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Pop Culture. How Hangovers Work" Art. Religion. Dating. Songs to have sex to. How To Make Money in Your Spare Time Doing Simple Online Tasks. Via: Lifehacker Many “online jobs” promising quick riches and little effort are really scams. While the tasks below won’t make you rich, they can earn you a little pocket money on the side—and these days that can make a big difference. Most of these online money making opportunities only require you have a computer, a decent internet connection, and some sort of marketable skill (or the ability to provide valuable consumer insight to marketers).

You’ll be operating as a free agent and can choose when, where, and how much to participate. Sound too good to be true?


Psychology. Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1344x1000 pixels) - Scaled (64%) The Top 10 Psychology Studies of 2010. The end of 2010 fast approaches, and I'm thrilled to have been asked by the editors of Psychology Today to write about the Top 10 psychology studies of the year. I've focused on studies that I personally feel stand out, not only as examples of great science, but even more importantly, as examples of how the science of psychology can improve our lives. Each study has a clear "take home" message, offering the reader an insight or a simple strategy they can use to reach their goals , strengthen their relationships, make better decisions, or become happier. If you extract the wisdom from these ten studies and apply them in your own life, 2011 just might be a very good year. TypeLogic Home Page. List of emotions. The contrasting and categorisation of emotions describes how emotions are thought to relate to each other.

List of emotions

Various recent proposals of such groupings are described in the following sections. Contrasting basic emotions[edit] Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation.

Rational Thinking

Life hacks. Health. Burn Fat for Tight Abs. If you want to lose your gut, don't think of lifting weights as an option; consider it a requirement. Why? When dieters don't pump iron, 22 percent of their weight loss comes from losing muscle, according to a Penn State study. Learning. Pearltrees videos. Help.