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Samstores is your one stop shop for a variety of 110 Volts and 220 Volts household appliances for North America and 220 Volts for Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia and dual voltage goods for all over the world.

Protecting Your Business with A 220 240V UPS System. 220V Region Free DVD Player — An Amazing Cinematic Experience. All the Good Reasons Why You Should Buy A 240V Hair Straightener. The Must Have 220V Electronic Appliances for Your Home. Samstores. Unique Features of Code Free DVD Player. Safety Tips for using 220-volt Dryer. Detailed Explanation of 220 Volt Invertor. Convert two different formats easily – Pal to NTSC Converter. A Few Facts about GSM Unlocked Phones. Tired of having to stick to one cellphone carrier?

A Few Facts about GSM Unlocked Phones

Why not buy an unlocked phone? An unlocked cellphone can be used on different GSM networks, so you are free to switch to any provider as you need. GSM unlocked phones may seem like they cost more because you have to pay upfront. 220-volt Mixer – The Kitchens Most Essential Appliance. A 220-volt mixer is more important than you think.

220-volt Mixer – The Kitchens Most Essential Appliance

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the 220-volt mixer is only good for baking, but it is actually more versatile than that. Some models of 220-volt mixers come with handy features that perform the functions of other kitchen appliances. A hand mixer or a stand mixer, for example, usually have replaceable mixing heads to perform a wide range of kitchen activities including: 220-volt Inverter – Compatible with All Electronic Devices. A 220-volt inverter can change the electric current of electronic devices to be able to work on 110 power outlets.

220-volt Inverter – Compatible with All Electronic Devices

The best types of inverters usually have one universal outlet. You might be wondering—why can’t you just plug in a 220volt device to a 110 power outlet? Because this can cause major problems like power failure in your entire home to damage of electronic devices. It is highly important to choose the right kind of 220-volt inverter. Aside from being able to convert energy, it should also offer automatic shutdown for overlaid, thermals, and short circuits.

220-volt Food Processor – Essential Part of Any Well-Rounded Kitchen. If you are looking to create unique and fresh recipes, you should own a 220-volt food processor.

220-volt Food Processor – Essential Part of Any Well-Rounded Kitchen

This versatile kitchen tool allows you to make wonderful homemade dips, spreads, pesto, and even mayonnaise. Here are other things you can do with your 220-volt food processor: • Make soft serve treats – Whip up Nutella with bananas and you have yourself a delicious spread you can pair with bread, pour onto desserts, or even eat as a soft-serve ice cream. • Make butter – By churning heavy cream, it is possible to create your own butter.

220 Volt Coffee Maker – A Decade of Quality. Did you know that 400 million cups of coffee are consumed by Americans daily?

220 Volt Coffee Maker – A Decade of Quality

Most coffee drinkers consume about three and a half cups, and according to reports, the average American spends over $1,000 on coffee annually. If you tally up how much money you spend on buying coffee from shops and cafes, you might be shocked by the number. Why don’t you just brew your own coffee? 220 Volt Adapter – An Important Device of Every Machine. An adapter is a device that allows an electronic or hardware interface to adapt to another kind of electronic or hardware interface.

220 Volt Adapter – An Important Device of Every Machine

For example, if you have a two-hole power outlet, but your laptop has a three-pronged charger, you will need a simple adapter with a three-prong input and two-prong output to be able to plug into the outlet. But if you intend to use a 220-volt appliance in a 110-volt outlet or vice versa, then you need more than just a simple adapter. You need a 220-volt adapter or power converter. One of the most common mistakes people make is plugging 110v machines into 220v outlets and vice versa. Just because the holes on the outlet matches the prongs on the plug doesn’t mean they will work together, so beware! Preferred 220 Volt Mixer- Samstores. 220 Volts Hand Mixers A 220-volts hand mixer is a useful kitchen appliance that can perform several functions.

Preferred 220 Volt Mixer- Samstores

It can whip, beat, and blend, just like a stand mixer. This product is useful in areas with 220-240 volts electrical outlet, as well as in ships with the same range of voltage outlet. The difference is that it gives you the opportunity to use it where you need it, instead of transferring ingredients to the mixer’s bowl. This appliance is ideal if you bake occasionally and based on their smaller size, they reduce clutter on your kitchen worktop. In baking industry, hand mixers are indispensable appliances. Applications. Choose 220 Volt Dryer from Samstores. Do you want to dry your heavy hair quick more a new style?

Choose 220 Volt Dryer from Samstores

Order a 220 volts hair dryer from Sam Stores. A 220 volt hair dryer is a perfect electronic appliance with can give you awesome hair styles. The looks are not only the reason of requirement of a hair dryer. In hectic life schedule, no one has time to dry their hair naturally. This is the time when a hair dryer can be your helping hand. In a hair dryer, you can not only use hot air but can also use its cold air blowing. Modern 220 volt Blender At Samstores.

Blenders have been in existence since 1922 as effective 200 volt kitchen appliances.

Modern 220 volt Blender At Samstores

Their application cuts across the divide from domestic to commercial and institutional levels. When you need to buy a blender, you need to consider a few tips to help you select the best model that can help you to achieve your needs for making fresh juice or puree. To this end, you need a 220-Volt blender with a heavy metal base, which makes it more stable on the countertop.

It is also a sign of good quality. This product is useful for users in areas with 220-240 volts in Europe, Africa, Australia, or Asia. Blenders need just three types of speed controls: high, low, and pulse. Modern 220v cordless phone At Samstores. Communication is important for growth of business and individuals both.

