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S Ultimate Literary Calendar: A Bookish Event for Every Day of the Year. The Dropbox | Library Market. When Library Student Workers Take Over Instagram | Programming Librarian. Since I began managing Instagram accounts for academic libraries three years ago, I've discovered there are two types of posts that attract the most engagement from students: idyllic photos of the library and pictures of other students. We are privileged in that our building's unique architecture and proximity to a near-ocean bluff provides endless opportunities for the former. So, to leverage the successful nature of the latter, this year the William H. Hannon Library at Loyola Marymount University invited our student employees to "take over" the library's Instagram account for a day and use the platform to tell our followers about their work and what they find useful about the library. Loyola Marymount University's William H.

Hannon Library invited student employees to "take over" the library's Instagram account for a day. Too often, the emotional and physical work that supports the operations of the library goes unnoticed. Step 1: Create a Project Proposal Results and Reflection. 5 Minute Librarian: Canva for Work - Free for Libraries! As you all know by now, I am a big fan of Canva. I've talked about it a few times on here... I cannot recommend it enough. It is the perfect program for people who are ready for something more professional than Microsoft Word/Publisher but less intimidating than Adobe InDesign.

Personally, I've found it so easy to use and it's upped my design skills. But a new development has made me even more excited about Canva. A few months ago, they rolled out Canva for Work, which takes the free Canva account and upgrades it with a paid subscription for special features. I was intrigued, but I didn't try the trial because I was afraid I would fall in love with it and I wasn't ready to pay. I immediately upgraded my work account. And I LOVE IT. In the first photo, I was pleased to see that my personal account was separated from the Canva for Work Team Account. One of the big advantages with Canva for Work is that you can use it with a group of people in your organization.

Exploring the potential of mobile tools for delivering library services : 23mobilethings. Get the Book of your Life that will last Forever. StumbleUpon. LibraryThing | Catalog your books online. Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations | Piktochart. Glogster: Create and Explore Educational Content Online. Social Media: Libraries Are Posting, but Is Anyone Listening? This is the fourth in a series of articles in which Nancy Dowd will examine the results of an exclusive survey of library professionals from more than 400 public libraries across the U.S. on public library marketing. The survey was sponsored by the NoveList division of EBSCO Publishing Nancy Dowd If there are over 1 billion people on Facebook and the Twitterverse can help topple governments, then it only makes sense that libraries would also be using these two social media channels to connect with their communities, right?

Well yes and no. Libraries are using social media, that’s clear. Four Steps to Facebook Success. It’s not a secret. Build Your PageConnect with PeopleEngage Your AudienceInfluence Friends of Fans So, if it’s so easy, why isn’t every library having wild success with its Facebook page? Wandering Around Without Mapquest Without a plan, can you guess what your first problem will be? We are posting all the time, but no one seems to notice Lawrence keeps its content hyper-local. Facebook for Libraries. First things first: If you are one of the 59% of Americans who have not yet opened a personal Facebook account, I recommend that you create a personal Facebook profile for yourself before setting up an organizational Facebook Page for your library. Think of it as your entrance ticket to all things Facebook. That Facebook profile can be real or fake (although, if you set up a fake profile, and Facebook discovers it, your account will be deleted).

It’s best to set up a real, live, personal account of your very own; you’ll find it useful for other things than just setting up a Facebook Page for your library. Once you’ve created a Facebook profile for yourself, you can start working on an organizational Facebook Page. This part is easy—simply go to and click the “Create Page” button. Actually, it’s not quite that easy. After you have gathered 25 fans, you can create a unique username and shortened URL for your library’s Facebook Page. Same thing with events. Library | Ben Bizzle. Have you ever had that feeling of excitement and dread all at once, with your stomach in your throat, heart pounding, hands sweaty, mouth dry, mind racing, not exactly sure how all of this is going to work out?

Well, that’s what it feels like to stand on the side of the highway and look up at a billboard that reads “Spoiler Alert! Dumbledore dies on page 596.” knowing that you’re responsible for it. I’m a member of the creative team at Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library, and we have the privilege of feeling that way on a fairly regular basis. From a YouTube comedy series ( to the ridiculous Facebook covers ( to the billboards and posters around town, we are constantly looking for new and creative ways to sell the library to the people of Craighead and Poinsett counties in Arkansas.

We Convinced the Board to Upgrade The board decided that this whole internet fad was probably here to stay, so they agreed to let us do it.