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What’s New? Victory Lap for Ask Patents 22 Jul There are a lot of people complaining about lousy software patents these days. I say, stop complaining, and start killing them. It took me about fifteen minutes to stop a crappy Microsoft patent from being approved. Joel on Software

Joel on Software

I was reading @ednapiranha blog about her tips on running and recall that I wanted to write something about running in my blog for quite some time now. Don't worry, this is not going to be yet another lose-some-weightimprove-your-health post like the millions you'd find on the internet if you search for running. I won't distill tips or hints on how to run either - the topic is covered at 150% on the internet. (That said, if you want to talk about this topic, I can speak about it for hours.) It's just my story on how running became a fundamental activity in my life - and I think some people that are in the Mozilla & Python community can relate to what happened to me. Fetchez le Python Fetchez le Python I spoke at devs love bacon back in April on . The talk is geared toward engineers with no prior knowledge of machine learning, and it’s designed to lay out the basic vocabulary and way that we think about the world to provide an amusing foundation so that attendees will have a head start in investigating which techniques they might want to learn more about or implement. This talk is not an in-depth tutorial.

Paul Irish

For many of us developers, WebKit is a black box. We throw HTML, CSS, JS and a bunch of assets at it, and WebKit, somehow.. magically, gives us a webpage that looks and works well. But in fact, as my colleague Ilya Grigorik puts it… WebKit isn’t a black box. Paul Irish
Dr Nic
Cloud Developer Tips: Practical tips for developers of cloud computing applications. — Shlomo Swidler Cloud Developer Tips: Practical tips for developers of cloud computing applications. — Shlomo Swidler Shlomo Swidler helps executives turn complexity into innovation. Technology may be complex, but harnessing technology should not be. Shlomo is a speaker, coach, writer, and consultant to leaders of global organizations who operate significant technology programs. Drastically reduced time-to-market from three months to ten minutes.Launched uCloud, a pioneering new line of cloud business at KT, and the first public cloud service in South Korea.Enabled a cloud computing solution provider to leapfrog its competition and achieve unprecedented growth.Improved operational efficiency at a web storefront, leading to increased revenue.By eliminating unnecessary approvals and process headaches, improved employee retention at a fast-moving company.Dramatically increased market share at a previously stagnant software company.Improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty at an international retailer.Reduced capital expenditure by 40% at a corporate division of 500 people.
Mark Shuttleworth Before I launch into the tongue-twisting topic of t-series terminology I would like to say a few thank-you’s. Saucy, now officially known as Ubuntu 13.10, is a wonderful achievement by a very large and diverse collection of teams and individuals. Each of us is motivated by something different – in fact, we might have very different visions of what the ideal desktop looks like or what the default set of applications should be. But we manage, in the spirit of ubuntu, to work together to make something wonderful like 13.10, which serves the needs and goals of a very large number of people and communities.

Mark Shuttleworth

Read more When I can find the time, I do a bit of client work, contribute to open source projects, and enjoy public speaking… I have worked on a number of projects with, one of the most innovative churches in the US. I created and curate the 960 Grid System, used by thousands of web designers and developers in their everyday work. I made Formalize, a CSS & JavaScript framework for displaying form elements consistently in multiple browsers. SonSpring by Nathan Smith SonSpring by Nathan Smith
Zed Shaw
Shed Simove is a comedian, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. He is an expert in IDEAS and can help you make your ideas happen. Shed believes that "when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures - if you follow the idea through...". Shed's passion is also to tackle things that have never been done before - and his own ideas can be for anything, ranging from gifts, books, ‘adult sweets’, websites, TV shows, gifts, or even his own currency. His true-life stories - plus Shed's tips for how to make anything you desire come to life - feature in his books, performances and keynote speeches... SHED SIMOVE: IDEAS MAN, PERFORMER, AUTHOR & NOVELTY GIFTS ENTREPRENEUR SHED SIMOVE: IDEAS MAN, PERFORMER, AUTHOR & NOVELTY GIFTS ENTREPRENEUR
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