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Kölner OB-Kandidatin: Messerattacke auf Henriette Reker: Täter hatte "fremdenfeindliches Motiv" Kölner OB-KandidatinMesserattacke auf Henriette Reker: Täter hatte "fremdenfeindliches Motiv" Danke für Ihre Bewertung!

Kölner OB-Kandidatin: Messerattacke auf Henriette Reker: Täter hatte "fremdenfeindliches Motiv"

Fehler melden Sie haben einen Fehler gefunden? Bitte markieren Sie die entsprechenden Wörter im Text. Police probe 'right-wing extremism' links as Jo Cox murder investigation continues. POLICE are probing possible links to right-wing extremism as part of their investigation into the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox .

Police probe 'right-wing extremism' links as Jo Cox murder investigation continues

Jo died after being shot and stabbed in the street outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, at lunchtime yesterday. READ MORE: Jo Cox killing: Video shows man being arrested after fatal shooting and stabbing of Labour MP West Yorkshire Police said they are working with the North East Counter Terrorism Unit as a probe into the death of the mum-of-two continues. European Union - Far-right parties to hold ‘EU counter-summit’ in Germany. Leaders of eurosceptic movements from France, Germany and Italy will come together in the city of Koblenz to discuss a possible political pact which could hand them more influence within the EU.

European Union - Far-right parties to hold ‘EU counter-summit’ in Germany

Symbolically, they will get together on January 21 - the first day of billionaire tycoon Donald Trump's stint as US President and a day after his inauguration. The meeting will bring together Ms Le Pen, the French presidential candidate and leader of the Front National, with counterparts from the EU’s other two great powers for the first time. She will hold talks with Alternative fur Deutschland’s (AfD) Frauke Petry and the Italian Legia Nord’s Matteo Salvini at the conference, which will also be attended by the possible future Dutch leader Geert Wilders. The meeting, which is being dubbed a “European counter-summit”, will spook EU leaders who fear that anti-establishment parties are on the march ahead of a series of crunch elections. He said: “I find the National Front does not suit us at all. Europe's far-right groups meet in Germany, buoyed by Donald Trump presidency. Updated Far-right populist leaders from Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands are meeting in the German city of Koblenz to present their vision for "a free Europe" that would dismantle the European Union.

Europe's far-right groups meet in Germany, buoyed by Donald Trump presidency

Key points: Nationalist parties to contest major elections in 2017 amid rising anti-immigration sentimentBrexit and US presidential election result seen as the first blows to the "old political order"Left-wing protesters warn against "dangerous fascist ideas" The meeting aimed to strengthen ties between the like-minded parties, in a year when they hope for electoral breakthroughs. The mood was celebratory a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as US President, following a campaign buoyed by anti-establishment and protectionist themes. "Yesterday, a new America. "The people of the West are awakening. After the US, far right says 2017 will be the year Europe wakes up. France’s far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen called on voters across Europe to “wake up” and follow the example of US and British voters.

After the US, far right says 2017 will be the year Europe wakes up

Speaking at an unprecedented meeting in Germany of Europe’s rightwing populist parties, she said Brexit would unleash an unstoppable wave of “all the dominoes of Europe”. And after Brexit, she added, before an audience of several hundred, the election of Donald Trump was a “second coup”. “His position on Europe is clear. He does not support a system of the oppression of peoples,” she said, to enthusiastic applause. “2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up.

I am certain 2017 will be the year when the people of continental Europe wake up.” The meeting, in the central German city of Koblenz, was organised by Marcus Pretzell of Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, under the slogan “Freedom for Europe”. La dernière traque des nazis. Oskar Gröning, le "comptable d'Auschwitz", accusé et témoin A 93 ans, cet ancien garde SS d'Auschwitz est jugé par l'Allemagne pour complicité dans le génocide pour la mort de 300 000 juifs.

La dernière traque des nazis

A son procès, débuté mardi, il demande "pardon" aux victimes. Histoire d'un auxiliaire de la Solution finale qui, hanté par son passé, s'est décidé à le raconter. La maison natale d'Hitler embarrasse l'Autriche A Vienne, le gouvernement veut transformer ce lieu chargé d'histoire en musée. Pourquoi sommes-nous toujours obsédés par les nazis?

Sept décennies après la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, pourquoi Hitler et les nazis exercent-ils une telle fascination dans la culture occidentale? Ce que dit vraiment le Point Godwin de notre société Inventé en 1990 par Mike Godwin, la règle du "Point Godwin" est devenue un véritable phénomène sur Internet. Rechtsextremismus. Das Auffliegen der Terrorgruppe "Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund" (NSU) hat gezeigt: In Deutschland sind Strukturen entstanden, die unsere freiheitlich-demokratische Grundordnung in Frage stellen.


Aber nicht nur im Untergrund oder am Rand der Gesellschaft gibt es rechtsextreme Einstellungen wie Rassismus, Antisemitismus, Geschichtsrevisionismus und den Glauben an einen starken Führer. (© 2015 Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung) Zeitleiste Rechtsterrorismus Reihenweise gründeten sich seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg in der Bundesrepublik rechtsextreme Terrorgruppen – allein in den siebziger und achtziger Jahren töteten sie mehr als zwei Dutzend Menschen. Diese Übersicht behandelt den Terror von rechts in chronologischer Reihenfolge. AfD.