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Country Studies. Annenberg Media - A Biography of America. Western Philosophy. You’re Bored? That’s So AWESOME. - Fevered Mutterings – Fevered Mutterings. Chronology of Events in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. .

Learn French Online - Free French Learning Resources. The Pimsleur Approach is so effective, that you'll learn French very quickly.

Learn French Online - Free French Learning Resources

In fact, you may find yourself so amazed and pleased with your newfound abilities, you'll be motivated to delve more deeply into the language. That's why we are offering additional free French language resources to you. If you are passionate about augmenting your French language studies, you will find these resources very helpful. They include essential vocabulary lists, fun quizzes, interesting articles, in-depth lesson plans for teachers, and much more to supplement your language program.

French Lesson Plans Our comprehensive lesson plans were written by teachers, for teachers. View our French Lesson Plans Games for Learning French Focus on fun! Play our French language games here Do you know of a resource that should be added to this list?

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Resources. Language Education (Bookshelf) From Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks. Language education refers to the teaching and learning of a languages. It can refer to improving a learner's native language; however, it more commonly is used with regard to learning a foreign language or second language, and that is the meaning that is treated in this article.

—Excerpted from Language education on Wikipedia , the Free Encyclopedia. General American Indian (various) Chinook Jargon Chippeway English See Also Children's Instructional Books (Bookshelf) for English Readers Works in English on PG: Browse By Language: English . German Works in German on PG: Bilingual German/English books: English Gipsy Esperanto Works in Esperanto on PG: Browse By Language: Esperanto . French ( Français ) Works in French on PG: Browse By Language: French . Heve. 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School. 5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School One of the biggest reasons that people are denied the privilege of education is because they can’t afford it.

5 Ways to Give Yourself an Education That Kicks the Crap Out of the One You Got in School

However, today we live in a world where knowledge and information are at our finger tips like never before. Technology has leveled the playing field so that anybody with an interest and an internet connection can receive a world class education. Bloggers, podcasters, search engines and digital content creators of all types of have made it possible for us to learn virtually anything we want to even if we don’t have the money. If you want to learn anything chances are there is somebody creating content about the subject and sharing it with the world at no cost.

Self Motivation is Not Optional Taking this kind of approach to educating yourself requires an extremely high degree of self motivation. 1. 2. Want to learn how to get in shape? 3. 4. 5. Famous & Major Historical Events in World History. Study Guides and Strategies.