed jewelry displays. How To Make a String Tree Wall Mural Home Hacks. Previous image Next image. How to make DIY bottle cap candles. Domestic for Dummies: Fall Pinterest Project: DIY Coasters.

You knew i was going to make one. DIY Doily Lamp. Mason Jar Key Hook. New England Through Yummy Mom's Eyes: Tutorial: Photo Wood Blocks. Bird and Text Collage Wall Art. Page corner bookmark for kids in Ideas for kids' crafts. _louyx5z37Y1qcz682o1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x375 pixels)

Paper Flower Key Holder / Mark Montano. Map Coasters - Introduction -