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Infographics. Entertainment Computing. Local 9-Year-Old Develops iPad App. Some may have called Dr.

Local 9-Year-Old Develops iPad App

Andy Kirschner of Bala Cynwyd crazy last summer for putting his faith in a 9-year-old self-taught computer whiz. Kirschner tells NBC Philadelphia that he was talking about the development of a chiropractic application with friend when her son volunteered to help develop the program. “He looked at me, and said ‘I can do that,’” Kirschner told NBC Philadelphia. Kirschner handed a stack of video discs and a piece of paper with a plan to 9-year-old Jesse Friedman asking him to develop a new iPad application promoting techniques for back and neck care.

In early March, Kirschner’s faith in Friedman was justified when Back Together Interactive launched in the iTunes store. Kirschner told NBC Philadelphia that when he saw the application, he was impressed. “I was knocked out. The application features over 90 minutes of video detailing techniques that couples and partners can use on each other to reduce or eliminate neck and back pain, Kirschner said. Making A Simple Pong Game in Scratch‬‏ iPhone App Builder, Android App Builder, Windows App Builder. Kinect Fun Labs – Free Interactive Gadgets For Your Kinect & Xbox 360. There’s only a few of these gadgets available at the moment, though Microsoft intends to keep adding new activities and mini games including the upcoming Avatar Kinect, a 3D chat innovation that can read facial expressions (and doesn’t require you to stand up!).

Kinect Fun Labs – Free Interactive Gadgets For Your Kinect & Xbox 360

Kinect Fun Labs is downloadable from the 360′s in-built Marketplace and accessed via the Kinect Hub, so make sure you’ve plugged in your all-seeing-eye before you try and play. Download & Play You can grab Kinect Fun Labs from the Xbox Marketplace, either through the console or a web interface. To download via web, login with your Xbox credentials and add this download to your downloads list, then turn on your console and sign in to Live (the download will begin).

If you’re already in front of your Xbox you’ll find Kinect Fun Labs accessible from both the Game Marketplace menu and Kinect Hub menu. At the time of reviewing, two Gadgets were included with Fun Labs (under the heading My Gadgets) – Kinect Me and Googly Eyes. How To Create An iPhone Or Android App Without Any Coding Skills. AppPress: Create iOS Applications Without Any Programming [10 Free Accounts] A dedicated smartphone application for your website is always a good idea.

AppPress: Create iOS Applications Without Any Programming [10 Free Accounts]

Since an increasing number of people are using their smartphones to access the web, providing them with your site’s content on their smartphones would be very convenient for them. If you want to create a smartphone app, you should visit AppPress. AppPress is a wonderful user-friendly web service that lets you create iOS applications to promote your website or for any other purpose you desire. These apps can be created by anybody – no coding is involved. The site’s interface is intuitive and lets you quickly create applications and add pages to them. AppPress is a paid service with plans starting from $15 per month and one month free trial period. Features: A user-friendly web service.Lets you create smartphone apps for your site.Creates iOS applications.Involves no coding.Lets you easily add pages to your app.You can images and adds to your app pages. Free Ride Games Offers Full-Version Premium PC Games For Free. One area that suffers greatly from the lame-factor are free games.

Free Ride Games Offers Full-Version Premium PC Games For Free

Whether you’re talking online games or downloading full version PC games, nine times out of ten you end up with a game that has sound and graphics that look like something out of the 1980s, created for Atari or Commodore 64. If I wanted to play old games, I’d download vintage games like Simon previously suggested. TypeRacer - Test your typing speed and learn to type faster. Free typing game and competition. Way more fun than a typing tutor! Stencyl: Easy To Use & Free Flash Game Creator. Independent Flash games certainly have an audience – we all try out interesting Flash games we have not heard of before.

Stencyl: Easy To Use & Free Flash Game Creator

But creating Flash games is not exactly easy. Writing extremely lengthy code, debugging it, and going back and forth is a very time-consuming process. Here to make matters much easier for Flash game developers is a tool called Stencyl. Stencyl is a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. The desktop lets you build a Flash game by creating the game’s atmosphere and dragging the relevant blocks that the game offers. Fro more info watch demo video: Features: A user-friendly flash game builder.Lets you create Flash games.Does not require any coding knowledge.Lets you work by dragging blocks onto main canvas.Similar tool: Nonoba.Also read related article: Create Your Own Flash Games With Sploder. Check out Stencyl @ Resources for Students Developing Mobile Apps #edapp.

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Resources for Students Developing Mobile Apps #edapp

If you are new here, you might want to <a href=" rel="nofollow"><strong>subscribe to the RSS feed</strong></a> for updates on this topic. <div style="clear:both"></div></div></div> I received a tweet last night from Amber Pope, a 7th grade social studies, geography, & civics teacher in Tarrant, Alabama.

Amber asked for resource suggestions for students developing iOS / mobile applications in a special summer program she’s leading at her school. These are the suggestions I provided! WebKit Open Source Project: This is the tool students at Hong Kong International School used to create an awesome conference application back in September of 2009.