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Tips For Designing Mobile App Icons – Mobility Solution. In mobile phone, the very first thing that draws your attention is mobile app icons.

Tips For Designing Mobile App Icons – Mobility Solution

An icon in itself visualize the specific product, that means on a single sight one can get a clear idea what is being represented by the icon. From this, we can understand how important is icon, in branding your product. Your app icon convey the core importance of the application, therefore effort must be taken on to make it attractive and easily noticeable. App Data Security Loopholes from Mobile Apps Development Service Provider - Mobiloitte Blog. In a bid to capitalize on the opportunities existing in the mobile landscape, businesses are ready to invest huge sums of money in mobile applications but they tend to forget the app security challenges which need to be addressed.

App Data Security Loopholes from Mobile Apps Development Service Provider - Mobiloitte Blog

While getting your mobile app developed you must ensure handling these app data security loopholes to deliver a robust app to your customer. Following are the app data security loopholes and their solutions from a mobile apps development service provider. The changing Trend from E-Commerce to M-Commerce. Today, mobile phones are more popular, compared to desktop, PC and laptops.

The changing Trend from E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Firstly, e-commerce overshadow the retails market, which also experienced slight shift over the m-commerce. Following the trend many establish brand and company grabbed online platform to draw more share in the market. Well, m-commerce is getting more preference as mobile are cheaper than laptop and desktop. Push Notifications:– I think push notifications are real game changer in case of using mobile app and they very simple reason is click to rate generally offer supplied over email get bounced area ratio of click is very poor as compared to push notification almost 2 out of 3 push notification get clicked which turn into more conversion rate. 5 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android - helpingapps.

The technology excellence can be best seen when Apple inc. came with its exciting devices like Apple Tv, iMac, iPad, Macbook, iPod and iPhone.

5 Reasons the iPhone Beats Android - helpingapps

When iPhone was launched there was a great sheer in the technology world, as it proved to be its best launch that defeated all its competitors. Although Android also treasured a warm welcome, However, Google's offerings was as usual. Stats reveals that 68% people praise iPhone over Android phones. It is more interesting to note that 81% Android users agreed for the same. Role of Mobile App Scalability for sustaining Users on App - Mobiloitte Blog. The paradigm shift from desktop to mobile internet is already taking place.

Role of Mobile App Scalability for sustaining Users on App - Mobiloitte Blog

Mobile apps are becoming preferred choice for paying bills, buying things, entertainment, booking tickets, travel advising, and searching products and services. As the number of Smartphone users are increasing at a staggering pace throughout the globe, mobile phone applications are receiving more number of active users. How Swift betters Objective-C for iPhone Developer Services - Mobiloitte Blog. More and more iPhone developer services providers are choosing Swift over Objective-C to develop path breaking iPhone Applications.

How Swift betters Objective-C for iPhone Developer Services - Mobiloitte Blog

Swift was designed to be a modern programming language which is less error prone and more precise as compared to Objective-C. Swift has addressed many loopholes which exist in Objective-C. Following are the key advantages of using Swift over Objective-C. Lesser Code Swift is a compact programming language which requires less code than Objective C. Can Fitness Apps really help you Get in Shape? Have some dates in your mind, and positively motivated to lose weight and get fin your dream dress, then nothing can be as useful than fitness apps.

Can Fitness Apps really help you Get in Shape?

Nowadays, the fitness app are designed in such a way that it perfectly help you to achieve your goal, but you only need to take the call. Regardless of numerous exercise or activity, there is specially something for everyone that fits your fitness apps criteria and help you to get in shape. Before, getting started, set your goals like how much you need to loose your weight to get in shape or which fitness app best suits your goal etc. Don’t get confused while downloading apps, avoided every app on this list. Why Social Media is Important for your Business? We have always used social media as a means for Socializing with people.

Why Social Media is Important for your Business?

But some of us, were unaware of the fact that it can be used for Business purpose too. You would be amazed to know that there are about 3 billion internet users and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn has become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their customers and also provides free ways to reach them. You must be wondering how social media can benefit my business. So, without dragging it further let’s jump to the topic itself. Blog - Nov. 9, 2016 Owing a m-commerce is a tough task, what makes it tough is connection between your products and services with end users.

