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{DIY or DIE} The Easiest DIY Flower ♥ The Broke-Ass Bride: Bad-ass Wedding Inspiration on a Broke-Ass Budget. You probably wouldn’t have guessed this about me– and I’ll deny it if you ask me in front of my future grandfather-in-law– but I’m completely lazy.

{DIY or DIE} The Easiest DIY Flower ♥ The Broke-Ass Bride: Bad-ass Wedding Inspiration on a Broke-Ass Budget

I don’t like projects that are too complicated because I get halfway through and I’m bored, and sometimes sticky, and I’m missing my trashy TV shows, and the directions are suddenly in Spanish {what?!!} And all at once I realize that I don’t care enough about this craft to keep going. DIY Bridesmaids Cards. I love the idea of formally asking those whom you would like to be in your bridal party.

DIY Bridesmaids Cards

I sent out a cards for my own wedding so that inspired me to come up with a cute project to do the same. I adore the paper chain people that we all learned to make in grade school and this project uses that simple concept to introduce your bridesmaids to everyone. Wedding Trends for Stylish + Creative Brides - StumbleUpon. DIY Vintage Wedding Ideas. One of my favorite details from Kara and Kristen‘s Past to Present vintage wedding concept was their innovative guest book idea.

DIY Vintage Wedding Ideas

I love how the paper flowers and decorative corkboard are more than just a guest book, they are also a keepsake for years to come! To create this unique guest book, you will need: Glitter Weddings - StumbleUpon. I was awesome at papier-mâché.

Glitter Weddings - StumbleUpon

When it came time in Geography to create our own papier-mâché globe, those 5th graders had nothing on me. I would sit for hours, hands covered in school glue, concentrating at an intense level for a ten-year-old. It’s been a few years, but something tells me I’ve still got it. Luxe Hair Pin with Feathers. Posted November 4, 2011 | 3 Comments We spotted this beautiful luxe hair pin with feathers at Pomp and Plumage and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Luxe Hair Pin with Feathers

This hair pin is perfect for the bride who wants a subtle “something blue” and an accessory for her hair. DIY Dolce & Gabbana Tiara. Honestly, how enchanting was Dolce & Gabbana‘s ode to Sicily in their fall collection?

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Tiara

Velvet capes and lace dresses were accented by glorious Baroque-inspired accessories. The highlight for me was the cornucopia of ornate tiaras adorned with rhinestones, pearls, and the most darling little ceramic roses. It’s a DIY that is easily mastered with the right supplies, so when in Rome . . . Washington DC Wedding Blog ~ DIY Origami Bouquet Tutorial. I am SUPER excited for today’s DIY Wednesday tutorial feature coming to us from Lindsey of Elusive Photo Design.

Washington DC Wedding Blog ~ DIY Origami Bouquet Tutorial

You all know how much I love the unique, different, and offbeat when it comes to weddings [especially in the Washington, DC area], so naturally, I jumped out of my seat when Lindsey sent me this: DIY Origami Paper Flower Bouquet From Lindsey: