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Fd. Yours sincerely – The Story of Valedictions – Stephen Liddell. Titles and how to use them. Greek and Latin Learning Tools. The EDT 500 Shelf. The Learn. Teach. Go Digital! Shelf. Apps for Inquiry - Overview. Web Resources for Inquiry - Home. Edutopia. [M06] Necessity and sufficiency. Empathy and Pro-Social Behavior in Rats. Rats Capable Of Reflecting On Mental Processes. Let's say a college student enters a classroom to take a test.

Rats Capable Of Reflecting On Mental Processes

She probably already has an idea how she will do on the test, before she even takes out a pencil. But do animals possess the same ability to think about what they know or don't know? A new study by researchers from the University of Georgia, just published in the journal Current Biology, shows that laboratory rats do. How to Detect Lies - body language, reactions, speech patterns. Interesting Info -> Lying Index -> How to Detect Lies Become a Human Lie Detector (Part 1) Warning: sometimes ignorance is bliss.

How to Detect Lies - body language, reactions, speech patterns

Dynamics of Complex Systems. Textbook for seminar/course on complex systems.View full text in PDF format The study of complex systems in a unified framework has become recognized in recent years as a new scientific discipline, the ultimate of interdisciplinary fields.

Dynamics of Complex Systems

Breaking down the barriers between physics, chemistry and biology and the so-called soft sciences of psychology, sociology, economics, and anthropology, this text explores the universal physical and mathematical principles that govern the emergence of complex systems from simple components. Dynamics of Complex Systems is the first text describing the modern unified study of complex systems.

Business simulations - Microworlds. About Kim Warren. U.S. Department of Energy's Introduction to System Dynamics. U.S.

U.S. Department of Energy's Introduction to System Dynamics

Department of Energy's Introduction to System Dynamics(V 1.0) Welcome to the Office of Policy and International Affairs's Introduction to System Dynamics (V1.0). This online book was written to introduce system dynamics, a powerful methodology for framing, understanding, and discussing complex policy issues and problems. Energy policy is well suited for a "systems approach" because those who study, design, and implement national energy policy must not only understand the complexities of our nation's energy sector, but how energy issues influence and "connect" with national policy concerns such as economic growth, technology development, national security, international trade, and environmental conservation, just to name a few. System dynamics helps the decision maker untangle the complexity of these connections by providing a new language and set of tools to describe - and even model - the cause-and-effect relationships among various policy variables.

Systems thinking. For some, systems thinking is the cognitive process of studying and understanding systems of every kind.

Systems thinking

For others, the focus is on social organizations in particular. [citation needed] A system may be defined in general as a set of interrelated or interacting elements. This definition accommodates both passive structures (e.g. a necklace, or the Dewey Decimal System) and active structures. However, most system theorists focus on activity systems in which structures/components interact in behaviors/processes. System dynamics. Dynamic stock and flow diagram of model New product adoption (model from article by John Sterman 2001) System dynamics is an approach to understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time.

System dynamics

It deals with internal feedback loops and time delays that affect the behaviour of the entire system.[1] What makes using system dynamics different from other approaches to studying complex systems is the use of feedback loops and stocks and flows. These elements help describe how even seemingly simple systems display baffling nonlinearity. Overview[edit] Strategy dynamics. Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence.

EOLSSComplexityRising. Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile. Since time immemorial humans have complained that life is becoming more complex, but it is only now that we have a hope to analyze formally and verify this lament.

Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile

This article analyzes the human social environment using the "complexity profile," a mathematical tool for characterizing the collective behavior of a system. The transition from Search to Social Media: The future of information networks. The king of Web corporations has been Google with its dominance of search.

The transition from Search to Social Media: The future of information networks

Recently, Facebook has become the second-most popular website. EOLSSComplexityRising. Journal Version SON Braha. Interactive and Visual Representations. Visualizing Complex Systems Science (CSS) One of NECSI's ongoing projects is to further the understanding, dissemination, and advancement of CSS by capturing key CSS concepts in visual models.

Interactive and Visual Representations

Below are links to a few examples of this work in progress. About the Visual Models Generalized diagrammatic models present an abstract high-level view visualizing the fundamental phenomenon common to complexity studies. Interactive and Visual Representations. Strategic Mapping Examples. Philosophy since the Enlightenment, by Roger Jones. 60-Second Adventures in Thought.

Rhetological Fallacies. QUEST 2: Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

Diagrammatic Thought

Philosophy since the Enlightenment, by Roger Jones. 60-Second Adventures in Thought. Living List (or Bucket List) Sources and Methods #23: Beeminder — Sources & Methods. Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers, Penned in a Letter to His Lover and Muse. Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers. By Maria Popova By popular demand, I’ve put together a periodically updated reading list of all the famous advice on writing presented here over the years, featuring words of wisdom from such masters of the craft as Kurt Vonnegut, Susan Sontag, Henry Miller, Stephen King, F.

Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers

Scott Fitzgerald, Susan Orlean, Ernest Hemingway, Zadie Smith, and more. Please enjoy. Operation Market Garden. UNSW Psychology Clinic. As part of the focus in evidence-based clinical practice, the UNSW Psychology Clinic collaborates with various researchers to deepen the knowledge base relating to clinical psychology and human experiences. The research projects that the clinic is currently involved in are as below: Appraisal Processes and Emotional Responses in Generalised Anxiety Disorder This study aims to investigate the way in which individuals with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD): (a) interpret and respond to interpersonal situations across different life domains (finances, health, family etc.); and (b) respond to pictures on an emotional and physiological level.

Given individuals with GAD report experiencing excessive and uncontrollable worries across multiple domains, the study aims to investigate the underlying mechanisms of worry. Living List (or Bucket List) GENERAL KNOWLEDGE.