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PearlTrees Info & Tools. In a nutshell. Pearltrees on twitter. Pearltrees' blog. Voici “Smartcloud”, la toute dernière version de Pearltrees. Elle permet d’importer et d’organiser tout ce que vous avez partagé sur les réseaux sociaux ou stocké sur Internet. Dès aujourd’hui, vous pouvez remettre la main sur les centaines ou les milliers de contenus que vous avez partagés ou stockés au cours des dernières années. Vous allez voir, c’est facile et rapide. Voici comment ça marche : 1. Importez l’historique de vos réseaux sociaux et vos fichiers stockés sur le web Le bouton “ajouter”, identifiable par son symbole “+” permet d’accéder aux imports. 2.

Dès que les contenus importés sont nombreux, un algorithme d’auto-organisation vient vous aider. 3. Nous avons amélioré toutes les fonctionnalités d’organisation et de personnalisation pour vous permettre d’ajouter facilement une touche personneIle à vos collections. 4. Vos contenus n’ont jamais été aussi bien mis en valeur dans Pearltrees. Cette nouvelle version de Pearltrees est disponible dès aujourd’hui sur le Web. The web's third frontier. Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees October 22, 2010 Everyone realizes that the web is entering a new phase in its development. One indication of this transition is the proliferation of attempts to explain the changes that are occurring.

Functional explanations emphasize the “real time web,” collaborative systems such as Wave, and the growth of localized social networks such as Foursquare. These technical explanations argue that the interconnectivity of data is the most significant current development. Although these explanations are both pertinent and intriguing, none of them offers an analytical framework for assessing the developments that are now underway. In contrast, other explanations are far too broad to serve any useful purpose. How can the web’s development be understood? The web represents a compendium of technical resources, functionalities and usages, and it cannot be reduced to just one of these dimensions.

The founding principles 1- Allow anyone to access any type of document. Founding principles. Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees, November 2008 A short description of Pearltrees Pearltrees is a collaborative project enabling Internet users to become editors of the Web, i.e. to visualize, organize and share their navigations. By building their own Web, they collectively build the living map of the entire Web. Context The development of content creation, sharing and discussion sites has radically transformed the practice of Internet users. However, the democratization of creation has not led to the democratization of access to this content. This imbalance between democratic content creation and centralized access to content poses one of the main barriers to the development of the Web.

As spectators, Web users cannot find their way through the mass of content that is of interest to themAs creators, Web users are obliged to engage in disseminating and referencing activities, far removed from their real interests, if they want to attract the audience their content deserves. In a nutshell. About. Share all of this! Explore your community of interests. Organize your interests naturally. Add anything from anywhere. Welcome to your account. Pearltrees On The Internet map.

The map of the Internet Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position; but unlike real maps (e.g. the map of the Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the objects shown on it are not aligned on a surface. Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other. Charges and springs To draw an analogy from classical physics, one may say that websites are electrically charged bodies, while links between them are springs.

Springs pull similar websites together, and the charge does not let the bodies adjoin and pushes websites apart if there is no link between them. Semantic web The Internet Phenomenon. Pearltrees - Visually Organize and Share Collections of Files and Links. Pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool that I first tried nearly five years ago. Over the years it has changed in response to feedback from its users. One of those changes was a transition from free-form webs of related files and links to its current format of visual squares and folders. I'm a big fan of the current format. Pearltrees now allows you to organize collections of links, videos, images, and files. All of your collections appear in your Pearltrees homescreen and from there you can access and add to any of your collections. Pearltrees offers a handful of ways to share your collections of resources. Applications for EducationPearltrees recently published a good guide to using their service in schools.

Last but not least, Pearltrees now offers a slideshow display option that you can use when viewing all of the resources in a collection. Pearltrees > Blog. Pearltrees. Social Networking, Pearltrees & Curation can increase Hubpages Traffic. How do the Numbers Add up Statistically here, using Pearltrees I've increased my traffic levels here, using Pearltrees significantly, in the short 5 months I've been a writer for hubpages. This form of social sharing is definitely going to change how you view the web, entirely, and this sharing actually will make hubpages much more popular, once more people catch on to the sharing on Pearltrees as well. I shared my hubs 100+ times on Pearltrees the first week, & I track the stats on both Google Analytics for Hubpages traffic, as well as on Hubpages for pearl stats.

Sharing Amongst the social community of Pearltrees Pearltrees is amazing when it comes to sharing hubs, web locations, or any other content that has a URL (web address). There's a Bookmarklet that helps users to pearl as they browse web locations, and its done super fast, since the plugin tool gets embedded into your web browser, shown in the image below. Pearltrees Add-on For Firefox. Change The Image On A (Large) Pearl: How To. A New Use For Pearltrees - DIY eCourses. When is the social curation bubble going to burst? You just can’t move for social curation services right now. The biggest noise might be coming from Pinterest, which is growing like a weed — but whether it’s the new-look Delicious, Switzerland’s Paperli, shopping curation site Svpply, image service Mlkshk or another site, the fact is that almost everybody seems to want to help you save and sort and share the things you find on the web right now.

With this swirl of activity, then, it’s no surprise to hear that Parisian service Pearltrees — slogan “collect, organize, discover” — has just raised another $6 million of funding, led by local conglomerate Groupe Accueil. The company, which has been running in public since 2009, welcomed the injection of funds as a way to help expand and scale up its system for bookmarking and organizing, which is based around a clustered visual interface.

And it needs that scale. When I made the comparison between the two services, however, Pearltrees’ marketing chief François Rocaboy objected. Pearltrees - Google News. Pearltrees - Google Blogs. How to use pearltrees - Google Search. Curation - The Third Web Frontier. Pearltrees > blog. Peartrees: Multi-dimensional Curation. A few weeks ago now, I posted an opinion piece on Technorati titled, 'Why Social Media Curation Matters'. Following this I received quite a lot of feedback and it’s thanks to one of these comments – posted by on my blog – that I was led to Pearltrees. In addition to this, I was also motivated to re-evaluate my position on the subject of curation and take a closer look at what I perceived that to be.

At first I made the rather naïve assumption that the difference between Pearltrees and the services I’d discussed in my previous articles both here and on my blog, was purely aesthetic – Pearltrees has a beautifully designed Flash interface. However, as I delved further into the service, and further contemplated readers' feedback, I began to realise that there were actually some fundamental differences both in the approach of the developers and in my perception of curation. Nonetheless, they are just lists. The answer can be summed up in one word, depth. PearlTrees: Social Bookmarking introduces Teams. Pearltrees: What problem does Pearltrees solve.

Around pearltrees. 6 reasons to use Pearltrees. Pearltrees is the first and largest social curation community on the Internet. It’s a place to organize, discover and share all the cool content you find online. However, beyond this basic definition, a question remains: why would I want to use Pearltrees? Well, what I want to share with you are six major use cases (or reasons) we’ve identified as being most popular across our entire community of web curators.

In addition, I’ll also share with you a couple of interesting ways in which I have put Pearltrees to use for myself. Hopefully, you’ll not only get value in learning how the community uses Pearltrees, but also be inspired to find even more clever and creative ways to use our software yourself. (And if you do, we really hope you’ll share them with us. Just send a note to or @ message me on twitter: @owstarr) Here are the most popular general ways to use Pearltrees: 1. 3. Oliver Starr is the Chief Evangelist for Pearltrees - Google Videos.