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Have you ever spend a night in starry sea?

How to Get the Best of Snorkeling in Manta Point Komodo! 0Shares.

How to Get the Best of Snorkeling in Manta Point Komodo!

This is Why You’ll Love the Nusa Dua Resorts for Summer Holiday. What are the things that cross your mind when you are thinking about summer?

This is Why You’ll Love the Nusa Dua Resorts for Summer Holiday

The breeze that cools off your sweaty skin? A cup of gelato in a hot sunny day? A getaway in somewhere tropical where you can drink a refreshing coconut water in a sandy beach and playing at the blue sea? Summer in a tropical island like Bali would always make a perfect, care-free vacation. However, things can get even better when you spend the summer break at Nusa Dua resorts. A Day in the Life of Dive Internship in Bali. Pursuing a dive master in Bali.

A Day in the Life of Dive Internship in Bali

What a life. This island is overflowed with exotic tropical fruits, cultural heritages, impressive landmarks, dozens of beautiful beaches, and acres of green paddies rolled in the hillside. The relaxing island living in Bali is just a perfect match for your dive master studies. So, in between drinking a fresh coconut post diving, how’s the typical day of dive internship in Bali? A Dive Internship Morning for Diving Trip The dive centre usually open at 7 am with clients arriving 30 minutes later.

A Summer Escapade: Adventurous Sailing Trip to Labuan Bajo. After our amazing trip to Komodo, we have decided to publish a practical and inspiring guide to help you plan your dream trip to Komido National Park and enjoy nature in all its glory.

A Summer Escapade: Adventurous Sailing Trip to Labuan Bajo

In this post, we have compiled a list of things you need to know before you embark on your first sailing trip to Komodo Island. Once there, you can start your sailing trip to Labuan Bajo Komodo, one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations. Once on Komodo Island, visit Komoodo National Park to meet the famous Komodo dragons. What to See on Sailing Trip Labuan Bajo There is also the possibility to enjoy a relaxing experience on a boat and enjoy various views of Komodo National Park. Guidelines for Adventure Scuba Diving in Bali! Please follow and like us: 0Save All this time you might know Bali as an exotic tropical island in the Southeast Asia with all the beautiful beaches, rice paddies, temples, thick cultural heritages and lively beach parties.

Guidelines for Adventure Scuba Diving in Bali!

Best Dive Sites in Bali to See Endangered Marine Animals. Bali is undoubtedly amongst the most popular dive destination in the world.

Best Dive Sites in Bali to See Endangered Marine Animals

Being a part of the world’s coral triangle make this island blessed with rich biodiversity; and a sanctuary for rare and endangered animals. Many dive sites in Bali offers sustainable adventure where divers could have the exposure to rare animals while at same time get educated about them. And one of the best thing is that, diving in Bali is not limited to the professionals only. Even amateurs and beginners who just get their license can dive in Bali. What Set Tulamben Apart from Other Bali Diving Sites. 0Shares The Tulamben might not be as photogenic as Gili Meno’s underwater circle of sculptures or as phenomenal as Nusa Penida with its rare Manta Rays and Mola Mola sunfish.

What Set Tulamben Apart from Other Bali Diving Sites

Above the water, the Tulamben is neither as vibrant as Canggu or as posh as Seminyak district. Tulamben is a humble, simple fisherman village in the northeast coast of Bali. No fancy coffeeshop, no Bali-iconic white sandy beach (the sands here is black!) , no frilly beach shops lining up the streets. Komodo Snorkeling: What You Don’t Want to Do - Newbalancestoreinc. Snorkeling in the Komodo is one of the most popular activities to do beside the famous walking-with-dragons.

Komodo Snorkeling: What You Don’t Want to Do - Newbalancestoreinc

The crystal clear, bright turquoise water of Komodo looks as if begging any snorkelers to take a plunge right there and right now. However, there are certain things you need to notice if you want to submerge into Komodo’s precious underwater wonderland. Swim outside the Komodo Snorkeling designated area The Komodo is by no means an easy water. It’s incredibly rich underwater life is famously contributed by the strong streams of currents from the two ocean; the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

What You Can Do in Padar Island. 0Shares Are you planning to visit the heart-stopping Padar Island on your way to Komodo this year?

What You Can Do in Padar Island

This Jurassic-looking, dry and mountainous island is probably the most famous signature of Komodo—other than the dragons themselves. No trip to Komodo National Park is complete without a visit to this island. Padar offers unparalleled panoramic scenes with view of three crescent beaches of different colours, jagged mountains, auburn savannah, and vast blue sky surrounding the tiny island. Padar is a must and, despite of its size, there are just so much thing you can do at this magnificent island. What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp. For teens, there’s nothing more exciting than having something stimulating to do on summer holidays.

What You’ll Learn About Friendship in Teen Surf Camp

It’s definitely not a part-time job at ice cream store. No, it’s about going to a teen camp, pursuing their passion, and learn who they really are. Surf camp for teen is one of the most popular summer camps out there with thousands of fans every year. It offers a time and place for teens to be free. To have almost unlimited time for beach plays and having all the fun they can get.

