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5 Recipes Your Dog will Love You For – #5) Fruity Doggy Dessert. While it may be true that the path to a man’s heart starts from his stomach, this is a universal truth in the case of dogs.

5 Recipes Your Dog will Love You For – #5) Fruity Doggy Dessert

If you give him the right, balanced, nutritious meals he needs, he’ll grow healthy, strong and happy. On the other hand, deprive him from these or feed him something nasty and you’ll find a gooey surprise on the carpet or in your shoe. Now if you want to protect your dog and give her a culinary treat courtesy of your kitchen, here are five recipes you should definitely try. #5) Fruity Doggy Dessert Aside from citrus and grapes, dogs can enjoy a number of fruits as long as you control their portions. Ingredients 2 lb. chicken (cooked and chopped) 3 cups mix of diced melons, pitted cherries, apples, berries and pears 3 cups cooked rice Instructions Just mix everything up and serve it to your pooch.

Dog Behavior Training. Laying down the groundwork for your dog's training This part of our training program is the real core of what we do and is the foundation of all our other training programs.

Dog Behavior Training

Before we even get to saying "sit! " Puppy Training at Home - Sam Ivy. Training a Service Dog for Anxiety-Related Issues. Local Dog Trainers in Florida- Sam Ivy. Preparing Your Dog for a New Furry Family Member. Do you remember the first time you brought him/her home?

Preparing Your Dog for a New Furry Family Member

Leading him gently by the leash or carrying her soft, small body over the threshold to start a new life together? Yes, that was the beautiful beginning of a wonderful relationship. Though there have been many mishaps (RIP, old carpet, shoes, [Insert Martyred Possession]) prior to dog obedience training, nothing can make you regret your decision to adopt the pooch lying at your feet or waiting for you at home. However, there comes a time when one four-legged baby isn’t enough.

Benefits of Professional Dog Training. Most non-pet and pet-owners would agree that professional dog training plays a crucial role when it comes to the development of dogs and safely interacting with their surroundings.

Benefits of Professional Dog Training

However, it is reported that a majority of people never opt for professional dog training program. If you do not give your dog professional training, it may result in frustration, annoyance, and other behavioral changes. How to train a service dog - Sam Ivy. Dog On-Leash Obedience Training- Sam Ivy. Going beyond basic obedience.

Dog On-Leash Obedience Training- Sam Ivy

This is where the real fun starts! Now that we have a strong foundation of respect from our Proper Pack Behavior training, your dog is ready to start obeying! We often hear comments like "How to get your dog to sit or lay down is something you can easily learn on YouTube! " What we offer goes way beyond basic obedience you can look up online or what you can learn at big pet store group classes. Introducing the Raw Food Diet for a Healthy Dog. The raw food diet has been the rage in the human world, especially since it allows people to lose weight, pack up on important nutrients, and stay healthy.

Introducing the Raw Food Diet for a Healthy Dog

However, long before two-legged animals tried raw food diets, their four-legged counterparts have been living on them. Your dog’s ancestors, the wolves, have been hunting and eating raw delicacies for thousands of years. And have you ever seen a fat wolf in the wild? Therefore, to ensure that dogs stay lean, mean and healthy, dog trainers recommend raw food diets.

Now we at Sam Ivy K-9 consultants can vouch for the benefits of the raw food diet. Off Leash Dog Training & Obedience Programs In Fort Lauderdale. Ready to join the elite?

Off Leash Dog Training & Obedience Programs In Fort Lauderdale

You've come through our two beginner programs, Proper Pack Behavior Training and On-Leash Obedience Training - well done! Now you and your dog are ready to join the elite ranks with our off-leash obedience training. We say elite for a good reason: less than 5% of all dogs in our country can be considered truly off-leash trained, so this program will put you and your dog in a class of its own. Five Things You Should Know About Dog Obedience Training.

A dog that is aggressive, jumps, barks, chews or bites is a serious problem.

Five Things You Should Know About Dog Obedience Training

No matter how much you love them, if your dog isn’t well-behaved, having them around is stressful and potentially dangerous. Best Dog Training Program - Sam Ivy. Training for working canines For those who need their dog to accompany them where ever they go due to a disability and for those who wish to share the companionship and love of their dog with people in hospitals and other care facilities, we offer our Service Dog and Therapy Dog training program.

Best Dog Training Program - Sam Ivy

Due to the intensive and comprehensive nature of this program, both dog and handler must be pre-approved before they can enroll. You will be able to participate in this program only after completing the Proper Pack Behavior training and the regular On-Leash Obedience training programs. The main focus of the Service Dog program is to ensure that your dog remains calm and obedient and able to perform his tasks even in situations with very high distraction.

The minimum training requirements to pass the Public Access Test for Assistance Dogs are: No aggressive behavior toward people or other animals. How to Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s celebrations, be they at home or outdoors, will take their toll on your dog.

How to Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out on New Year’s Eve

Any scraps he manages to steal are bound to increase his waistline or even cause gooey “deposits” due to an upset stomach. However, even the embarrassment that ensues after he starts jumping on your guests (bad dog!) Is far from the worst thing that could happen. With champagne popping and fireworks blazing, your pooch is bound to freak out on New Year’s Eve. This could me constant barking, hiding in corners or involuntary “accidents” on your floor or carpeting. If you’re a party animal, your four-legged friend may not share your passion for loud sounds and fiery displays.

Take her out for a long walk during the day and let her explore everything around her. Once the celebrations are over, make sure to check your pooch for signs of stress such as barking a lot, soiling the house, clinging to you and whimpering. Dog Obedience Training at Home - Sam Ivy. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Dog Obedience Training at Home - Sam Ivy' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_1523643'></script><p> From <a href=' For

Preparing Your Dog for a New Furry Family Member. How to Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out on New Year’s Eve. Certified Service Dog Training Programs - Sam Ivy. Raw Diet for Dogs. Housebreaking for puppies. Dog Psychology 101: Obsessive Dog Behaviors and How to Deal with Them  Now you may be surprised to find out that your dog may suffer from psychological issues such as obsessions. But rest assured that he won’t cut your legs off to keep you around a-la Misery’s Annie Wilkes or surprise you in the shower like Psycho’s Norman Bates. Regardless, dog psychological issues are very similar to human addiction, which is why you’ll need a dog behaviorist handling his case ASAP. “I Haven’t Noticed Anything Wrong with Fido” Most dog owners don’t even realize that their dogs have developed obsessive behaviors. However, look closely; Lassie may be growing fanatically crazy over one of her toys, a bone or the neighbor’s cat.

“Okay, So How Do I Identify Such Behaviors?” To identify an obsessed behavior, you should know what a normal, mentally-healthy dog is like. Check Out 5 Recipes For Your Dog. Best Dog Behavior Training - Sam Ivy. Contact Samivy K9 Professional Dog Training - Private Dog Training Services. Samivy Private Dog Training Services Fort Lauderdale.