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webmaster les Champs Libres Rennes (avant : Museum de Toulouse)<br>co-fondateur Museomix ( : People Make Museums

Liquid authenticity. Frédéric Lordon’s Willing Slaves of Capital helps clarify how two of the fantasies that feed neoliberal ideology — liquidity and authenticity — interrelate.

Liquid authenticity

The two concepts represent two opposing faces of the same hyperindividualism around which neoliberalism is organized. (Liquidity: I want to do whatever whenever; authenticity: who I am is inviolate and is all that really matters.) As we become the atomized, entrepreneurially fixated personal-enterprise selves that neoliberalism prompts us to be, we are supposed to be so flexible as to be molded into suiting whatever profitable opportunity comes along, yet we are also expected to be entirely invested in our activity and derive pleasure from the presumed autonomy we have in “choosing” to be molded or to mold ourselves.

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  1. Francois Nov 19 2009
    Oui, c'est prévu, mais pas pour tout de suite, tout de suite... Ca devrait venir dans les premiers mois de 2010.
  2. samuelbausson Nov 19 2009
    bonjour ! Pearltress est super (j'aime bien ce type de présentations et j'utilise parfois Personnal Brain) mais je suis sur Diigo et j'attend que l'import soit possible...c'est prévu ?
  3. Francois Nov 19 2009
    Bonjour SAmuel, bienvenue dans Pearltrees.