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Org-mode Gitweb - org-mode.git/summary. Org-mode Gitweb - org-mode.git/summary. Home · emacs-helm/helm Wiki. Emacs mode for Stack Overflow's markdown. Org-Mode for GNU Emacs. How I use Emacs and Org-mode to implement GTD. Prelude. Prelude is an Emacs distribution that aims to enhance the default Emacs experience. Prelude alters a lot of the default settings, bundles a plethora of additional packages and adds its own core library to the mix. The final product offers an easy to use Emacs configuration for Emacs newcomers and lots of additional power for Emacs power users. Prelude is compatible ONLY with GNU Emacs 24.x. In general you're advised to always run Prelude with the latest Emacs - currently 24.3. Fast Forward Assuming you're using an Unix-like OS (*BSD, GNU/Linux, OS X, Solaris, etc), you already have Emacs 24 installed, as well as git & curl you can skip the whole manual and just type in your favorite shell the following command: curl -L | sh You can now power up your Emacs, sit back and enjoy Prelude, forgetting about the rest of this manual.

There are two environment variables you can use to control the source repository and the installation directory. To change the source repository: Emacs App. This page is about the peculiarities of running Emacs as an application (“”) on a Mac, GNUstep or OpenSTEP?.

Emacs App

For the different variants of Emacs on Mac OSX, see EmacsForMacOS. How to Install See “Cocoa Emacs” under EmacsForMacOS. Osx - Unable to type braces and square braces in emacs. About this guide to Emacs. This guide is aimed at computer programmers who want to master the GNU Emacs text editor. It has been said that the Emacs learning curve is not so much steep as long. While the initial learning curve is indeed much steeper than other editors, that is a hump you’ll get over fairly soon. This guide does start from the basics, but its real aim is to help you reach the next level —programming the behavior of Emacs itself— in months rather than years. The focus is on self-driven discovery by leveraging the Emacs built-in help, debugging facilities, and source code.

What I need from you is commitment (a couple of dedicated hours of study per week, and to use Emacs as your day-to-day editor) and patience (be willing to give up your favourite IDE’s features, at least for a month or two). If you’re not sure it’s worth the trouble, please read the next section—and then by all means sniff in contempt. Deft Mode. Deft is an Emacs mode for quickly browsing, filtering, and editing directories of plain text notes, inspired by Notational Velocity and Simplenote.

Deft Mode

Notational Velocity provides a show-hide function key, letting you pop in-and-out of the interface quickly. I recreated a crude version of this in Deft, bound to f6. Org-sync backends. Managing Emacs Configuration and Lisp Systems. This document outlines the use of emacs' require and provide functions to help new users understand how to better configure the text editor.

Managing Emacs Configuration and Lisp Systems

While there are a number of different strategies for organizing emacs configuration files and lisp systems and there is no single dominant best practice, consider this document if you find your .emacs or init.el file growing out of control. Background and Overview After using emacs for any period of time, one begins to develop a rather extensive emacs configuration. Emacs comes with very little default configuration and large number of configuration possibilities. I store all of my emacs configuration in a folder that I will refer to as ~/emacs/, in actuality this is a sub-folder within a git repository that I use to store all of my configuration folders, and you should modify this location to suit your own needs.

The Org Manual. This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release.

The Org Manual

Table of Contents Org Mode Manual This manual is for Org version 8.3.4 (release_8.3.4). Copyright © 2004–2016 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with the Front-Cover Texts being “A GNU Manual,” and with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a) below. --- The Detailed Node Listing --- The Bugpile Project. iCloud Reminders in Org-mode: Talking to OS X with Emacs. Now let’s combine this on the tail end of creating an iCal reminder, and sending it to a calendar.

iCloud Reminders in Org-mode: Talking to OS X with Emacs

Tasks exist in iCal as instances of the CalTask object of the CalendarStore Framework. Every task has a title, UID, a parent calendar, alarms, due dates, completed dates, notes, and other such attributes. We have to describe a mapping. Our input function takes an Emacs buffer and returns a list of parsed TODOs, and what calendar they should be synced to. Starting to use Aquamacs. Eleanor RobsonVersion of 2013-05-09 Here we give a short description of some features that we have found useful for editing and lemmatising ATF in Aquamacs (Emacs for Mac), apart from those provided by ATF Mode.

