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IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE PERFORMANCE WITH ANGULAR JS2. Estimated Read Time: 02 minutes 30 Seconds Since the early days of web development to the present days, Angular JS has evolved as a mature client-side MVW framework fulfilling its purpose of making complicated single page applications easier for developers with complete expertise.


It places equal importance on testing as well as writing the application, consequently, making the development process even simpler. Now let us find out, why there was a need for an upgraded version Angular JS2? Well, in order to fix the performance and load time issues in mobile and to power developers to focus on code implementation. Although some are skeptical about the compatibility of this new framework, with its robust features, it will surely win hearts of Angular JS specialists. Now let us have a look at the latest features of Angular JS2: Improved dependency injection Annotations with AtScripts Improved routing solutions · Simple JSON-based Route Config · Query String Support · Location Service · URL Resolver.

Welcome News For Angular Specialists - Google to Release Angular 3 Shortly! Are you an AngularJS enthusiast?

Welcome News For Angular Specialists - Google to Release Angular 3 Shortly!

Then you must be fully availing the rich features of Angular 2 - the JavaScript framework released in mid September this year. It was in late 2014 that Google had first announced that major syntax changes would be coming for your favourite AngularJS framework and the final release of Angular 2 almost two years later. Although Google made your wait much longer last time, this time they have put Angular 3 on an accelerated release schedule. After a few short months, that is in March Google will release Angular 3 aimed at improved tooling and reduction of generated code. Google's developer advocate Rob Wormald of the Angular core team confirmed that the upcoming version will feature a template compiler that would provide feedbacks in an IDE in case there are errors in a template.

According to Wormald, there will be a new major version twice a year and Google will have a predictable release schedule every six months now onwards. Top 5 AngularJS Tool for Application Development. AngularJS a client and server side framework has been winning hearts of the developers and organizations.

Top 5 AngularJS Tool for Application Development

It is proving to be a very comprehensive framework offering robust and rich features for single page application development and web application development. Many big organizations are now choosing AngularJS for development. Also, web development experts are choosing AngularJS over other JavaScript technologies as it offers Two Way Data Binding and Dependency Injection.

It is faster and more convenient to develop with AngularJS technology. Managed and Engineered by Google Engineers, AngularJS is indeed a path breaking technology in the current times. Since more developers are using the technology, there are many resources available for development with AngularJS. Protractor If you are testing application made with AngularJS , then protractor is the right tool for you. Angular Kickstart As the name rightly suggests, it helps in speeding up the development process. Ext JS Development Agency. Ext JS is a pure and comprehensive JavaScript application framework for building dynamic, complex and cross platform web applications.

Ext JS Development Agency

It offers rich & unique UI components and object oriented development. Ext JS is best suited for creating native applications and single page web applications that are compatible across multiple platforms. It is highly customizable and therefore your app can have the desired features and widgets that make it attractive and accessible for users. Create web applications for businesses with the team of Ext JS Experts. Features of Ext JS Uses Single Code BaseRich HTML Application using JavaScriptBased on MVVM ArchitectureTwo Way Data Binding, Interactive Themes & Responsive LayoutsRestFUL APIs & Documentation SuiteTouch Optimized Charting Package & Big Data Analytics Advantages of Ext JS Object Oriented FrameworkHigh Performance User InterfaceHighly CustomizableMulti PlatformFaster PrototypingCompatible with Modern & Legacy Browsers. AngularJS Web Development Company.

AngularJS is a framework coded purely in JavaScript consisting of a JavaScript file to work with browsers.

AngularJS Web Development Company

With Angular JS, you can easily create SPA Applications – this means Single Page Applications and line of business applications. It helps you to bind HTML UI with JavaScript Objects in the most convenient way. As web developers, you can easily create mini websites and you can also develop very large websites as it provides extreme flexibility. It is a framework which is backed by Google Company. It is maintained by dedicated Google Engineers. Features of AngularJS Dependency InjectionTwo Way Data BindingTesting Components - Uni – Testing - End to End TestingMVC SplitControlling DOM Elements Advantages of AngularJS Avails TemplatesUser Friendly InterfaceCross Platform TechnologySuitable for Single Page Application DevelopmentSupported by Google & Great Developer CommunitySupported by IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio .NET IDEs.

7 Reasons Why JavaScript is Hailed as 'The Future of Programming' Is JavaScript your first choice as a developer?

7 Reasons Why JavaScript is Hailed as 'The Future of Programming'

Even your nay won't dethrone it from being the reigning number one popular programming language. It is official! Rankings by RedMonk, a developer focused industry analyst firm, substantiate this claim. So let us figure out the reasons that make it developers' pet: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.