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Ibis: Scaling the Python Data Experience. Create a REST API in minutes with Pyramid and Ramses. This is a guest blog post from Chris Hart of Brandicted – a technologist from the great city of Montreal.

Create a REST API in minutes with Pyramid and Ramses

Foreword This tutorial is meant for beginners. If you get stuck along the way, try to power through and it will probably click. If there’s anything you just don’t get or want some help with, email or leave a comment below. Cloudtools/troposphere. PEP 492 - Coroutines with async and await syntax. This PEP introduces new syntax for coroutines, asynchronous with statements and for loops.

PEP 492 - Coroutines with async and await syntax

The main motivation behind this proposal is to streamline writing and maintaining asynchronous code, as well as to simplify previously hard to implement code patterns. Current Python supports implementing coroutines via generators ( PEP 342 ), further enhanced by the yield from syntax introduced in PEP 380 . Sequencing Mongodb. Many of us who have moved from the traditional RDMS based applications, would be in for a rude shock if I said auto-increment Integer fields are not a norm in the Distributed NoSQL database MongoDB.

Sequencing Mongodb

Why? Although traditional databases often use increasing sequence numbers for primary keys. In MongoDB, the preferred approach is to use Object IDs instead. The concept is that in a very large cluster of machines, it is easier to create an object ID than have global, uniformly increasing sequence numbers. Over 110 Videos To Learn Python From! 1.

Over 110 Videos To Learn Python From!

Python from Scratch This is a tutorial on how to build a dynamic website in Python from scratch. It is the culminating video of a tutorial series and the creators recommend that you watch the other videos before coming to this one. 2. Python 101 Tutorials Series on Youtube This is a video training series that consists of 16 videos on Python. PyPI Blues! Sure Easy! Being Sam. - Befriending Pandas - I. Befriending Pandas - I pandas is an open source, BSD-licensed library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.

Sure Easy! Being Sam. - Befriending Pandas - I

Why this kung fu? Some Kung fu this is gonna be. Drawille: If the Blind Could Draw! Bamboo: Data Bamboozled. Disguise detection using open source. Almost all face recognition systems have a glaring vulnerability - silicone masks like this one:

Disguise detection using open source

Billy: A Balanced Payment Diet. Freeseer: Streams of Pezis. PuDB: Debug Console Way. Teaching a Computer to Read. Scripted recently released a new feature called Experts, which allows us to efficiently and confidently group together expert writers in a given subject, the idea being that a business looking for experts in that field can easily find writers who are highly qualified (as both a writer and a domain expert) to write about it.

Teaching a Computer to Read

Part of what determines whether a writer is a good fit for an Expert team is knowing how many pieces they’ve written about that team’s subject matter. This entailed an interesting machine learning problem… The Problem. Scaling Django to 8 Billion Page Views. Luigi: Pythonic Plumber. Luigi Luigi is a Python package that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs.

Luigi: Pythonic Plumber

It handles dependency resolution, workflow management, visualization, handling failures, command line integration, and much more. The purpose of Luigi is to address all the plumbing typically associated with long-running batch processes. You want to chain many tasks, automate them, and failures will happen. These tasks can be anything, but typically long running things like Hadoop jobs, dumping data to/from databases, running machine learning algorithms, or anything else. There are other software packages that focus on lower level aspects of data processing, like Hive, Pig, Cascading. You can build pretty much any task you want, but Luigi also comes with a toolbox of several common task templates that you use. New AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) Graphical user interfaces (e.g. the AWS Management Console) are great, but nothing beats the expressiveness of the command line!

New AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

Today we are releasing the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). The AWS CLI provides a single, unified interface to a very large collection of AWS services. After downloading and configuring the CLI you can drive Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, the Simple Workflow Service, and twenty other services (complete list) from your Linux, OS X, or Windows command line. Download and ConfigureThe Getting Started page contains the information that you need to know in order to download and configure the AWS CLI. You'll need to have Python (any version from 2.6.x up to 3.3.x) installed if you are on Linux or OS X, but that's about it. Sixpack: Muscle for Many Languages. Explore Python, machine learning, and the NLTK library. The challenge: Use machine learning to categorize RSS feeds I was recently given the assignment to create an RSS feed categorization subsystem for a client.

Explore Python, machine learning, and the NLTK library

The goal was to read dozens or even hundreds of RSS feeds and automatically categorize their many articles into one of dozens of predefined subject areas. The content, navigation, and search functionality of the client website would be driven by the results of this daily automated feed retrieval and categorization. Big News Regarding Python, boto, and AWS. The Lesson V8 Can Teach Python and Other Dynamic Languages.