Starting to use Aquamacs

Emacs is a very powerful piece of software, but its documentation is dense, difficult to navigate, and usually assumes that you are working in Unix without a mouse. And it doesn't help that Aquamacs has its own little quirks. This page aims to make working with Emacs as intuitive and Mac-like as possible. In Aquamacs, you can open up (and close) a Fonts window with the command ⌘⇧T.

When you first install Aquamacs, it is worth looking through the menus to locate the basic commands. Apart from the ATF menu, the File, Edit, Options, and Windows menus will be most useful to you. Thomas11/simple-journal - GitHub. Emacs Initialization Files. ;; Define org extensions (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org\\'" . org-mode)) ;; Define link, agenda and switch keys (global-set-key "\C-cl" 'org-store-link) (global-set-key "\C-ca" 'org-agenda) (global-set-key "\C-cb" 'org-iswitchb) ;; General Formatting (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'turn-on-font-lock) (add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'turn-on-auto-fill) (setq make-backup-files nil) (setq normal-erase-is-backspace t) (setq org-indent-mode t) (setq org-indent-indentation-per-level 2) (setq org-startup-folded t) (setq org-hide-leading-stars t) (setq org-use-property-inheritance t) Next, I set up my agenda view settings.

Emacs Initialization Files

I start by declaring each my org-files containing TODO items. Next, I define my TODO item pregression along with the appearance of each stage towards completion. Finally, I define my custom agenda view I use to track projects and visualize my TODO list. Then, I set my timer defaults. How to Set Emacs's User Interface to Modern Conventions. By Xah Lee.

How to Set Emacs's User Interface to Modern Conventions

Date: . Last updated: . This page shows you how to set up many preferences in emacs. The following assume you are using GNU Emacs version 24.1 or later. ErgoEmacs. Robert Adesam Config. Myuhe/org-toodledo - GitHub. EmacsRookie. Jimwang/emacs-config - GitHub. Milkypostman/hl-sentence - GitHub. The Ultimate Collection of Emacs Resources - (think)

Prelude Anyone who’s ever dabbled in the dark art that is Emacs knows that chances are you’ll be overwhelmed before you start making sense of Emacs’ unique view of the world.

The Ultimate Collection of Emacs Resources - (think)

There is just too much information out there… There are many great Emacs resources targeting different groups of Emacs users. The problems is that often the people that would benefit the most from some of those resources don’t even know about their existence. That’s why I’m putting together this article – to collect the best resources in a single location and categorize them accordingly. David's Blog: My .emacs. The ultimate emacs course. Untitled. Untitled. Bastien Guerry Emacs Org-mode presentation at GNU Hackers Meeting 2011 in Paris. Stevej/emacs - GitHub. Dimitri/emacs-kicker - GitHub. Hober/wordnik-el - GitHub. Vincent Goulet - Emacs. Reference Sheet by Aaron Hawley. Starter Kit Misc. El-get, un gestionnaire de script/package/extension pour Emacs - Humus numericus. Jusqu'à présent je gérais mes différents fichiers de configuration emacs dans un dépôt git, qui me permettait à la fois de garder l'historique et de synchroniser entre différentes machines.

el-get, un gestionnaire de script/package/extension pour Emacs - Humus numericus

Là où ça devient plus compliqué, c'est quand on installe des extensions elles-mêmes sous git (problèmes de conflits pour des dépôts inclus dans des dépôts, même si git sait gérer ça très bien) ou sous d'autres gestionnaires de version. el-get permet de gérer cela de manière très élégantes : il suffit de déclarer dans son .emacs la liste des extensions utilisées pour qu'elles soient automatiquement vérifiées au démarrage et installées si nécessaire. Par exemple, voici ce que j'ai dans mon .emacs : Emacs toggle hide show menu and tool bars. Humus numericus. Installing Emacs on Windows 95/98/2K/NT/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7. July 3, 2012 Many people have successfully installed emacs on Windows 95, 98, 2K, NT, ME, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 using the instructions below.

Disclaimer: This page is being maintained mainly for my students. Use these instructions at your own risk if you are not a student taking one of my classes. There is no warranty in any form or shape whatsoever! There is no guarantee that these instructions are up-to-date although I will try to update them for my students on an on-going basis. Emacs version 24.1: This was the latest version available at the time of this writing (July 3, 2012). Follow these steps to download and install Emacs on your windows machine. Pick the drive and a folder in which you want to install Emacs. Planet Emacsen. Init File - GNU Emacs Manual. 48.4 The Emacs Initialization File When Emacs is started, it normally tries to load a Lisp program from an initialization file , or init file.

