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Cradle to career: Opportunity Child to target childhood vulnerability - Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) Ten20. Opportunity Child – Our bold goal is to dramatically improve the lives of the 65,000 vulnerable children who start school each year in Australia with big challenges in learning and life. How Opportunity Child is improving outcomes for vulnerable Australian children. The Hive – Mount Druitt. Logan Together | Logan Together is a long term, whole of community effort to create the best life opportunities for every child in Logan. Welcome to Central Goldfields Shire - Go Goldfields. Go Goldfields is about how we work together to deliver locally relevant solutions to social issues affecting children, youth and families.

Go Goldfields Evaluation Report 2012 - 2014 (5.8 MB) Our Vision Our community aspiring, achieving and living a full life Our beliefs We believe our work with children, youth and families is about: Working together to challenge and change the existing systems to build socially and economically independent citizens;Helping people think deeply and differently to improve the lives of children, youth and families;Maximising the benefits of working together;Being a part of our community for the long-term;Challenging ourselves and learning dynamically from our work;Being accountable to each other and our community;Involving our community in creating solutions.

Ultimately, the results we seek are for ourselves, because we live, work, play and raise children in the very communities we seek to improve. Our desired community outcomes Governance Our Funders. Together SA. Together in the South is led by a team of community members, local leaders and organisations. The leadership team has residents and representatives from Housing SA, The Smith Family, Department of Education and Child Development, Wyatt Trust, Junction Australia, Southern Domestic Violence Service, Hackham West Community Centre Inc, Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, Anglicare, Families SA, Goodstart Hackham, City of Onkaparinga, Taikurrendi Children’s Centre for Early Childhood. We are supported by many others, including volunteers and students. Over 200 people have participated in co-designing, being trained, attending community meetings, providing advice. We are very grateful for the support from RPC Systems who provide a venue and hospitality for our meetings.

May and June 2016 Stay tuned! 30 March 2016 On March 30th leaders had an opportunity to be fully briefed about the next steps and what it will mean to step up and contribute to an accountability plan. 17 February 2016. Connecting Communities for Kids. Strong Kids, Strong Centre emerging in Alice Springs – Opportunity Child. Last week, the Pre-birth to 4 collective in Alice Springs, (who with the Sanderson Alliance make up the NT Collective, an Opportunity Child partner community), got together for a two-day community engagement workshop, during which something very special emerged: Strong Kids. Strong Centre. The workshop was designed as part of the collective’s efforts to reach out to the entire Alice Springs community, building the leaders and custodians of their collective impact work in the community into the future. The PB4 initiative had built a wealth of assets over its three-year history to date. With a new Backbone and with the will to constantly extend and deepen engagement, the days provided a chance to grow the sense of ownership and commitment and to refine individual and collective responsibilities.

Using the combined expertise, knowledge and experience in the room, people used workshop group time over the two days to discuss and plan action around: