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Samir Thukral

He is a man behind the establishment of the Auro Sugar Pvt. Ltd and Asian Sugar Industries Private Limited.

Flattr - samirthukral. Visual. Samirthukral [samirthukral] on Plurk. Samir-thukral Profile, Activity and Communities. Samir Thukral: Member profile: Digital Photography Review : Digital Photography Review. Samir-thukral’s Music Profile — Users at Samir Thukral. Samir Thukral. Samir Thukral. Samirthukral - SlideBoom Community. is not more. Samir Thukral (samir6thukral) Samir Thukral. - Channel: samirthukral. Inube Verification. Thoughts. Trello. Editor “samirthukral” User:Samirthukral - AboutUs. Samir Thukral. Samir Thukral on LookUpPage. Samirthukral's Profile. Samir Thukral. Members. Read Reviews on Completed™ Samir Thukral is a director of ASIA SUGAR INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED almost for last 17years.

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He is a champion and a savvy business executive with a vision.In his 17-plus years as a marketer and entrepreneur, Samir Thukral has helped hundreds of companies to grow with him. Samir Thukral has also been into trade related to different commodities such as JUTE, RUBBER, COCA BEANS along with his well flourished sugar business. Read More CURRENTLY OWNER OF OWN BUSINESS WITH INTERESTS IN THE BUSINESS OF SUGAR, REAL ESTATE, HOTELS, AND CONSULTING. Samir Thukral. Welcome to the New ProfileTree! - Profile Tree. ItsMyURLs: Samir Thukral's URLs. Samir Thukral's Profile - Owner, Sugar Industries in Asian Sugar Business - View Professional Profile of Samir Thukral.

The Web Blend - Share the Best from the Web. Error. Samir Thukral on Flipboard. Samir Thukral (samirthukral) on Bloglovin’ Samirthukral. Samir Thukral Reviews. Samirthukral's Profile Page. Samir Thukral. Samir Thukral (0000-0002-2882-2204) - ORCID. Samir Thukral - Newsvine - Get Smarter Here. Samir Thukral. Information!

Samir Thukral

Samir Thukral Tiruchirappalli, India. Samir T’s Profile. Samir Thukral on HubPages. Host-A Hosting » samirthukral » Info. Samir Thukral's Profile. Samir Thukral – Medium. Samir, 51. Samir_thukral. View samir-thukral's Profile. Home Help & Advice YUDU Blog YUDU Books Apps Contact Us.

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Samir Thukral.