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HerbForum. The Dopamine Connection - alt.drugs.ghb. OHAH herbal opioid addiction therapy [Archive] - Well, menthols exerts its painkilling effexts through the kappa opioid receptors, It is also listed as a stimulant when taking in the crystal form, certian stimulant actions are sorta nice when detoxing I have found... and similarly to chamomille, rosemary extracts have shown some efficasy in relieving opiate withdrawl in animal "models". same with bacopa herb, which is actually a great herb to consume with withania. sophora subprosata at first I thought was a direct agonist of the kappa and mu receptors, but I think that data is outdated, it still is reported to indirectly effect the opioid system through other neurotrasmitter systems.

OHAH herbal opioid addiction therapy [Archive] -

I have taken a good deal of this product, the active compound, or one of them is matrine, considered equipotent to pentazocine...anyway I also have the pure compound matrine, and certian peoples that tested it without opiate habits stated that it was similiar to other mild opiates like codeine. that is just two peoples opinion. 18ecn.pdf (application/pdf Object) Adderall, Tolerance, Getting that first high back [Archive] Hey everyone, Let me give you a little background before I jump into my question.

Adderall, Tolerance, Getting that first high back [Archive]

Firstly in terms of Adderall I was a one time daily user (with prescription) dosing at 30 mg a day. Eventually, after about 8-12 months of usage, my tolerance got to the point where I only felt the muscle cramps, the depression, and basically every other negative side-effect of the drug. I no longer felt witty and capable. I didn't want to up my dosage and become another burn-out ADHD kid.

Amphetamine Neurotoxicity Reduction/Prevention. PQQ is neuroprotective and does wonders to reduce brain fog during adderall-induced all-niters.

Amphetamine Neurotoxicity Reduction/Prevention

Aside from it the immediate benefits of its neuroprotective and NMDA modulating effects, it dramatically improves mitochondrial function (especially in the brain). Most importantly, it stimulates the growth of NEW mitochondria. IMO, one of the most effective means of reducing and reversing damage from d-amp and Adderall (which in my case was severe) is to support mitochondrial health. In addition to PQQ, I've had great results with ubiquinol + Shilajit, Quinogel (hydrsoluble ubiquinol), ALCAR, GPLC, NADH, D-Ribose, Sodium R-Lipoic acid, and magnesium (elemental, glycerinate, or citrate). Experientially speaking, Adderall seems to take a massive toll on mitochondrial function, especially when used excessively to avoid sleep. Effects of MDMA on the human body. MDMA, shown here as a crystal The effects of MDMA (or ecstasy) on the human brain and body are complex.

Effects of MDMA on the human body

The biochemical effects induced include serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine release, and can act directly on a number of receptors, including α2-adrenergic (adrenaline) and 5-HT2A (serotonin) receptors.[1] (DHEA), and the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin (which may be important in its occasional production of water intoxication or hyponatremia).

Although serotonin is important to the effects of MDMA, other drugs that release serotonin, such as fenfluramine, do not have effects like MDMA.[6] This indicates that other neurochemical systems must be important for the MDMA experience. In addition to serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline may play important roles in producing MDMA effects. Honokiol & Hordenine - Experience / Reviews? [Archive] - Edot forums. Ibogaine-Replacements: Cure for U.S. Opiate Addicts... NOR-IBOGAINE. 18-METHOXY CORONARIDINE (synthetic ibogaine analogue)DEXTROMETHORPHAN.

Ibogaine-Replacements: Cure for U.S. Opiate Addicts...

DXO 1. Metabolism of Both Drugs By Same Enzyme. Debrisoquine 4-Hydroxylase, aka CYTOCHROME P450-2D6 METABOLISM. And cannabinoids. 1st time phenylethylamine user..... my experience.... - LONGECITY - Page 2. I'm very surprised that while there is some info out there about this combination, the information that I'm most concerned with and several other lessor issues are not to be found anywhere.

1st time phenylethylamine user..... my experience.... - LONGECITY - Page 2

I suspect that people have either not played around with this stuff well enough to know what it can do or that such people are wisely not posting to keep the feds away. Nevertheless, I seek your wise help! Scopolamine. Scopolamine (USAN), hyoscine (BAN) also known as levo-duboisine or burundanga,[4] sold as Scopoderm, is a tropane alkaloid drug with muscarinic antagonist effects.


It is among the secondary metabolites of plants from Solanaceae (nightshade) family of plants, such as henbane, jimson weed (Datura), angel's trumpets (Brugmansia), and corkwood (Duboisia).[5][6] Scopolamine exerts its effects by acting as a competitive antagonist at muscarinic acetylcholine receptors, specifically M1 receptors[citation needed]; it is thus classified as an anticholinergic, antimuscarinic drug. (See the article on the parasympathetic nervous system for details of this physiology.) Shankhpushpi. I order most of my herbs from Banyan botanicals, I've done it for years, professional.


I still have one pound lying on the floor. This herb is interesting. Transdermal and Oral Cannabis at Drug Legalization Debate (MessageID: 1892244) Although medical marijuana is nontoxic, smoking it can be hazardous over the long term because toxic compounds are created in the combustion process.

Transdermal and Oral Cannabis at Drug Legalization Debate (MessageID: 1892244)

Fortunately there are options for the administration of cannabis but in general all different ways of administrating hemp oil or raw marijuana can be combined with no harmful side effects. Also there are vaporizers that allow for inhalation or what amounts to transdermal treatments into the lungs without burning the marijuana. It’s a cool clean smoke of powerful medicine. Smoking marijuana has limited medical value when used exclusively, especially when it is inhaled through burning.