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Work together. Online graph plotter using JSXGraph. Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer. Khan Academy Exercise Software. 5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures. Here are the collections of sites with math, physics, engineering, and other sciences video tutorials.

5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures

Some sites also contains non-science videos as well. If you find a site with more than 50 videos, please inform me so I could include it on the list. Khan Academy – more than 2100 2600 not only for math but also includes other subjects such as economics, chemistry, physics and other fields. The math videos range from adding integers up to elementary calculus. Brightstorm - more than 500 math videos in algebra, geometry, Precaculus and Calculus.Just Math Tutorials – more than 1000 videos on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, and linear algebraMIT Open Courseware – videos about math, engineering, sciences, and other fields.Free Video Lectures – more than 700 (excluding Khan Academy’s which they also listed) videos.

Prime Factorization (factor tree) 5000 free math, physics, and engineering video tutorials and lectures. Math Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Yesterday, while browsing through the app store on iTunes, I came across a banner-style ad at the top of the page for apps that help you to learn math.

Math Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

I found this feature very helpful and decided to browse through some of the apps. The topics were broken down into sections including Numbers & Operation, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Applying Math, and Math Games. Each section provided a short list of apps to choose from based on the topic. I was happy to see that they included such a wide variety of math related topics that included teaching math to toddlers all the way through adulthood. The cost of the apps ranged from free up to $9.99.

The important factors that you should consider when buying an app to use is price, quality, interactive ability, and be sure that it is engaging and easy to use. iLiveMathSpeed iLiveMathSpeed is one of a series of iLiveMath apps provided by iHomeEducator. 115-in-1 Math Solver Rocket Math What are your favorite math apps? 21st Century Educator. Here are some tools which I've either used (or explored) for mathematics education.

21st Century Educator

They aren't all open source, but they are all extremely useful, and they are all free to use (free as in free beer, some of them are also free as in free speech). Geogebra This program lets you explore algebra and geometry, much like it's proprietary cousin, Geometer's Sketchpad. Having used both, I actually prefer Geogebra because I find it to be more flexible and easier to use. It requires Java to run, and can either run in a web browser with no download, or you can install it to your computer using the offline installer.

Mathematics Visualization Toolkit The Mathematics Visualization Toolkit is exactly that, a program which lets you visualize mathematics. Scratch Scratch is an excellent program for learning programming but also mathematics like variables, sequences, Cartesian coordinates, and other useful mathematical concepts. The Top 10 iPod Touch Apps to Use in Math Class. Some thoughts on using Wolfram Alpha in teaching math. My main work at our institute is to find ways on how to integrate technologyparticularly free software and Web 2.0 applications in teaching mathematics.

Some thoughts on using Wolfram Alpha in teaching math

Recently, I have been thinking of integrating Wolfram Alpha in teacher trainings, but I can’t yet justify to myself why (I don’t want to read the work of others yet). Don’t get me wrong. Wolfram Alpha is a great tool – the first of its kind. You type your query and voila, all the related information pop up — graphs, numbers, tables, maps, and almost all the things that you need. Fantastic, but if a lesson ends in generating information from Wolfram Alpha, then it’s no different from using Google or Wikipedia — well a little different probably because of the presentation.