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Samundra Singh

A civil engineer by profession. I believe that to live is to learn and grow. I always try to live by this dictum. I have my interest in Natural/Permaculture/Organic farming and yoga.

Organic Farming

Citrus Orchard. Education. GSSD Academy. On-Campus & Online Classes for Career & Professional Development. You’ve got a goal, a drive, a passion.

On-Campus & Online Classes for Career & Professional Development

We’ve got over 600 courses to choose from. Courses are offered online or on campus at Harvard. If you have the determination, we have the options—no application required. Search for courses. 9 Tactics for Rapid Learning (That Most People Have Never Heard Of) Whenever the subject of why some people learn faster comes up, I get a whole host of common answers:

9 Tactics for Rapid Learning (That Most People Have Never Heard Of)

Organize your writing, J.K. Rowling style. The website /Film reported on Friday about author J.K.

Organize your writing, J.K. Rowling style

Rowling’s method for organizing her books. Using pen, notebook paper, and a simple grid, she plotted out the direction of her stories. Pictured here is the chart for chapters 13-24 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: (Note: /Film includes a larger version on their site for detailed reading.) 11 Rules for Better Writing. The other day I was asked to take part in a MOOC.

11 Rules for Better Writing

If you haven’t heard the term yet, you will soon. MOOCs – Massive Online Open Courses — are speedily revolutionizing higher education, because they have the capability to deliver top-level teaching via the web to thousands of people, for free. Anyway, this particular MOOC, taught by Professor Denise Comer of Duke University, is entitled English Composition I: Achieving Expertise. Technology Entrepreneurship. Technology Entrepreneurship Highlights Technology Entrepreneurship is a massive open online class offered by Professor Chuck Eesely from Stanford University.

Technology Entrepreneurship

The course introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship, pioneered in Silicon Valley and now spreading across the world. The Attitude for Entrepreneurship - Chai with Lakshmi. What’s the right attitude for Entrepreneurship?

The Attitude for Entrepreneurship - Chai with Lakshmi

Find out with Vijay Anand, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, the founder of In50Hrs (a concept weekend that helps great tech ideas become real) and The Startup Centre (which offers residential programmes and angel investment to tech and digital startups). In this webisode VIjay also shares about his journey with entrepreneurship and why In50Hrs is a concept relevant to its times. More about In50Hrs: This is a concept weekend that helps you take your tech idea to prototype stage with the help of a team and guidance from mentors. At the end of the 50 hours, your team gets to present the prototype to seasoned entrepreneurs and investors to get their perspectives. Positive feedback could mean starting up at The Startup Centre! Explore Free Online Courses by Subject. Fundamentals of Physics. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis.

Free Online Classes. 700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Get 1200 free online courses from the world’s leading universities — Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more.

700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouTube, or university web sites) straight to your computer or mp3 player. Over 30,000 hours of free audio & video lectures, await you now. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Healing Village - Chai with Lakshmi. ‘We gave our farmers pump sets, but took away electricity!

The Healing Village - Chai with Lakshmi

Life is very hard for our farmers’, he said. And so, he became one and set an example in better practices. Then he chose to build a sustainable home alongside the farm. Along came organic food, a windmill, a bio-gas plant, zero-waste practices, zero-oil cooking, mud-brick buildings, large-scale rainwater harvesting, a 22-room eco and health retreat, and more! Meet C B Ramkumar. OWL. If you are having trouble locating a specific resource, please visit the search page or the Site Map.


The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Students, members of the community, and users worldwide will find information to assist with many writing projects. Teachers and trainers may use this material for in-class and out-of-class instruction. For more information about services for the Purdue University community, including one-to-one consultations, ESL conversation groups and workshops, please visit the Writing Lab site. Mission. Permaculture. Agriculture Forum India - Index. India Meteorological Department. Welcome To Earthcare Books. In Memory of Winin Pereira « CHS-Sachetan. Winin Pereira (10 September 1928 – 5 February 1999) A MAN OF THE EARTH Lakshmi Menon, Bandra, January 2000 I met Winin Pereira in the early 1980s in my search for information as a documentalist.

