Creepy handwritten notes of CIA psychologist who helped design US torture techniques for terror detainees Above: One of the items identified as notes produced by the infamous Dr. Bruce Jessen, a psychologist whose work was used to design the so-called "Enhanced interrogation techniques Program," which amounted to torture of "war on terror" detainees in custody of the CIA and Department of Defense. published these a few weeks ago, but the Wikileaks dump of secret US documents on Guantánamo provide good reason to revisit. Dr. Creepy handwritten notes of CIA psychologist who helped design US torture techniques for terror detainees
28 February 2011, 13:18 by Jürgen Schmidt Trying to explain Anonymous is a hopeless undertaking – as a first approximation you can view them as a group of anonymous internet activists. Anonymous has recently come to the public's attention through its support for WikilLeaks, which resulted in it overloading and bringing down the main web sites of PayPal, MasterCard and Swiss bank Postfinanz. Anonymous makes a laughing stock of HBGary Anonymous makes a laughing stock of HBGary
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302 Moved Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is an open source network stress testing and denial-of-service attack application, written in C#. LOIC was initially developed by Praetox Technologies, but was later released into the public domain,[1] and now is hosted on several open source platforms.[2][3] The software has inspired the creation of an independent JavaScript version called JS LOIC, as well as LOIC-derived web version called Low Orbit Web Cannon. These enable a DoS from a web browser.[4] Use LOIC performs a denial-of-service (DoS) attack (or when used by multiple individuals, a DDoS attack) on a target site by flooding the server with TCP or UDP packets with the intention of disrupting the service of a particular host. 302 Moved
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1337 1337 Hacker "Sp33k" for leet, or elite. Originating from 31337 "eleet", the UDP port used by Dead Cow Cult, a hacker group, to access Windows 95 using Back Orifice, a notorious hacking program. 1337 h4x0rz pwn j00!
Corporate Hacker Tries to Take Down WikiLeaks - The Colbert Report - 2/24/11
Schneier on Security Schneier on Security A blog covering security and security technology. HEADWATER: NSA Exploit of the Day Today's implant from the NSA's Tailored Access Operations (TAO) group implant catalog: HEADWATER (TS//SI//REL) HEADWATER is a Persistent Backdoor (PDB) software implant for selected Huawei routers. The implant will enable covert functions to be remotely executed within the router via an Internet connection. (TS//SI//REL) HEADWATER PBD implant will be transferred remotely over the Internet to the selected target router by Remote Operations Center (ROC) personnel.
John Sedat, a biochemistry and biophysics professor, says he’s not going to get on an airplane again — at least not until the TSA rethinks its deployment of hundreds of body scanners that hit travelers with a tiny amount of radiation. “I’m not going to go through these machines. And I’m not going to be groped either,” the 68-year-old University of California, San Francisco, scientist said in a recent telephone interview. “Us older people are probably only one mutation away from melanoma. ‘Nude’ Airport Scanners: Are They Safe? | Threat Level ‘Nude’ Airport Scanners: Are They Safe? | Threat Level
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse December 06, 2013 by Chilling Effects TeamRightsholders sending notices to infringers and demanding payment, or offering a settlement in lieu of a lawsuit is nothing new. In fact, it's a well-established business model. But what if the alleged infringers never received the demands?read more Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
The world's media has jumped on the news that the US Department of Justice has sought, and obtained a court order seeking to compel Twitter to reveal account information associated with several of its users who are associated with Wikileaks. Communications privacy law is exceedingly complex, and unfortunately, none of the legal experts who actually specialize in this area (people like Orin Kerr, Paul Ohm, Jennifer Granick and Kevin Bankston) have yet to chime in with their thoughts. As such, many commentators and journalists are completely botching their analysis of this interesting event. Thoughts on the DOJ wikileaks/twitter court order Thoughts on the DOJ wikileaks/twitter court order
There is a lot of discussion about Do Not Track at the moment. The FTC has announced support for the idea; Mozilla has added a Do Not Track header option into Firefox betas, and Congresswoman Jackie Speier has introduced a Do Not Track bill. Other proposed privacy legislation, such as Rep. What Does the "Track" in "Do Not Track" Mean? What Does the "Track" in "Do Not Track" Mean?
HTTPS Everywhere Rulesets HTTPS Everywhere Rulesets This page describes how to write rulesets for HTTPS Everywhere, the Firefox plugin that switches sites over from http to https automatically. HTTPS Everywhere comes with thousands of rulesets, but you might want to edit them, or write new ones. [We believe this information is correct as of version 3.0 of HTTPS Everywhere.] Rulesets are simple xml files. Here is a simplified version of Twitter.xml, from the plugin distribution: The "target" tag specifies which domains the ruleset might apply to.
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Read full article Continue reading page |1|2 Editorial: Giving democracy a shot in the arm IN AN ideal world, elections should be two things: free and fair. Every adult, with a few sensible exceptions, should be able to vote for a candidate of their choice, and each single vote should be worth the same. Sign in to read: Electoral dysfunction: Why democracy is always unfair - science-in-society - 28 April 2010
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A Pretty Good Way to Foil the NSA How easy is it for the average internet user to make a phone call secure enough to frustrate the NSA's extrajudicial surveillance program? Wired News took Phil Zimmermann's newest encryption software, Zfone, for a test drive and found it's actually quite easy, even if the program is still in beta. Zimmermann, the man who released the PGP e-mail encryption program to the world in 1991 -- only to face an abortive criminal prosecution from the government -- has been trying for 10 years to give the world easy-to-use software to cloak internet phone calls. On March 14, Zimmermann released a beta version of the widely anticipated Zfone. The software is currently available only for OS X (Tiger) and Linux, though a Windows version is due in April. The open-source software manages cryptographic handshakes invisibly, and encrypts and decrypts voice calls as the traffic leaves and enters the computer.
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By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch Warning: That toxic thinking may well happen again when new neocons, a future Rumsfeld/Cheney team, gets the same paranoid itchings at the same time as China’s generals, all driven by inflated egos, irrational obsessions and a propensity to make the same kind of misjudgments that launched the Iraq War. Warrior mindset sabotages our economy and superpower status ”Right now the Chinese seem to have taken the lead in this new arms race,” warns Sofge: “When Rand released a report in 2000 describing the potential outcome of a Sino-American conflict over Taiwan, the United States won the war handily. Nine years later, the nonpartisan think tank revised its analysis, accounting for Beijing’s updated air force, its focus on cyber warfare and its ability to use ballistic missiles to take out American satellites. Secret China war plan: trillions in U.S. debt Paul B. Farrell
By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Fed boss Ben Bernanke is the most dangerous human on earth, far more dangerous than Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s 30-year dictator, ever was. Bernanke rules a monetary dictatorship that will trigger the coming third meltdown of the 21st century. Fed dictator Bernanke needs to be toppled Paul B. Farrell
Secret China war plan: trillions in U.S. debt Paul B. Farrell By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Yes, Americans love war. Yes, wars cost money. And pile on debt, new taxes.
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