Modern 220v cordless phone At Samstores

And cordless phones have made our work of communicating easier. A cordless phone is an important device for communication which is frequently used in homes and offices. The mobility nature of the 220v cordless phone makes it the best choice over other normal wired phones. The freedom with good cordless phone is incredible. Purchase 220 Volt Appliances At Samstores. Why you should have a 220 Voltage Circuit in Your Home You need a reliable 220 voltage circuit if you have appliances that operate on this voltage. You might be using 110 volts outlets for most appliances in your home. However, as you get larger and complex appliances, you will need a system that will meet the increasing power demands. Currently, 220v systems are used in supplying most homes with high electrical use volume.

These systems are also important in ensuring the safety of a home. Find 220 Volt Dishwashers - Samstores. Whenever you are cooking for your family or throwing a big party, then dish cleaning will be the last thing which you would prefer to do. In the process of delicious cooking, your sink will be overloaded with a lot of dished for cleaning. A good 220 volt dishwasher will save you from the hassle of cleaning your dishes. This useful product available at Sam Stores will clean all your dishes and make your life easy. In a 220 volt dishwasher, you can wash your dishes, cups, spoons and other small and big items. There are proper segments in the dishwasher designed for good cleaning and safety. All Kinds of 220 Volt Home Appliances Available at Samstores.

As a homeowner, you want your home to be as comfortable as possible for yourself, your family, and your visitors. One way you can make your home quite comfortable and enjoyable to stay in is to invest in high quality 220 volts home appliances. Home appliances include products like music systems, video and audio devices, which you can use to watch your favorite movies or play your favorite tunes. These products are available in the market from different suppliers. However, since the market is quite diversified, you need to identify a reliable supplier with products that can meet your needs.

Some of the items in the family of 220 volts home appliances include DVD players and recorders, dual voltage audio and video receivers, music systems and shortwave radios among others. When buying such items, it is important to consider the reputation of the client you deal with. Product reviews are helpful in validating suppliers’ reputation. Purchase Multisystem Led Tv - Samstores. Use our Multisystem LED TVs in any country PAL or NTSC or SECAM system. They are 110-240 volts compatible and therefore will work even if you're travelling constantly or planning to go overseas.

A multisystem LED television is ideal for you if you want a television that will receive and display different video systems including SECAM, NTSC and PAL. The ability of this television to receive and display videos in different formats and colors makes it an ideal electronic for you if you are an entertainment enthusiast. Apart from its availability in different sizes and shapes as well as the ability to accommodate a wide range of display ration, a multisystem LED television has great energy efficiency. When compared to traditional television, a multisystem LED TV is 65 percent more energy efficient.

The attention of most buyers is captured by the slender design of these multisystem televisions. Get Ready to Buy 220 Volt Hair Straightener - Samstores. Affordable 220 Volt Receiver from Samstores. Shopping has become the need of the day and with the advancement in technology, more electronic items have captured the market. From Kitchen appliances such as TV, Microwaves, Mixers, Rice cookers, Toasters, Grinders to Home appliances such as heaters, coolers to other products such as Mobile phones, DVD players, home theatres, video converters, all come in very handy. In order to avail any of these items, you can look for some of the leading brands such as Samsung for TVs, Sony Ericsson for mobile phones, LG for DVD recorders, Panasonic for DVD players, and Philips for music systems, Frigidaire for Refrigerators and more.

Since a customer focused approach is the major feature of every shopping website these days, amenities for the customer are more visible. So, there is not a single electronic item which you can think of missed on online stores. Over the years, several shopping websites have been launched with almost all of them doing an admirable job. Discounted Price of 220 Volt Plug Adapter from Samstores. To run all household electronic equipment and instruments, it is necessary that household electric current should be adapted from high voltage (100 to 240 volts AC) to low voltage. That is why plug adapters and cables are responsible for converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in all consumer electronic products. We, at Sam Stores, understand the utility and relevance of phone jack and plug adapters for our new and existing customers and offer them high quality and customized adapters so that they can make their electronic products run smoothly and safely.

Our travel converters and laptop power supply products are also meant for sending adequate power supply to electronic household products. We are known for our customer services and ensure the delivery of ordered product within 24 hours. All Types of 220 Volt Kitchen Aid Mixer from Samstores. Large and Small 220 Volt Portable Air Conditioners At Samstores. N weather becomes intolerably hot in summer, air conditioners becomes a must have in every office and home. You need an air conditioner that will make your life easy in hot summers. Get A New Multisystem DvdVcr Combo from Samstores. Wide Range of 220 Volts Window Air Conditioner – Samstores. When weather becomes intolerably hot in summer, air conditioners becomes a must have in every office and home. Find Complete Range of 220 Volt Microwave - Samstores. Reasonable Rates on 220 Volt Electric Heater - Samstores.

Indoor heating is an essential aspect for both homes and businesses. Cold rooms are uncomfortable and an electric heater and oil filled radiator is a convenient solution that effectively addresses one’s heating needs. There are different types of heaters to choose from and they are designed to provide heat and comfort. Heating devices are energy efficient for both domestic and commercial purposes. Electricity is a worthwhile solution as a fuel choice because it significantly reduces energy costs and offers versatility. Electric heating is cost effective because it provides efficiency and can be regulated. 220 Volt Small Kitchen Appliances - Samstores. It would be impossible to run your kitchen without small appliances. In the culinary industry, small appliances take the first space before you think of the food itself.

Order Multisystem LCD TV At Samstores. Discount Shipping on 220 volt appliances Online At Samstores.