In Memory of Winin Pereira « CHS-Sachetan

I came upon this lovely house fringed with trees overlooking the sea. Within the house there was as much tranquillity – it did not seem possible to find such peace in the hurry-scurry of Bombay city. Steps to a Successful Organic Transition. Steps to a Successful Organic Transition The transition from conventional to organic farming requires numerous changes. One of the biggest changes is in the mindset of the farmer. Conventional approaches often involve the use of quick-fix remedies that, unfortunately, rarely address the cause of the problem. Transitioning farmers generally spend too much time worrying about replacing synthetic input with allowable organic product instead of considering management practices based on preventative strategies.

Welcome to Basic Steps of Organic Farming. Organic Methods of Pest and Disease Management Vegetable pests: Type-1 (Leaf eating caterpillars and borers) Shoot borer, Fruit borer, Stem borer, Hairy caterpillar (on drum stick) and army worm of vegetable crops. Control measures 1. Organic Management of Soil and Crop Nutrition - Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

Australia’s National Standard for Organic and Bio-dynamic Produce states ‘ The fertility and the biological activity of the soil must be maintained or increased …’ and ‘ A high or routine use of off-farm inputs is not encouraged by this Standard ’. This sets the scene for organic farmers - maintain or improve soil health, and rely on on-farm resources as much as possible. Soil management is addressed over two factsheets in this series.

Biorationals: Ecological Pest Management Database. Principles in Organic Farming. Principles in Organic Farming The four principles of organic agriculture are as follows: Principle of health Organic Agriculture should sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal, human and planet as one and indivisible. This principle points out that the health of individuals and communities cannot be separated from the health of ecosystems - healthy soils produce healthy crops that foster the health of animals and people. Health is the wholeness and integrity of living systems. Microsoft Word - Organic Farmers and Farms of Gujarat.doc - Organic-Farmers-and-Farms-of-Gujarat.pdf. Banyan Roots: Udaipur’s First Organic Food Store and Cafe.

Published: October 31, 2011 | Last Updated: 31 October 2011 9:28 PM Udaipur has witnessed its first dedicated Organic Food Store today, Banyan Roots . Ournativevillage. The New Horse-Powered Farm Featured in The New York Times. Across the nation, farmers are returning to an age-old technology that’s at the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture: horse-power.

Home Page: ATTRA: National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. Soil Fertility. Natural Farm: Do we still need proof that Natural Farming has good yield. Today, I was surprised to see the growth of the Lady fingers, look at the pictures below. Bhaskar Bhai discussing about the importance of drip irrigation. Bhoomi Magazine - Natural abundance. One of India’s first organic farmers, Bhaskar Save, believes co-operation is the fundamental law of Nature Masanobu Fukuoka, renowned natural farmer, made several visits to India, a country which inspired more hope in him than his own Japan. People - Bhaskar Save / India Organic. Bhaskar Save is the acclaimed ‘Gandhi of Natural Farming’. His farming wisdom has grown through seven decades of personal experience. Sanghavi Farm. SC: Personal info of babus can’t be sought under RTI. In a ruling that would be music to the ears of babus, the Supreme Court (SC) has held that a government officer’s personal details such as income-tax (I-T) returns cannot be divulged in response to a query under the Right to Information Act (RTI) unless a larger public interest was involved.

Magazine Web Edition - Publications. Transition: Preparing for Life's Last Moment - Magazine Web Edition > July/August/September 2012 - Publications. Cantonment Series. Images?? On a writing course? Somebody please explain.... Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs. Angelina Jolie Biography. Benjamin Franklin - Full Episode - Benjamin Franklin Videos. Benjamin Franklin is best known as one of the Founding Fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler.

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