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Sam Pullin

I am Sam from Wells, offering chicken coops, egg incubators and rabbit hatches for your pets.

Small Chicken Coop. The Oxford is our most popular and best selling chicken coop.

Small Chicken Coop

Suitable for comfortably housing 2-3 hens, ideal for those just starting out at chicken keeping. Beautifully crafted and handmade in England. Construction The Oxford is made from pre-treated, 1.4cm thick, Scandinavian, tongue and grooved pine. It’s robustly constructed, animal safe and extremely weather resistant. Medium Chicken Coop. The Cornwall provides ideal housing for up to 2 hens or creates the perfect environment for a brooding hen with hatching chickens.

Medium Chicken Coop

Beautifully crafted and handmade in England. Supplied as a hutch and run with a run extension available. Construction The Cornwall is made from pre-treated, 1.4cm thick, Scandinavian, tongue and grooved pine. Rabbit Hutches: Large and Custom rabbit hutch for sale. Buying Quality Chicken Coops Online in UK. Get Online To Get The Best Chicken Coops. For decades, chicken coops have been built in-house under the supervisions of expert craftsmen.

Get Online To Get The Best Chicken Coops

The old school ways of building chicken coops at your own backyard is now over. Nowadays people can literally acquire online chicken coops. Yes, you read it right. Large, small chicken coop for sale. Making Life Easier For Poultry Animals. One of the key facets that govern the life of poultry animals is how to keep the poultry animals fit and fine.

Making Life Easier For Poultry Animals

Not only does a poultry owner dedicates his time in a bid to make the poultry animals breed in safety, but also makes it a point to ensure their hygiene in real time. It is one of the most important aspects of poultry farming that the birds feel safe and stay healthy. A Perfect Home For Poultry Animals. Poultry animals like chickens are major livestock investments in various places in the UK.

A Perfect Home For Poultry Animals

A lot of investment lies in this industry and thus infrastructural development has gone on to make it more profitable and sustainable. Things to consider when looking for customized chicken coops. Best place to buy chicken coops in UK There is a heavy demand for customized pet shelters in and across UK.

Things to consider when looking for customized chicken coops

As per major statistical estimates, the pet owners in UK are now paying much more to make the life of their pets as comfortable as possible. It is to be said that, life has taken a turn for the good in case of poultry animals as well. Not only has there been advancements in their livestock quality, but also there has been marked advancement in the manufacturing of the shelters. Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm. Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm. The Norfolk Chicken Ark is suitable for comfortably housing up to 6 hens, significantly larger than the Suffolk Ark.

Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm

However, still remains manoeuvrable and compact, with the dual tier living accommodation. The main benefit of the Norfolk, due to its enclosed nature, the chickens do not require to be put away at night or released in the morning. Construction The Norfolk is made from pre-treated, 1.4cm thick, Scandinavian, tongue and grooved pine. It’s robustly constructed, animal safe and extremely weather resistant. Benedict’s Farm pride ourselves on providing long lasting chicken housing of the highest quality, unlike many of the other online suppliers offering low cost Chinese imports.

Traditional Ark Small Chicken Coop. The Suffolk Chicken Ark is suitable for comfortably housing 2-3 hens, another great starter coop due to its size and manoeuvrability.

Traditional Ark Small Chicken Coop

Beautifully crafted and handmade in England. Construction. Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm. The Berkshire is a traditional chicken house, providing superb housing for up to 6 hens.

Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm

Beautifully crafted and handmade in England. The Berkshire is the ideal hen house if you are looking to take a more free range approach to chicken keeping. Benedicts Farm – Benedict's Farm. Large, small chicken coop for sale. Buy online sturdy chicken coops. Rabbit hutches to foster health of the pet rabbits. Rabbits are among the most comfort seeking pet animals and that is why they need more care.

