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Sanctus is a brand founded by beauty enthusiasts out of their sheer love for Result-oriented Skincare Products. We at Sanctus Understand the need for modern fast-paced life. Our products revolve around the same principle. The best of natural herbs with a thought to address the most practical skincare problems makes Sanctus stand out in the vide Skincare segment.

What are the side effects of Underarm Whitening Cream? Hair Cream Mask – Why are Hair Mask so Important? - Sanctus for Beauty Skin & Hair Care Products. Hair Mask is a relatively new concept and is still trying to find its feet.

Hair Cream Mask – Why are Hair Mask so Important? - Sanctus for Beauty Skin & Hair Care Products

The mask is important for your hair for multiple reasons and making hair quality better with every application is the underlying assumption. The precedent of hair mask was Oil – which was mostly used to prevent dryness in the hair. SANCTUS - Blog. Tanning may happen in any season – summers or winters.


However, the summer sun is deemed to be harsher and known to cause tanning and sunburns. The tanning can be controlled if not prevented. The dark color of the skin is a result of the daily tan accumulated on the skin and this tan needs to be removed daily. Hair Spa Cream Mask - How and Why. Hair is the most formidable part of the human body.

Hair Spa Cream Mask - How and Why

The hair is quintessentially the most important part of getting dressed and adds an extra oomph factor with the various styles that we can make from the hair. Since the hair is so precious – we need to be more careful in taking care of them. Which cream is best for pimples and dark spots? Men Intimate Hygiene Wash - Sanctus. Men Intimate Hygiene Wash is a unique intimate hygiene & cleanliness product for men.

Men Intimate Hygiene Wash - Sanctus

This Male Intimate Wash is a unique foam wash – which delivers rich & wide foam for intimate cleansing & freshness. Men Intimate Hygiene Wash collects sweat, dirt, and bacteria (germs) in an intimate area that could cause bacterial or fungal infections, and throws it out from your body. There are many reasons behind the infected penis of men like unprotected and many partner sex, improper intimate hygiene, etc.

The purely natural ingredients in Men Intimate Hygiene Wash refresh and renew men’s intimate organs and keeps it smooth, odourless, and fresh. It’s a unique product to protect and to keep healthy men’s organs. Anti-Acne Cream (Advanced Scar & Spot Correction Formula) 60gm - The Anti-acne cream with Scar & Spot Correction cream is a breakthrough formula in the treatment of acne.

Anti-Acne Cream (Advanced Scar & Spot Correction Formula) 60gm -

The formula is enriched with Berberries Aquifolium also known as Mother Tincture which has miraculous treating properties. These properties are particularly beneficial in the treatment of acne and acne-related scars. It also helps the skin to heal faster. Thus, this cream also finds use in treating minor cuts and rashes. This novel recipe has Anti-septic and recuperating properties of common home grown concentrates to clear Pimples and Skin ejections. Anti-Acne Treatment Kit - Sanctus. Anti-Acne Treatment Kit Acne is a particular problem and has been around for quite some time.

Anti-Acne Treatment Kit - Sanctus

Acne is a typical problem that happens when the pores of the face open up and the excess dirt, oil and grime accumulate in these pores. Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-Pro for Dark spot in underarms. Sanctus realizes the practical aspects of taking Underarm Whitening Treatment and thus has launched an Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-PRO.

Sanctus Underarm Whitening Treatment Kit-Pro for Dark spot in underarms

The Pro-Kit has an added step 3 – Underarm Dark spot Correction Mask. The mask is like a pack for underarms and is quick to dry.