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo. 0Shares So you have heard about the exceptional beauty of Komodo National Park and its otherworldly diving sites. The Komodo, which gets famous for its gigantic terrestrial predator the Komodo Dragons, might seems dry and rugged on its surface. However, the everything changes to blooms of shapes and colours once you submerge into the underwater. The ocean floor is bursting with life—hard and soft sponges competes for spaces, colourful anemones and sea fans swaying with the currents, and million of fishes darting round and about. The Komodo lies conveniently at meeting points between two currents, driving plenty of planktons which the marine life feeds and thrives. Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida! Cruising in the open ocean, manta ray always look so graceful flying beneath the water. The gigantic body doesn’t represent their soft heart. The giant manta rays are always so gentle towards the marine life around them—even to curious divers around them.

The plankton-eaters could grow up to 7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and they continue to be the highlight of diving for many divers. The phenomenal Manta Ray is not easily seen at just any part of the world. Pro Tips to See Manta Ray Nusa Penida! Things Teen Would Absolutely Love in Surf Camp! There are two types of teens when it comes to summer holiday. Those who want to relax to the fullest between their room and the couch, and those who just filled with energies and have to satiate their thirst for adventure.

If you feel like the latter, you will definitely love to try teen surf camp this summer. It’s a combination of living in the beach infused with daily adrenaline rush and sunny adventure. Surf camp will be the time to find the new you, find new skills and confidence—and constantly challenging yourself in the process. Here are six reason why you’d love a surf camp. What to Pack to Amed Diving Trip. 0Shares Lies hidden in little humble fisherman village in the northeast of Bali, Amed has constantly been charming divers from all around the world with its wonderful marine life under the waves. This quiet village is slowly developing as one of the most prominent diving hub in Bali.

More and more dive centre enlisting Amed to its major dive tour destination—as well as opening dive offices in the village. Dive resorts start to pop up in this beautifully quiet village, offering a tranquil escape from the busier parts of Bali. More divers, with their dive suits and hanging fins, are seen among fisherman around their traditional ‘jukung’ boats in the beach. Mistakes Beginners Make during Surf Lessons Algarve. 0Shares Algarve is one of the best place to learn surfing in the world. There are just plethora of surf camps and surf lessons spread along the Algarve coasts. Nevertheless, learning on how to ride the waves in the best place ever won’t prevent you from making beginner mistakes.

Know Which Surfboard to Bring to Your Surf Holidays! 0Shares Your long awaited day offs is just lurking around the corner and you have planned to have surf holidays at one of the corner of the world. What You Should Know About Surf School In Algarve. If you are a surfer, you might have ever heard people talking about the Algarve of Portugal and why it should be on your list. Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks. 0Shares. Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: How to Better Conserve Air. Best Diving in Bali Tips for All - Shamrocktemecula. How to Enjoy Your Time at Surf School Portugal. 0Shares Surfing in Portugal is probably one of greatest joy in earth. Portugal is famed as one of the finest surfing country in Europe—and worldwide.

Immaterial Things to Bring to Komodo Diving Liveaboard. This article will not talk about philosophy, or maybe just a little bit and indirectly. Travelling is identic as a getaway from the daily routine, to get as many experiences as possible. It is a once-in-a-lifetime journey that everyone is searching for. Centuries ago, people used to spend months and even years for a traveling journey. Why You Should Learn at Surf School Portugal. Please follow and like us: 0Save So you have been bitten by the idea of riding waves on gleaming saltwater reflecting the rays of the sun.

You have heard about Portugal and its famous World Surf Reserve. It’s undoubtedly a beautiful destinations and you’ve heard people talking about Portugal being one of the best place in the world to learn surfing. But if this is your very first time on surf adventure, you’ll want to have guidance from the expert. How Does It Feels to Stay at Surf Camp Bali. It’s hard to resists Bali pumping swells especially when you are in search of unforgettable surf holidays.

Scuba Diving Vacations: What Beginners Have to Do - Offensefilms. 0Shares The combination of idyllic holiday destination, a handful of beach time, and wonderful aquatic life makes scuba diving vacations so appealing, even for beginners. Challenges to Face in Komodo Sailing Trip. Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer. What Tattoo Artist Bali Secretly Wish You Know. 3 Indonesian Islands to Go with Komodo Yacht Charter. The Best Benefit from Komodo Liveaboard - Offensefilms. Tempting Food on Japanese Catering You’ll Want to Try. A Retreat to Lost World with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo. Reasons Why Hiring Catering is Essential for Your Bali Event. Best Part of Body to Get Tattoo in Bali for Girls. This Is How Good the Foods on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo. What Will You Find in Komodo Liveaboard Budget - Pinkvisualpass2. Komodo Sailing Trip: 5 Different Things to Do. Simplest Way to Get the Best Seafood Restaurant Bali.

Effective Packing Tips for Holiday in Komodo Boat Charter. Effective Packing Tips for Holiday in Komodo Boat Charter. Signs You Have Walked in Good Seafood Bali Restaurant - Aingoshop. Senior Travel Tips for Sailing with Liveaboard Labuan Bajo. A Just A Usual Morning in Boat Charter Komodo. Best Komodo Liveaboard Experience for Couple Rounded Up - Lcxinyuan. Komodo Boat Trip Tips for Introverts, Wrote By An Introvert. How A Trip with Komodo Liveaboard Changes Your Soul – All Day Story. 7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard – Patisseriephilippe.