Rabbit hutches to foster health of the pet rabbits

Rabbit hutches provide for a great shelter for the rabbits to grow and breed. Not only are the hutches protective in nature, they also provide the necessary comfort for the animals. Depending on need, there are both indoor and outdoor variants of rabbit hutches available for purchase. There are a few things that one needs to look into before purchasing the perfect rabbit hutch, like; people who require outdoor hutches must make sure that the hutches are weather proof.

Rabbit hutch retailers like Benedict’s farm specialize in different size and makes of hutches which comply with the animal welfare standards. Another important factor to consider is the habitability of the hutches. Like this: Like Loading... Chicken coops to help breed chickens healthy. Poultry farms tend to be unhygienic due to lack of proper sanitation mechanisms. Due to the very cause, many poultry birds succumb to diseases. To prevent this, methodically designed chicken coops are available in stores. The chicken coops serve as the perfect shelter for the poultry animals to breed and stay healthy. A number of aspects come together is the making of the best chicken coops. The compartmentalization of the coops is important. Find Chicken Coops Of The Right Size. When opting for chicken coops look for handmade designs as they are sturdy. A coop that is made from high quality material, with good enough space will keep your chicken(s) healthy.

Benedicts farm – Great customer service and product! Monitoring and identification of diseases in hens. For people who keep hens in their backyards should be aware of the common diseases that occur in hens and ways to prevent them. It is quite easy to raise the flocks if they are provided with an ideal breeding condition and space. Irrespective of all the aspects hens are prone to infections, injuries and diseases. Hens are one of the most raised farm animals and ones which are present outdoors and so they have ample chances to get infected quickly. There are a number of poultry diseases which may be through bacteria, viral, neoplastic, parasite and also due to deficiency.

Hatching eggs made simple with incubators. Hatching eggs made easy Egg incubators are popular these days as they assist in hatching eggs in great number or when the mother hen is absent. Where to Buy Chickens. When you say your going to go and ‘buy’ your chickens from a breeder, there will be some pressure on actually making a purchase. The search for the right rabbit hutch. Rabbits make for adorable pets with their long ears, big eyes and soft bodies but in general they are carefree and free spirited and love to run, jump and play all the time. So while choosing a hutch and run, these qualities should be kept in mind.

Normally, an ideal hutch is one which has separate compartments for every activity like sleeping, running and playing. There are certain points that should be kept in mind while selecting a hutch; it should at least be 4 times the size of the rabbit. In case of a baby rabbit, it is better to buy a hutch keeping in mind the length to which it can grow. If the hutch is to be kept outside it should be built on a raised platform so that it can be out of the reach of predatory animals. There are lots of rabbit hutch and run for sale, but one should be careful while selecting it. Why is keeping pets good for children? It is often assumed that keeping pets will be beneficial for your children, but this is never really explained or dissected, so here we offer some solid, scientifically supported reasons for you to visit the pet store!

A Strong Hutch Will Keep Your Rabbits Safe, Secure And Happy. When you want to keep your rabbits outdoors, the best way to provide a secure and spacious home for them is by buying a rabbit hutch. Hutches are available in various sizes but the absolute minimum size that you should opt is of 6' x 2' x 2'. Furthermore, buying one that is large-sized is a better option because your rabbits will have plenty of space to hop about and exercise.

Rabbits spend a large portion of their day, being active, hence providing them with an environment that enables them to do this easily is the best way to keep them healthy and happy. Searching For A Large Rabbit Hutch? How To The Right Egg Incubator Can Make Egg Hatching An Effortless Task. How to keep your rabbits disease free. Tips On How To Find A Safe, Secure And Strong Hutch For Your Pet Rabbits. Top elements to consider for your chicken coops design. How To Find Chicken Coops Of The Right Size. A Good Rabbit Hutch Will Have The Right Environment To Keep Your Rabbits Healthy And Happy. Growing rabbits is certainly fun and exciting but what are the things that you need to get ready for this. How To Find The Right Chicken Coop To Keep Your Chickens Healthy? The Right Egg Incubator Will Make Chicken Hatching An Effortless Process. Hatching your own chicks can be very exciting.