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Where The Rants Go. By Zed A.

Where The Rants Go

Shaw I've had it. Dive Into Python is one of the worst books for learning Python and it must die. I've had too many potential programmers find this book and get tripped up by its horrible design decisions that I'm declaring war. The book is weird, uses antiquated technology, has horrible examples, and Mark Pilgrim is too much of a neckbeard ass to listen to anyone about it: 09:42 @diveintomark @zedshaw Completely rewrite the first 3 chapters of a book I haven't touched in 6 years? 11:32 @diveintomark @zedshaw you sure do have a lot of opinions. This is his response to me saying that he should remove ODBC from his book.

This is just unheard of in the tech book scene. Meanwhile, Mr. Dive Into Python isn't just bad because of the use of ODBC, it's also just full of bad initial examples. A function, with a giant doc comment right away. Weird underscore variables with a bad font making it look like one underscore. A dict, formatted with backslash chars that aren't even needed.


Image processing. Browse Python Package Index. PyPI - the Python Package Index. Luke Campagnola - Code. PythonToolkit (PTK) Hosted by: PythonToolkit (PTK) is an interactive environment for python.

PythonToolkit (PTK)

It was originally designed to provide a python based environment similiar to Matlab for scientists and engineers when used together with the numpy, scipy and matplotlib python packages. However it can also be used as a general purpose interactive python environment especially for interactive gui programming. It is built around a Tool plugin system (with core tools providing a console window and simple python source editor, path managerment, namespace browser and more). Extra features and support for python packages can be easily added (support for the NumPy extension package is included in the core tool - "NumPy pack").

Further reading For a quick introduction to PTK see the Quick Tour. Advanced reading For details about embedding an engine in your own python application (allowing users to maninpulation data via the PTK interfaces or to debug your program) see Embedding. Python - GTK GUI - Tutorial #1 - Base Window.


Matplotlib: python plotting. Recipe languages.