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Dossier_peda_eclipse_20_mars_2015_version3integrale. Objets célestes et système solaire. Ecliptique. Le bleu du ciel. Solar System Scope. Pluto ‘Wows’ in Spectacular New Backlit Panorama. NASA scientist Nikolaos Paschalidis, who recreated five instrument-enabling microchips for one of the instruments flying on the New Horizons mission, has waited nearly 10 years for the mission to reach its destination.

Pluto ‘Wows’ in Spectacular New Backlit Panorama

Credits: NASA Goddard/Bill Hrybyk Artist’s concept of the New Horizons spacecraft as it approaches Pluto and its largest moon, Charon, in July 2015. The craft's miniature cameras, radio science experiment, ultraviolet and infrared spectrometers and space plasma experiments will characterize the global geology and geomorphology of Pluto and Charon, map their surface compositions and temperatures, and examine Pluto's atmosphere in detail. The spacecraft's most prominent design feature is a nearly 7-foot (2.1-meter) dish antenna, through which it will communicate with Earth from as far as 4.7 billion miles (7.5 billion kilometers) away. Credits: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute (JHUAPL/SwRI) Sun Sky Map. This online planetarium allows to compute the coordinates of planets, comets and asteroids and visualize them in the sky with respect to stars and constellations.

Sun Sky Map

Select the Solar System object from the list of available objects Add other objects using the "Add" button (useful feature when visualizing close conjunctions between objects) Choose the date and time for which you want to compute the position Choose your geographical location in order to see the precise position of the objects with respect to the horizon and accurate times for rise, transit and set Pan the sky chart by dragging it, zoom in or out using the mose wheel or the slider Take screenshots using the 'p' key (image opens in a popup window) You can share the current view of the sky, including all the added objects, camera direction and field of view.

- Astronomie - La voie lactée - Documentaire ( 5 ) Le mystère des constellations — Astronoo. Phases de la lune 2015. Tous sur Orbite Semaine 03 La Lune nous accompagne YouTube.