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Bookmarks. Fear of Being Useful. Wonky Water Bunk. "Energized" waters of various kinds It's a good bet that neither the vendors who promote "energizing" products, nor the science-challenged people who buy them, have the slightest idea of what the term means, or how its presence can be demonstrated.

Wonky Water Bunk

The answer is that when applied to water, it's nothing but marketing hokum! See also our Energized Water debunking page. Waters with spin Wayback Water looney tunes This nutty promotion serves up heaps of scientific-sounding nonsense that leave most other water-quackery hucksters far behind. The basic Wayback schtick is that "the mineral elements that keep us alive are only effective when taken up in a [fictional] “unstable, re-metallic isotopic form”. But not to worry! For those who are curious, these clowns helpfully explain that that the magical laser behind all this emits a special kind of light that “propagates in the inverse/reciprocal space-time realm of 5-space, i.e., a higher spatial dimension.

The Spin Doctor and the Bogus Energy Scale. Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past. The Natural Productivity Cycle In your personal life, when attending to business or working on side projects, how often do you spend 8 consecutive hours in front of a computer?

Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past

It doesn’t make sense because we lose the ability to concentrate effectively within a few hours. Everyone goes through alternating periods of high and low mental acuity. There are days when I work on personal projects for well over 8 hours, but the time is always divided into multiple sessions. I might spend a few hours coding a design, a few hours writing, and a few hours reading feeds, moderating comments, and responding to email.

I work this way because it aligns with my mental energy cycle. The Problem with an 8 Hour Work Day A continuous 8 hour work day is a relic of the past. In the case of the modern information worker, nearly all tasks involve creative or strategic thinking. This number isn’t caused by slacking. Alternative Work Arrangements Why isn’t everyone doing this already? Taoism. Ein Sof. Ein Sof, or Ayn Sof (/eɪn sɒf/, Hebrew: אין סוף), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual Realm, probably derived from Ibn Gabirol's term, "the Endless One" (she-en lo tiklah).

Ein Sof

Ein Sof may be translated as "no end", "unending", "there is no end", or Infinity.[1] Ein Sof is the divine origin of all created existence, in contrast to the Ein (or Ayn), which is infinite no-thingness. [citation needed] It was first used by Azriel ben Menahem, who, sharing the Neoplatonic view that God can have no desire, thought, word, or action, emphasized by it the negation of any attribute. Of the Ein Sof, nothing ("Ein") can be grasped ("Sof"-limitation). It is the origin of the Ohr Ein Sof, the "Infinite Light" of paradoxical divine self-knowledge, nullified within the Ein Sof prior to Creation. Explanation[edit] The Zohar explains the term "Ein Sof" as follows: In other words, "Ein Sof" signifies "the nameless being. " The Ten Sefirot[edit] 000. Kabbalah. Kabbalah. Books.