Blog -

Therefore, it is must to understand how to maintain the pace of your M-commerce. The growing number of smartphone users has given an easy platform for m-commerce to flourish, however you need to give eye on the overall aspects of m-commerce because commerce is not all about having a shopping cart and purchasing transaction. Now If you are focused to draw successful result in your business, then you must focus on the following discussion points. Achieve a positive experience and streamlining behind-the-scenes tasks like inventory. 6 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare. Improved Access to Care: Previously it was very difficult to get track of hospitals or doctor in case of emergency.

6 Ways Mobile Apps Will Transform Healthcare

But now a days in this Digital age, the requirement for patients and doctor to be in the same location is eliminated. Is Development End of the Project? Importance of iOS App Maintenance - Mobiloitte Blog. Whether it is a Startup, SME or a big business house, everyone is investing in mobility solutions to have a mobile presence. The mobile landscape is becoming profitable for businesses every passing day as smartphone users globally have crossed 2 billion mark. Businesses are now investing in more sophisticated mobile applications which are visually appealing and functionally powerful.

Business's biggest Mistakes while defining App Features with Mobile Application Service Provider - Mobiloitte Blog. The Smartphone users are checking their phones at least once every hour. Customers are spending more time browsing their smartphones than watching TV. Smartphones provide immense marketing opportunities to businesses to target their customer at a more personalized level. Mobile apps play a crucial role in engaging customers, boost repeat visits, provide for online transactions, offer loyalty cards, push promotional content and undertake e-commerce transactions.

Apps can deliver discount coupons and enhance the relationship with customers. Despite having so many advantages a mobile app which don’t have the right features will not be able to create any positive impact on the business. Android Apps Development Strategy for Developing Markets - Mobiloitte Blog. In the third quarter of 2015, 84.7 percent of all smartphones sold were equipped with Android OS. The proliferation of smartphones in the developing economies such as India, China, and Brazil etc. has offered a massive user base for mobile applications.

More and more businesses are investing in developing markets which are more lucrative as compared to developed markets. Where lies the profit? Kids Android Tablet Application Development for Education or Gaming? Mobiloitte Blog. With every passing day, the mobile & tablet application developers are developing more innovative and engaging apps targeting a large user base. Kids are one of the most challenging users to woo as they have shifting focus and they get disengaged in a short duration. By Aug of 2016, the market reach of games and kids apps in the US has reached 59% whereas as education app has a market reach of 13%. The average monthly app usage frequency of various app categories by the fourth quarter of 2015 reveal that there was an average of 9.5 sessions per month on gaming apps while all apps received 12.8 sessions per month. These statistics indicate that the mobile application users are more inclined towards gaming apps which is one of the top categories of the mobile applications.

The US market statistics implicate that these trends replicate in the kid’s category. Choosing right Approach from Mobile App Development Companies - Mobiloitte Blog. If you have ever got an app developed for your business in the past or you have conducted a basic research on mobile app development, you might be well aware of the native mobile app development and hybrid app development approach. Even if you are well informed on these app development approaches, the dilemma persists on which is the right approach for your mobile app.

The answer to the question of which approach is best for your business lies in the understanding of the native and hybrid applications. Native Mobile App Development Native apps are developed for a specific OS such as iOS or Android. They have superior performance as they run on specific devices’ operating system and can take full leverage of device functionality and hardware. Must have skills for Android developer to hire - Mobiloitte Blog. iOS App Development improvement checklist post iOS 10 - Mobiloitte Blog. Client Tips during iOS Application Development project - Mobiloitte Blog. Mobile Gaming Strategy for iPad App Development - Mobiloitte Blog. Android Apps Development Strategy for Developing Markets - Mobiloitte Blog. Where lies the profit? Kids Android Tablet Application Development for Education or Gaming? Mobiloitte Blog.

Do Bots really have Productive Scope in Education Vertical? - Mobiloitte Blog.