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Linka Odom

Freelance Photographer and Installation Artist, I photograph weddings, events, people, bands, all with an artistic eye! Linka A Odom's interest in photography stems from a childhood filled with creek walking and exploration.

Hire Creative Wedding Photography in New Orleans. Ultimate Guide To Hire The Best Engagement Photographer. Now that you have found the love of your life and your wedding date has been fixed, it's time to hire someone to capture the beautiful moments of the period in between.

Ultimate Guide To Hire The Best Engagement Photographer

By this, we mean your engagement! Your engagement should be as memorable as your wedding day and so you should put in a lot of hard work in looking for the best engagement photographers in New Orleans. We have pulled together a list of few tips that will help you have the best engagement photography in New Orleans. 1.Experience It is one of the most important things that you should consider when hiring a photographer for your engagement. 2.Creativity and high-quality Quality and creativity are one of the most basic features that sets a professional photographer apart from the crowd. 3.Personality Though you may not consider it an important factor but just like you cannot book your engagement venue without seeing it, you cannot hire a photographer without meeting them in person.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Wedding Photographer. Weddings are the most significant part of people’s lives.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Wedding Photographer

No matter how big or small the scale of celebrations maybe, weddings leave the memories forever. People enter in a new phase of their life altogether with the persons they love. Either one just heads for a small knit family affair with not many guests or some may like a huge grand celebrations in the presence of the entire family and friends, weddings are either way extremely special. Even if is not one’s one wedding, people look forward to the celebrations. Especially the friends and families of the groom and the bride, are as equally excited and happy for the special day as them.

Since weddings are known to be such a beautiful occasion which people wish to treasure for a lifetime, what better way than getting some of the best artistic wedding photographers to cover the wedding. How Portrait Photography Can Change The Face Of Your Business? Whenever we come across the word photoshoot, we start picturing models, actors, and celebrities decked up in fancy clothes and picturesque location with people handling reflectors, lighting, backdrops, and much more.

How Portrait Photography Can Change The Face Of Your Business?

We often remain fixated on the glamour and pizzazz aspect of these shoots. However, if you ask them it’s quite possible for you to get an answer similar to something like- “Well, we are just trying to stay in business.” Photography is nothing but a way of establishing visual identity and building a digital representation. Professional New Orleans portrait photographers and beyond are hired to tell the personal brand story. Story-telling is of high importance in today’s world. Importance of Professional Portraits For Business Professional portraits of management and staff establish authenticity and trustworthiness. As people change, so the trends change. How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer. Photography is an art.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

It is something that treasures the moments and seals them forever. Weddings are the most important moments in anyone’s life. A Professional Headshot Photographer in New Orleans. 3 Engagement Photoshoot Ideas You Might Want To Consider. What Couples Can Do For Successful Wedding Photoshoot. Do you know what’s the only thing that you will cherish for years after the wedding ceremony?

What Couples Can Do For Successful Wedding Photoshoot

Wedding photographs. Everyone will eat the wedding cake, flowers will probably be donated, and the band will eventually finish playing - but your wedding photographs will be the only thing to remind you of your beautiful, life-changing day. There is no denying, you will likely spend a hefty amount of wedding budget on hiring the best Louisiana wedding photographer. So why not make the expense worth your while? Here is how you can help your photographer to take good wedding photos. Elegant Wedding Photography By Linka Odom. 4 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding Photographer. Your photographer will be following your all the long on your special day.

4 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding Photographer

They will be there to capture special moments, emotions on everyone’s faces, tears in your parent’s eyes, and the list goes on. From the beginning till the end of the ceremony, they will be there - making sure to frame your life’s biggest day. It is best to let them know a few things that you want or desire on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy your day while they do their marvelous job. Importance Of Wedding Photographs In Your Married Life. Posted by samara150 on October 12th, 2020 Your wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event, and you would want to remember it forever.

Importance Of Wedding Photographs In Your Married Life

The moment when you held your father's arms and walked down the aisle. The beautiful smile on your face when you hear '...and now you may kiss the bride.' Those funny moments on the dance floor. No doubt, you would want to keep all these memories safe in your heart. In this article, we will take a look at th importance of wedding photographs in your married life. You can let those special moments stay alive forever. As we accept the beauty of life, we should also welcome the changes that come along with it. Best Wedding Photographers in New Orleans.