Text Translator. Text Translation package translates the character string on Emacs. this packages use the text translation service that exists on the Internet. Download or Launchpad. Easy note taking for Emacs. I'm a vim user who started to really get into Lisp (and now ML for school). Emacs (especially with SLIME) is really the Right Thing for Lisp, so I started using it. I've definitely gotten to the point where `C-a C-k` is as well burned into my fingers as `dd`'s just that a) `dd` seems like a more natural keybinding--both because I'd rather double-tap a home row button than involve three fingers and two hands, and because, if you do stop to think about it, `dd` makes sense--`d` means delete, and a double-tap usually makes something apply to a whole line.

(Of course, `dd` / `C-a C-k` is just an example--this applies in general.) b) There's more of a zen to vim. So I like emacs for the ecosystem, I like it for the freakish integration it can achieve between a REPL and a source they say, it's a great operating system--it just needs a good editor. Partager votre configuration d’Emacs entre plusieurs ordinateurs. Pas besoin d’être un programmeur fou, même pas besoin d’être un programmeur normal, si ça existe, pour utiliser Emacs : on peut l’utiliser pour écrire. J’en reparlerai un de ces quatre, mais sachez que même s’il n’a pas encore remplacé TexMate, il est possible que j’aie trouvé cet éditeur multiplateforme que je vous disais chercher.

En attendant, voici une astuce toute bête mais bien pratique pour avoir exactement1 la même configuration d’Emacs sur tous vos ordinateurs (Mac ou Linux, et sans doute aussi Windows). Conférence Getting Things Done et Emacs Org-mode - Org-mode : la prise de notes multiplateforme ? Puisque nous en sommes à causer de Linux (même si ça concerne aussi OS X et Windows), je ne résiste pas au plaisir de vous parler de Org-mode, un module qui transforme Emacs en authentique gestionnaire de tâches et plan, ainsi qu’en outil de prises de notes. PORTABLE EMACS WITH ORG-MODE FOR WINDOWS. Emacs Starter Kit. Install Emacs version 24 or greater. Use your package manager if you have one and it has an install candidate for Emacs 24, otherwise install it directly from source, or Mac binaries may be downloaded from the nightlies section of a version of the starter kit using git – if you're new to git checkout this git-tutorial, also we'd highly recommend that you try out magit the Emacs mode for git interaction. git clone Move the resulting directory to ~/.emacs.d Launch Emacs!

After setup you may need to restart Emacs one or twice while it downloads packages from ELPA – errors parsing html from ** can generally be safely ignored. Org-teams. Org-Mode for GNU Emacs. I'm still sorting through how I will use this. I have settled (for now) on project specific .org files as I just can't bring myself to have everything in one file alone, even if that is what will eventually be what I do. I'm fine with this, but it is crucial for me to be able to export to html or pdf for printing purposes. Chaîne de rpdillon‬‏ Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Sometimes it is necessary to edit clock entries so they reflect reality. I find I do this for maybe 2-3 entries in a week. Occassionally I cannot clock in a task on time because I'm away from my computer.

In this case the previous clocked task is still running and counts time for both tasks which is wrong. I make a note of the time and then when I get back to my computer I clock in the right task and edit the start and end times to correct the clock history. Mes expériences avec Lisp et le développement de GNU Emacs. L'original de cette page est en anglais. (Transcription du discours de Richard Stallman à la conférence internationale Lisp, le 28 octobre 2002) Comme aucun de mes discours habituels n'a à voir avec Lisp, aucun ne serait approprié pour aujourd'hui. Donc je vais improviser. Guest talk Carsten Dominik. Emacs is not only a widely used and famous editor that is appreciated by programmers, authors and scientists alike. My .emacs : David Beckingsale's Blog. Configurer votre .emacs. L'Éditeur de texte Emacs - Matthieu Moy. Cet article commence à dater sérieusement. Je le garde ici pour mémoire, mais je ne suis pas persuadé que ça soit une la meilleure source d'information par les temps qui courent Introduction.

Introduction simple à Emacs. Configuration d'Emacs et quelques bibliothèques utiles. Ressources Emacs. Xah Emacs Tutorial. M-x all-things-emacs. Emacs-in-5-demo. Votre premier .emacs : la configuration d'Emacs pour les zéros. Using dates and times in Emacs org-mode. PeepCode Screencasts for Web Developers and Alpha Geeks. Using Emacs org-mode for GTD.