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What I’ve learned after 3 years of actually being retired. Instead of 'What Do You Do?' Science Says Ask 1 of These 5 Questions Whenever You Meet Someone New. But if you're even remotely shy and introverted, making small talk with people you don't know feels incredibly awkward.

Instead of 'What Do You Do?' Science Says Ask 1 of These 5 Questions Whenever You Meet Someone New

Struggling to come up with something to talk about, agonizing over what you should say first... it's no wonder that most people default to, "Um... what do you do? " Which can lead to a deeper conversation, especially if you then focus more on "why" or "how" than on "what. " But still: In most cases, once you've exchanged job descriptions, it's tough to build further rapport. But don't just take my word for it: Science says so. Research shows that people prefer "multiplex ties": Relationships with more than one context for connection.

Say you and I both have kids, enjoy cycling, and love South Park. How to outlast a job you hate until you can retire. First, the good news: You’re closing in on retirement. After decades of long hours and loyal service, you only have another few years until you can kiss your job goodbye. The bad news is you dread every minute. Even surviving another month will require Herculean effort. Ideally, you’d quit now. How the New Longevity Is Redefining Financial Health and Well-Being (Paid Post by Northern Trust from The New York Times) Why are so many retired people miserable? What I've learned from 2 months of early retirement and travel.

Eight weeks of retirement already!

What I've learned from 2 months of early retirement and travel

Actually, a little bit more by the time this goes online, but it was exactly eight weeks when I started writing this. Early retirement is a lot more than number crunching and safe withdrawal simulations, so today it’s time to reflect on the first two months of Early Retirement. Everybody’s experience will be different and here’s what have I learned, what surprised me and what didn’t surprise me… 1: No regrets! I can’t remember a single day I woke up and thought “Oh, boy, I wish I could go back to work again today!” Of course, doubters could say that I was just plain lucky: the stock market is doing well so far, so it’s easy to have no regrets. 2: The only thing more stressful than managing your own money? When people point out that it must be stressful to live off our money with a lot of exposure to stock market volatility I readily concede that. So, I am actually less stressed out about market volatility now. Www.forbes. Are you ready for retirement? Here’s how to know. How to Retire in Style - Boca Raton News Most Reliable Source.

Don’t allow your age to betray how you feel!

How to Retire in Style - Boca Raton News Most Reliable Source

Entering into retirement doesn’t mean your “old,” it means you’ve worked hard your entire life and now get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ever hear of the term “Golden Years”? Here’s how to fully embrace them by retiring in style. Plan Ahead It’s never too soon to start investing in your future. Crack Your Nest Egg the Right Way The big day has arrived and you’ve kissed your boss goodbye—now what? See the World Once your funds are dispersed, it’s smart to implement a budget that will ensure your money stretches long enough to sustain you. Take advantage of your flexibility and find cheap off-season costsUse any discounts available, such as those AARP offers its members on rental cars, hotels, cruises, and flightsConsider a house-swap geared towards seniors for cheap accommodationsGo for longer and travel slowerDownsize your existing property.

What Does 'Self-Care' Mean Amid a Barrage of News and Social Media? Why Retirement Planning Should Be About Teaching Us How To Live In Retirement. How Smart People Can Survive In Retirement. 30 Years Ago They Retired At 35: An Update. 3-reasons-to-retire-as-early-as-you-can. Time is one of the most valuable assets at your disposal.


Unfortunately, many people spend 40 hours a week for 40 or 50 years trading their time for this thing we call money. Now that you're finally retired, don't be afraid to spend money. Many people who have saved millions of dollars to retire comfortably are now scared to spend it.

Now that you're finally retired, don't be afraid to spend money

A recently retired client, a woman with approximately $1 million in savings, was asked to join a group of friends on a girls' getaway vacation costing approximately $3,000. Even though she had plenty of money to take the trip, she felt uneasy because it meant breaking her lifetime habit of saving for the future. Set yourself up to get the most out of retirement - MarketWatch. Want to keep your brain sharp? Work longer. Your fear of retirement could be ruining it. The big mistake most people make when planning for retirement. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Preparing for your "golden years" is a big focus of any financial plan.

The big mistake most people make when planning for retirement

Will you invest in real estate and the stock market to save? Do you have an IRA or company retirement plan? These are all great questions. Retirement planning isn't just about the money, but is equally about the significant life changes you will face. "People come into our office wanting to retire and they are clear what they want to retire from: a job, a career, a bad commute, the rat race," explains Cass Grange, a senior adviser associate at Lucien, Stirling & Gray Advisory Group in Austin, Texas. The important thing, when looking down the road to retirement, is to get specific. "They often tell me, 'I'll just work until I am 80. In other words, retirement — or the urge to retire — can sneak up on you. Here's a good example: Jessica and Bill (whose names have been changed for this article) were in their 50s and both working full-time. But Grange was adamant. Preparing yourself mentally for retirement.