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Crochet DROPS lady bug with shoulder straps in ”Paris” DROPS PARIS UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.35 USD DROPS 152-155 are now available in the stores for $2 per catalog – no yarn purchase required!

Crochet DROPS lady bug with shoulder straps in ”Paris”

The catalogs are printed in a limited edition, so visit your local DROPS store today! Find the DROPS Spring & Summer 2014 Collection here! The DROPS knitting and crochet experts are also working full time making new tutorial videos for this new collection! The videos show how to work the techniques used on the patterns. Crochet Creations. Angel Wings Pinafore. Angel Wing Newborn Pinafore (newborn to 3 months size)Copyright 2007 Maxine Gonser ( If you have questions on the pattern please contact her and not Bev.

Angel Wings Pinafore

Thanks. H hook approximately 3 oz bernat sport yarn 7 sts =2 inches 2 rows of dc = 1 inch 1) ch 52. sc in second ch from hook an in each ch across. 51 sts 2) ch 3. turn. dc in each of next 2 sts. * 2dc in next st. dc in each of next 3 sts. repeat from * 11 times. dc in each remaining sts to the end. 63 sts 3) ch 3. turn. dc in each of the next 3 sts. * 2dc in the next st. dc in each of the next 4 sts repeat from * 11 times. dc in each remaining st. dc on top of ch 3. 75 sts 4) ch 3.turn. dc in each of the next 3 sts. * 2 dc in the next st.dc in each of the next 4 sts. repeat from * 13 times. dc in each of the remaining sts, dc on top of ch 3. 89 sts. Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket. Owl Diaper Cover 0-9 months. Crochet Pattern: Lil' Agnes (Despicable Me) Amigurumi Patterns - Page 4. The Craft Frog. My kids have recently become enamored of the Disney movie, Wall-E.

The Craft Frog

My daughter started saying she wanted an “Eva” and my son said he wanted Wall-E. I found an Eve pattern that I liked (I’ll be doing that up next) but there were few Wall-E patterns, so I figured I’d give it a go on my own. Some parts of this pattern are subjective. I’ve given definitive numbers, but the treads and the eye casings are going to depend on you. For the tread, what you’ll probably want to do is assemble the wheel bits first (there’s a picture of just the wheel pieces at the end), then just crochet however many rows it takes to wrap completely around the assembled wheel bits. If I were to make him all over again, I would center the wheels more on the body, and I would make a square rectangle out of gray for the control panel on the front. Crochet Pattern: My Little Pony - Rarity (Cuddle-Size) 2000 Free Amigurumi Patterns.

Happy Tales of the Abyss Day! (Plus Basic Doll Pattern!) What?

Happy Tales of the Abyss Day! (Plus Basic Doll Pattern!)

Valentine's Day? I have no idea what you're talking about. Today is Tales of the Abyss Day, obviously. It's the day that my favorite game on the Playstaion 2 gets re-released on the Nintendo 3DS! Sleeping buddies, lavender stuffed doll. This week was inspired by my first doll I ever got (had).

Sleeping buddies, lavender stuffed doll

Was a plush, red, patch doll think is called in English, with rubber face. Was one of those you take for sleeping. Soft and cuddly. Hammock for Stuffed Animals. Little Bigfoot Elephant Free Crochet Pattern. Another popular amigurumi pattern, the LBF Elephant!

Little Bigfoot Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

The eyes pictured above are called character eyes, they can be found online but this guy also looks great with felt eyes or painted eyes... Copyright 2012 Author: Sharon Ojala - Amigurumi To Go, All rights reserved Finished products can be sold This pattern is not to be sold. Turtle Love. Cute Little Octopus Amigurumi. Knit One Awe Some: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - school-age ponies. Crochet Pattern for School-age Ponies: For the Standard Pony pattern, please go here.

Knit One Awe Some: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - school-age ponies

***The school-age pony pattern has been translated into Dutch by ami fan - it can be found here.*** Pictures: They are designed to be to scale with the standard ponies - here's some photos showing both. (Ponies available on Etsy by the way, and custom pony orders welcome)If you would like to make these ponies to sell, I'm happy for you to do so! Just please provide a link back here ( donation would also be greatly appreciated (button can be found in the sidebar), but isn't necessary. :) Elephant Square Free Pattern. So I recently got a custom order for a friend's baby shower gift.

Elephant Square Free Pattern

Babies, yay! Her theme is elephants after her Indian heritage (from India, not Native American, of course)! :) I had the ingenious idea of creating an elephant square to go along with another square I had seen online, and I made a matching lovey blanket and earflap hat! Hat and diaper cover. Being snowed in for a week, I had a lot of extra time to reduce some of my yarn stash.

hat and diaper cover

I have a lot of partial skeins and since baby items do not use a lot of yarn, I started to work on a baby hat. Out of a half a skein of of I love this Yarn in Periwinkle, I was able to make a hat, a diaper cover and cute slippers to complete the set. I love this color and it pares well with white. I added the Ladybug buttons as an afterthought. "FALANDO DE CROCHET": MANTA DE CROCHE NICOLE. Eloise Girls Sweater - now for big kids! The Eloise Baby Sweater was a big hit – and quickly became the Eloise Baby and Toddler Sweater, with sizes from 6mths to 3T.

Eloise Girls Sweater - now for big kids!

But there were requests for Girls’ sizes as well – and at long last they’re ready to go! I’m sharing the Eloise Girls Sweater as a new pattern, because (as you know) girls have different proportions than toddlers – longer and leaner overall – and I needed to rework several sections of the pattern. Trying to tack them on the old pattern would’ve been unreadable! I used the standard sizing measurements put out by the Craft Yarn Council, so a Small in this pattern is designed to fit size 4/6 with a chest measurement of 25″; Medium or 8/10 should fit a child 28″ at the chest; Large or 12/14 should fit a child with a 31 inch chest. Zebra blanket free crochet pattern. I love animal print, especially zebra print and I really love the way it looks with hot pink.

I have a friend who is expecting her first girl any day now and she is also really into zebra print so I created this lovely blanket for her soon to be bundle of joy. It is VERY easy to work up and unlike some zebra prints I have seen it is varied in design. Infant’s Double Breasted Sweater-Free Crochet Pattern. Double Breasted Sweater-Infant Size 12 Months Also available in PDF format as a free Ravelry dowload: download now Sweater designed with ease in mind. No pieces to sew together as pattern is worked in one piece. This pattern can easily be adjusted for a larger size.

Crochet Sashay Ruffle toddler Skirt. Chevron children's hooded vest - Project - The Spotlight Inspiration Room. The Spotlight Inspiration Room Project print this project Chevron children's hooded vest By Spotlight Crochet this hooded vest - perfect for those mild weather days. Final Result Materials Size 4 yearsGarment measures 70cmLength 40-42cm• 6 x 50g balls ‘Moda Vera’ Pure Wool 8ply• 6.00mm crochet hook• Scissors• Yarn needle Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 MAKE UPWith right sides facing and using a whip st, attach both right and left fronts to the back at each shoulder seam.Sew up the side seams starting at the bottom and working up 15 rows, leaving the rest to make the sleeve opening.Fold hood piece in half along the middle chevron, and sew up the top seam to form the hood shape.Attach to the neck of the jacket along the neck line from opening to opening, easing the hood to fit.Sew in all ends.

Stuffed animals. Crochet Dress - Little Miss Tutu - Dearest Debi Patterns. This blog/article contains affiliate links. Another Crochet Dress, Little Miss Tutu. Blanket. Grey Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern (Free) Bunny Pillow Pal.